The Sun awakes - or is it still slumbering?

11 Mar 2011

At is a reference to the present X-flare and unsettled geomagnetic conditions (details derived from A flare on March 9th, following on from the big flare in late February, is what has generated the posting, as it sent a CME towards the earth. Funnily enough, or perhaps just a coincidence, two days later we have the Japanese earthquake. However, the latter was expected in some quarters as a couple of weeks ago there were widespread reports of UFOs over Japan - presumably earthquake lights. There is in fact an increasing trend of solar activity, it is alleged - others would disagree. A commenter came up with a real gem, 'is the Sun just grumbling in its sleep before rolling over and going back to snoring?' There is also some inconclusive evidence that CMEs increase during solar minumums.