Is there warming or not?

7 Dec 2012

Tall Bloke gives an airing to somebody who is sure that the greenhouse effect is real - see ... is worth reading - and thinking about. However, another angle can be viewed at Likewise, the 'Left of Centre' web site of Geoff Chambers, the political fence where most people seem to sit, has some amusing posts and is always worth a look at - go to ... which is all about the Greens against fracking and shale gas, aligned with the steel industry in France. The steel furnaces require cheap energy - not much chance of that with the unions making hay with environmentalists. Geoff asks what is a French steel company doing in Ohio? - where fracking has produced lots of cheap gas.

That is not all as there is a growing  band of scientists in Russia, Sweden, Denmark, the German speaking world, France, the UK and the Netherlands that consider CAGW has passed it's sell by date - see