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12 Dec 2014
Rosetta, are you wetter

At ... as the data is being processed and we may have to wait a while for sound evidence it is worth going back on what was being said as Rosetta approached the comet in November (prior to the Philae lander getting everyone excited). The comment thread appears to have been usurped by EU enthusiasts - and you can keep up to date with the subject of what the comet is composed of at Thunderbolts forum.

12 Dec 2014
Hopewell demise - 400AD

In the Journal of Archaeological Science (December 2014) there is an article on blades and flints from the Hopewell Culture (Ohio, Missouri, Tennesee) - see ... and see also

12 Dec 2014
Light without the Sun

At ... there is, according to a recently received email suggesting we might take a look at the site, there is a presentation of a new book that seeks to rubbish the idea of evolution. The author claims to have debunked radiometric dating, for example, but then we have various claims that appear to be years out of date as far as catastrophists might be concerned - such as asking where are evolution's missing fossils. He is also at pains to demonstrate, it seems, there was one major catastrophe, the Flood, and that was it.

8 Dec 2014
The 2300BC event hits Orkney

At ... the temple complex at the Ness of Brodgar was built around 3000BC but only some 10 per cent of stone buildings at the site have been excavated. A lot has been talked about the pottery, Grooved Ware, as it pops up at Stonehenge.

8 Dec 2014
The Axis Age

Michael Wood, in BBC History magazine (Christmas issue 2014) writes from China - and specifically, from the birth place of Confucius. In East Asia the erstwhile Confucius defines the collective values of hard work, duty, and benevolence. A very important cultural figure.

6 Dec 2014
It's a Hoot

Humour is a useful tool, especially when outnumbered. At ... this is a guest post (not by Anthony) and is mostly a light hearted look at some of the things doomsayers have been proclaiming through the early 20th century (1920s, 1930s warming), the mid 20th century (ice ages and global cooling) and the late 20th century (1980s, 1990s warming) up to the great shut-off around 2005.

4 Dec 2014
Vikings and Slavs

Member Gary Gilligan sent in an interesting link to put up - go to ... which is in fact a story that was at BBC a couple of years ago. It has also been back in the news since then as the bones have been analysed more fully - and now it appears to have percolated far and wide. We don't know why the locals decided to butcher a group of Viking warriors who appear to have surrendered - as they were unarmed at the point of execution, and buried enmasse.

4 Dec 2014
Climate Weirding and Shifting Sands

4 Dec 2014
Another vindication of Steve Mitchell

The relevant article is in Current Archaeology 298. It is currently on sale in Smiths over the Christmas period, and no doubt some other newsagents. It is the issue for January 2015 but is released for sale in December 2014. It will eventually be uploaded on to their website,, but this won't be for a few months otherwise nobody would buy the journal. It concerns the erosion of cliffs in Northumberland where archaeology is literally being washed away by the North Sea.

3 Dec 2014
Benny Peiser

Benny Peiser is a former council member of SIS and organised the SIS second Cambridge Conference (1997) which was perhaps the apogee of our achievements, so far. Since then he has gone on to be a professor at Liverpool John Moores University and in more recent years, has worked on policy with the Global Warming Policy Forum, much hated by the Green Blob. He was invited to address a US senate committee on the subject and you can see a short video of his presentation at ... which appears to have gone down well.