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16 May 2014
The Inflating Universe

At ... bigins, 'an orchestrated media blitz to push claims that spectacular evidence of cosmic inflation had been detected could be turning sour only a few weeks later ...' . The story broke in a furore of media hype - with journos donning a serious hat and trying hard to concentrate type expressions on their faces, obviously impressed by all the PR.

16 May 2014
Solar Wind and Lightning

At ... provides a direct link between the Sun and weather on the Earth. Bassically, some scientists have found that when the speed and intensity of the solar winds increase so too does the rate of lightning strike. Solar wind streams are even predictable, it is said - see also

16 May 2014
Neutron stars and Black Holes

At ... we have news of another supercomputer simulation - one which shows two neutron stars colliding, merging, and forming a black hole. A neutron star, we are tols, is the compressed core left behjind when a star explodes. The theory is that neutron stars themselves are the remains of very big stars - stars that dwarf the size of our Sun. Hence, the solid core is very heavy - and such combined mass, it is hypothesized, is what is necessary to fuel the even more super dense black holes.

16 May 2014
Sand ... and arithmetic

Gary Gilligan has been looking at sand once again - adding a bit of arithmetic. The Nubian Sandstone geology underlies a great part of NE Africa and Arabia - as far north as Petra (where it outcrops) and most of Jordan and Israel. He claims there is an anomaly between the uniformitarian expanation on how it formed - from quartz crystals in granite, ground down by endless erosional processes over millions and millions of years, the size of the deposit and the much bigger amount of granite required in order to create the sand.

16 May 2014
kangaroo teeth

At ... the teeth of kangaroos (caron isotope ratios) and other marsupials of SE Queensland who the area, now arid, was formerly much wetter and more attractive to life (in the Pliocene).

14 May 2014
The difference between the two sides of the debate

At ... EM Smith tries to untangle the different ways of thinking about CAGW - and how those differences might arise. Its a nice, not too serious, blog post, and it can equally be applied to other debates too.

13 May 2014
Comets in the Offing

At ... we have some interesting possibilities as Comet Siding Spring comes close to Mars in October. . The May 2014 issue of Icarus wonders how the atmosphere of Mars will react. However, Mars has a thin atmosphere and the comet will be 138,000 km away at its closest point - so we should not expect too much. It is not the nucleus but the tail and the coma of the comets that may prove more interesting, sweeping across Mars. Will the coma cause a reaction, especially if the atmosphere is breached.

13 May 2014
C14 Dating

This post will take the form of at least two offerings - may be more (from the pen and insightful mind of Tim Cullen) over at ... and there are several pages listing the anomalies associated with C14 dating methodology - and that is starters. I will make no attempt to describe what he has to say, only that he is taking a pop at mainstream science (their beliefs as opposed to their science).

13 May 2014
Another Look at Buried Forests in the Arctic

Axel Heiberg Island is just to the left of Ellesmere Island and has a similar geological record of forests buried beneath layers of sediment - clay, silt, and sand etc. Yes, it is at ... again and it seems like at the moment I am virtually reposting all his posts - but they are so good. You really need to go to the horses mouth as all I can do is give a short indication of content - and what I think might be interesting aspects of what is being said.

12 May 2014
Dr Pradip Bhattacharya on Exodus

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