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22 Feb 2014
Kappa Cassiopeiae

Kappa Cassipeiae is a speeding star. It creates a bow wave in its wake as it crosses the sky of the universe. See

   It is classified as a runaway star that is speeding away from neighbours.

22 Feb 2014
Turning over like a Potters wheel ... and the Big ugly Og

Don Mills, on the Eric Aitchison chronology discussion (contact address available if you wish to participate) chips in on a debate about the Ipuwer Papyrus and the fact it is a similar document to other MK examples of the same kind of verbals and therefore must refer to the First Intermediate Period. Velikovsky of course claimed it really belonged to end of Middle Kingdom. He suggests Velikovsky was a bit naughty as he didn't finish off a quotation from the papyrus.

21 Feb 2014
The Big Bad Wolf is on his way

A member forwarded a link to the Daily Mash - weather experts confirmed the headline above by looking up Norse mythology which describes extensive flooding followed by the Fenris wolf. A Met Office spokesman, it is alleged, said the watery bit was going to die down a bit but a giant wolf was going to swallow the Sun. Meanwhile, Thor is due to fight a world girding serpent and the gates of hell will be opened - and there will be havoc on Earth (for everyone), a bone ship full of skeletons and dwarves will be fighting the ice giants (if they aren't melted first).

21 Feb 2014
Venus Tablets of Ammisaduga

Email request via the contact address on the web page has come in concerning the Venus Tablets of Ammisaduga. Is there a reliable translation anywhere? Leroy kindly pointed to articles in Kronos that are available on the Catastrophism CD and made the point they are perhaps just a set of tables rather than something like a chronicle or annal. Daniel Gracely has asked if the link to Henry Zemel's web site is reliable - go to and if this doesn't work just ...

20 Feb 2014
Flying dinosaurs and a 'mother lode' of fossils

Robert Farrar sent the two links below - just the sort of material In the News requires. Members are asked not to be so skimpy with the links and the stories.

20 Feb 2014
Einstein and Red Shift, some pulsar pulsing goings on, and blinking black holes

At ... we are told Einstein didn't accept the expanding universe theory for a long time but later found it was a way to ease problems he had with gravity, and eventually accepted it as a means of closing down that problem. That is, reading between the lines - not always a good idea.

At ... NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory has seen a fast moving pulsar escaping from what is thought to be a supernovae remnant while spewing out a jet of high energy particles.

20 Feb 2014
What was happening in the years leading up to 1552AD?

Peter Fairlie-Clarke responded to the post on torrential rain and portents in the sky on 17th February and provided us with a source that might just be what is required, the Johann Corian Chronicle which was written down in 1550AD.

20 Feb 2014
Sea Peoples on the wrong side of the Jordan?

At ... we learn that a site in the Jordan valley, currently being excavated by a Swedish team, has found artifacts which resemble those associated with the sea peoples - such as the Philistines. The news blurb says it amounts to proof sea peoples settled that far inland - at Tell Abu al-Kharaz. This is not where the Bible locates the Philistines and Israeli archaeologists appear to be sceptical.

20 Feb 2014
Blue Stone Enigma

That was the title of a book but in this instance the enigma is outlined at ... in a paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science. It claims, as noted some weeks ago, that the bluestones came from a different quarry than previously thought. In fact, they were quarried on the other side of the Prescelli Mountains - and this creates a problem. It has been assumed they were transported by sea. If so they would have had to be hauled over the hills and down to the sea shore.

20 Feb 2014
Flu jumped from horses to birds just a hundred years ago ... and gave rise to the 1918 epidemic.

At ... a couple of years ago Bird Flu was the big doomsaying myth - and don't we like being frightened out of our wits. We were all going to contract heaving chests and mucous filled nasal passages, a terrible headache and a weakness in our limbs - and we were all going to die. Again. The epidemic was blamed on birds and it was seriously considered by the politicos to inaugurate an actual cull of wild birds.