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24 Sep 2014
An Irish Pyramid

22 Sep 2014
a cold spot in the universe

At ... we have some nice images of a pock marked surface of Mars provided by ESAs spacecraft the Mars Express. These have of course been dated very long ago.

The bigger feature is interesting as on the floor there are rocky ridges (yardangs) and flat topped mesa like structures, buttes and hills. It appears as if the ground has collapsed, leaving sections still intact (hence the mesa like formations).

20 Sep 2014
Stonehenge - white as objects in the night sky

Channel 4's TV show on 'The Hidden Landscape Project' at Stonehenge (part two) came up with some fascinating insights today - plus a lot of speculative thinking. That the outward facing sides of the stones were dressed by stonemasons is pretty common knowledge - but the fresh news is that when pounded and worked the surface whitens. These are blocks of sandstone (sarsen) that nowadays look dull and grey. In their heyday they were dressed in order not just to smooth their outlines, but to produce a white colour.

20 Sep 2014
Towers in the Sky

Rens van der Sluijs has a look at Hebrew myths at ... and how they affect tribal myths as a result of missionary activity in the 19th century. He sees this as a matter of bits grafted on to original similar stories - and recounts one from Tanzania. In this tale there are distinct differences to the Biblical Tower of Babel. The builders are beligerent, thee is also an earthquake, and the sky is lifted away from the Earth, motifs not in the Genesis version. There is also an absence of the confusion of tongues.

19 Sep 2014
Forbush Decreases

At September 18th .... on the 12th a CME hit Earth's magnetic field igniting an intense geomagnetic storm - and providing England with a week of summer temperatures. Students launched a helium Balloon into the stratosphere, expecting to measure lots more radiation than normal. Instead, them measured less - a lot less. Why?

Well, it seems that when the CME swept past the Earth it gathered up a lot of cosmic rays that normally occupy the upper atmosphere - sweeping them away. This process was first discovered in the 20th century by Scott Forbush.

19 Sep 2014
Red Indians and Europeans

At ... we have a story from an article in the September 18th Nature which is telling us that European genes contain northern Eurasian DNA related to the natives of N America. The study is based on genetics but the news itself is very old - I can remember reading the same thing months ago, even years ago. For example, in Clive Finlayson's book 'Humans Who Went Extinct' Oxford University Press:2009.

19 Sep 2014
Modelling Plate Tectonics

This is another consensus theory that is defended to the death. At ... what kick started Plate Tectonics? Apparently the consensus theory has no beginning - does it have an ending. Never mind, all is well, another computer simulation puts it all back to what was going on 3 billion years ago.

Meanwhile, William Thompson sent a link to another piece of wishful thinking - go to

19 Sep 2014
Stone monument in Galilee

At ... located 8 miles north of the Sea of Galilee a massive structure, compose of 500.000 cubic feet of stone and at a length of 492 feet, is said to be shaped in a crescent formation - or a serpent. It has been dated by pottery to between 3050 and 2650BC. It was previously thought it was a normal kind of city wall - common in the Levant. However, no city has been found associated with it - it is entirely stand alone (or that is the way it seems at the moment).

18 Sep 2014
The Gulf Stream in the Ice Age

At ... an article in the journal Geology claims the Gulf Stream still flowed into the Nordic seas during the coldest parts of the Ice Age. Is this possible?

16 Sep 2014
volcanoes ... standard theory awry?

In this instance, mainstream theory is being revised in a mainstream kind of way - the story is at