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25 Jul 2016
Back to Front Brains

We seem to get a lot of people thinking in a lopsided manner nowadays - but it seems climate scientists take the biscuit in this department (or should that be a tin of biscuits or cookie jar). At ... the climate scientists seem to be quite blatant now with their tricks and spin and don't even mind letting the sceptics know first hand they are fiddling the books. Why?

21 Jul 2016
Auntie's Porkies

Oh Dear. Auntie has been caught telling porkies. Doom monger Roger from Auntie has been on the air waves - he even provided the words for Mr Shukman to strut on the 6.00pm news (July 20th). However, at ... has the real story. The dregs of the 2015/6 El Nino are coming to a close and we are still being harangued that global warming is to blame. The hottest June was back in the 1999 according to satellite data (the dregs of the 1998/9 E Nino).

21 Jul 2016
Greenland's Rivers

   Under the Greenland glacier radar has revealed a web of canyons caused by former rivers. Live Science provided the image on the left and scientists are saying the rives go back over 3 million years ago, when glaciation is thought to have set in. There are of course problems with this idea as the canyons are V shaped (which is why they are attributed to rivers and streams rather than ice melt or glaciers that carve out a U shaped valley).

20 Jul 2016
early arrival

July 19th and 20th, the arrival of a G1 geomagnetic storm following the early arrival of a CME originally expected on the 21st. Expect some nice auroras if you live in high latitudes, especially in the southern hemisphere. Meanwhile, take a gander at this, a picture of a stork's nest in Poland with a background in the sky of noctilucent clouds - see

19 Jul 2016
Gary Gilligan

At .. is Gary Gilligan's theory - a new page added to his updated web site. We have a celestial equator as well as the plane of the ecliptic. His theory is that planetary chaos dominated the ancient world and the solar system was awash with water,dust, gasses and debris that assembled at the plane of the ecliptic (the zodiacal plane that includes the zodiacal pyramid). Clube and Napier, in their books and articles, envisaged the plane of the ecliptic awash with debris - but from the passage of comets.

19 Jul 2016
WH McNeil

William H McNeil died this week (July 15th) age 98 years - a very good innings. He was the author of 'Plagues and Peoples' (which I have somewhere, probably in the attic) and 'The Rise of the West' (for which he was both applauded and criticised). He was the son of a theologian and historian of medieval history. McNeil Perceived his scholarship as a secular version of his father's Christian views - and in no way critical. His wife's father was a close friend of Arnold Toynbee, the Marxist historian.

17 Jul 2016
Unstable sun spot

   An unstable sun spot has emerged on the face of the Sun after a few weeks of almost zero activity. We might be in for a solar flare. Currently the sun spots are directly facing the Earth but as the Sun rotates they will be aiming at another point in the solar system. See (July 17th 2016).

17 Jul 2016
Burning Oil, Fire on Earth

This is almost sheer Velikovsky. At ... the headline is, did a burning oil spill wipe out the dinosaurs. It seemed to me at first the author of the study had read Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision in another life (when he was a student perhaps) and it had got lodged in a a deep recess inside his head, only later re-emerging with the author unaware of W in C.

17 Jul 2016

At ... excavations in Aberlady have unearthed the foundations of a large building that has been dated by animal bone to between the 7th and 9th centuries AD. The site is defined as Anglo Saxon as metal objects were recovered at the site but was it a monastery rather than a timber hall. Aberlady was on a pilgrimage route between Iona in the Western Isles and Holy Island in Northumbria - see also

17 Jul 2016
Human Origins Again

At ... fossil finds in China challenge the Out of Africa theory of the evolution of modern humans.    The Chinese have wondered if Peking Man (dated 780,000 years ago( and Homo erectus in general, evolved into more modern humans and contributed to the gene pool of people in East Asia. This is a bit like Europeans and Neanderthals - how much of the latter is inside the former (diluted over time).