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30 Aug 2014
New paper on the Younger Dryas

I was sure there had been a pre-publication version of this paper in the Journal of Geology but I can't find it now. Another paper on the Younger Dryas event just emphasizes the insistence of the YDB team in keeping their theory afloat - in spite of a series of critical papers that have attempted to debunk the claims.

29 Aug 2014
Supernova and the Bubble round the Earth

At ... it did occur to me this might be a spoof - but assuming it is genuine, we are told that 10 million years ago a cluster of supernovae went off like popcorn popping in a saucepan. The explosion blew an enormous bubble into interstellar space - and we are inside that bubble. It seems the bubble was discovered early in the 1980s by optical and radio astronomers on the lookout for interstellar gas. According to NASA, astronomers at the time were also in the process of discovering an x-ray glow coming from all directions.

29 Aug 2014
Gravels in Space, as big as pebbles

At ... which almost sounds Velikovskyesque. The NSF Green Bank Telescope has detected pebble sized gravels amongst dust grains near the Orion Nebula. However, there is a caveat worth taking on board. The discovery was made as it was shining much more brightly than it should at the calculated distance of the cloud. Is this a case of red shift negativity? Could the molecular cloud be nearer to our solar system than estimated.

29 Aug 2014
Stone points, Bering Straits

Why did people fix stone tips on spears and arrows? Good question. What was the advantage over sharpened wood?

26 Aug 2014
Ocean circulation and changing temperatures

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi has consistently argued against CAGW over the years as he has a method of including weather patterns in the past of determining present weather - and has earned a good reputation for bringing home the turkey. These past records are mainly 20th century so he is well aware that temperatures were just as warm in the 1930s as they were in the 1990s, and this is the pattern he has deduced.

26 Aug 2014

Zoroastrianism is a very interesting faith as it involved fire temples - and apocalyptic ideas. It was the state religion of ancient Persia and ruthlessly suppressed by the Islamic ruling elite in the latter half of the first millennium AD. Archaeologists have found evidence of its practise in a remote region of NW China, in the Uigher Autonomous Region, in a tomb dated around 2500 years ago.

25 Aug 2014
What is happening upstairs

Not a great deal if you go to (August 24th). It describes an explosion in the magnetic canopy of an emerging sun spot, AR2 151, which hurled a dense and twisted plume of plasma into space. SOHO recorded the bright coronal mass ejection emerging from the blast site (see the video) - but Earth is not in the line of fire. However, a pulse of UV radiation did partly ionise the upper atmosphere (known as a Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance event). The sun spot will turn towards an Earth facing direction in the week ahead.

25 Aug 2014
What lies under the Stonehenge landscape

I came across this post during a Smithsonian alert - go to ... and it seems the author of the piece was on a guided tour by archaeologist Vince Gaffney. He has been in charge of the 'Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project' which has gone off the radar the last year or so. It has been in progress for quite some time now and attracted, it would seem, unwanted publicity. However, out of sight of the media, it has been amassing lots of information.

24 Aug 2014
Life in Space

At ... one of the big stories this week was the claim by the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS  that cosmonauts have discovered sea plankton on the outside of the International Space Station. Other organisms have also been found - such as bacteria. Plankton is known to get transported into the atmosphere by the process of evaporation of the ocean surface - and should not be too much of a surprise. It is the other organisms that have turned the light bulb on in some heads.

24 Aug 2014
Jupiter dynamo, Lunar sparking

At ... we have a picture of Jupiter cut open in an attempt to explain why its magnetic field is similar to that of the Earth but the two bodies are so different - one has a rocky crust and the other is gaseous. It is inferred the structures of Jupiter and the Earth are radically different, but are they?