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26 Apr 2016
journalists catching up

The Daily Mail are reporting that co2 is greening the Earth (as claimed in a recent journal article) - or scientists used satellite data over 33 years to measure leaf cover. Why anyone should be surprised by this is a mystery. Farmers pump co2 into their plastic greenhouses for one reason - to fertilise the crops and obtain higher yields.

22 Apr 2016
dinosaur frolics

At ... and ... which has been widely reported on the Web and concerns a press release coinciding with publication of a paper on the subject which appears to use geochronology to say that dinosaurs were in decline before the K/T boundary event (and the Chicxulub asteroid or comet crash).

22 Apr 2016
Atlantis in Doggerland

At ... Anne Marie de Grazia has translated Jean Deruelle the author of 'De la Prehistoroire a l'Atlantide de Megaliths' in which it is hypothesized the Great Plain of Atlantis could now lie at the bottom of the North Sea. Then, Deruelle suggests the people of Atlantis were also the megalith builders.

22 Apr 2016

At ... a dna analysis, it is claimed, has shown that Yiddish, the old language of the Ashkenazi Jews, had its origins in NE Anatolia. Yiddish was developed by Iranian and Ashkenazi Jews as they travelled the Silk Road (s). Yiddish has Iranian, Turkish and Slavic words and contains 250 words for the term 'to buy' and 'to'sell' - suggesting it was the language of merchants.

22 Apr 2016
monkey business

At ... (see also ... is one of those stories where a new find is like a torpedo, holing a consensus theory in the midriffs. Fossil teeth of monkeys have been unearthed by the Panama Canal expansion project. It was thought monkeys crossed over from South America when the two parts of the continent came together around 3.5 million years ago.

22 Apr 2016
catching up games

Climate science is slowly catching up with the rest of us. At ... they have discovered the 536 and 541AD low growth tree ring events. Mike Baillie has recently conceded two volcanoes were to blame therefore having to give up on his well publicised idea that a cosmic event was responsible for one of them (or both). In the process, or on the face of it, he has abandoned the idea of cold weather induced by atmospheric airburst.

22 Apr 2016
more and more

More and more sceptics are emerging out of the mainstream woodwork. Eyes have been opened and pens are waggling in the hand - see for example ... sent in by William Thompson (and a lot of other links too).

22 Apr 2016
Venus at the Poles

At ... ESAs Venus Explorer sent back data just prior to plummeting down through its atmosphere. At the poles Venus is much colder that anywhere on Earth. Low altitude tests were carried out during the final months of the mission, taking the spacecraft deep enough to experience drag from the atmosphere. The spacecraft experienced deceleration as it probed into what was the layers of the upper atmosphere.

At ... new images of craters on Ceres

22 Apr 2016
Josh cartoon character

  a cartoon created to counter wind farm and renewable propaganda aimed at school children - the character of Tommy the Turbine. In retaliation people opposed to wind farms sprouting on every hill and piece of rising ground in Scotland have come up with Subsidy Sam. Will he knock Tommy off his perch.

The story is at

21 Apr 2016
Thutmose III

An amulet with the name of Thutmose III has been discovered in the spoil heap from the Temple Mount. A sifting project has been in progress for a number of years with members of the public taking part. A 12 year old girl spotted what looked like an unusual piece of pottery - and hey presto. See