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19 Sep 2016
colliding worlds

Wal Thornhill mentioned colliding words in the video played at the September 2016 speaker meeting, emphasizing that Velikovsky didn't say worlds collided (in spite of the title of his book) but that two large cosmic bodies would be repelled before they could actually collide, as a result of electromagnetic effects. At ... we are told the moon may have been made from pieces of the earth that had reformed following a collision with another planet sized body.

15 Sep 2016
Sea Levels

It seems that even Yahoo (csn) news have picked up on the German sceptic blog No Tricks Zone as we are now told Kenneth Richard posted an essay there that quotes four recent journal articles that show sea levels have risen very little in recent years and show no sign of picking up at all. Go to ... and the original post at

15 Sep 2016
ringing like a bell

At (Sept 15th 2016) ... there is an upcoming harvest moon this weekend which will be accompanied by a shadow on the moon, the result of a 'pencumbral lunar eclipse' - and we actually have a computer animation of the area affected (go to

14 Sep 2016
magnetic motion

At ... stalagmites from a cave in Indiana may contain traces of evidence of prehistoric earthquakes. The caves are in the Wabash Valley and on a fault system (published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, September 2016). They also record episodes of glacial flooding of the Wabash Valley (note ... the location is in southern Indiana, well away from the Ice Age ice sheets).

14 Sep 2016
Wiki Thought Police

At ... which all boils down to the activities of one of Wiki's self appointed mainstream patrollers of the internet, a certain self righteous chap who has been filling his pockets big time. It's a laudatory story and should, if common sense was common, bring down the CAGW mantra - but it won't. The pillock will ride again - and again (providing the faithful with the news they want to hear, rather than reality).

12 Sep 2016
plasma outburst

  at ... September 12th 2016 - a plasma burst on the Sun captured on camera by MaximilanTeodorescu of Romania. Lovely name - fantastic image.

   and here is an image of aurora (filmed in Norway) that inadvertently captured a bright fireball at the same time.


11 Sep 2016
The standard model of the sun

Excellent youtube video available at ... by Bishop Nicholas Sykes, a member of SIS (for many years). It concerns the standard model of the Sun and why it does not conform with observational data. Basically, what he is saying is the idea the Sun has a nuclear core that creates the heat to power the star is contradicted by the heat at the surface of the Sun etc. This is standard Electric Universe fare but with a difference.

10 Sep 2016
sling bullets

   ... A cache of 180 Roman lead sling bullets has been unearthed at Burnswark near Lockerbie in Dumfries. Burnswark is a flat topped hill (see image above) with evidence of an Iron Age hill fort that came under assault by the Romans - go to ... which follows on from the News post last week.

10 Sep 2016
asteroid fly by small

At (Sept 9th 2016) an asteroid buzzed the earth and then headed towards the moon - passing by just 25,000 miles away. It came closest to the southern polar region and therefore did not intersect the orbits of communications and weather satellites. It was just 50 feet in diameter and would have made a nice fireball if it had penetrated the atmosphere of the earth.  See also ... where we learn astronomers were not aware of its presence until a couple of days beforehand.

10 Sep 2016
Rosetta organics

At ... the Rosetta mission's dust analysing instrument has found carbon in a more complex from than expected, according to a paper in Nature (Sept 8th 2016). The dust of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko has come up trumps it would seem as previously, organic material was found in gases sublimated from the comet (in the coma) but now we have the presence of carbon mixed with other elements such as sodium, magnesium, aluminium, silicon, calcium, and iron. These are held together in large macromolecules compounds.