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3 Jul 2016

We haven't heard much lately about the Japanese Hayabasa probe which had the mission to rendevous with asteroid Itokawa back in 2005. It studied various factors of the asteroid and collected samples duly brought back to Earth. The smaples consist of very small grains, microscopic in size, but a lot has been hypthesized from them. It seems they have different patterns on the surface which have been divided into different causes or reasons for their presence. Crystallisation by extreme heat, evidence of impact shatter, and exposure to the solar wind.

3 Jul 2016
stellar fireworks

At ... we have a new kind of 'clandestine' black hole. Basically, what has been detected is a source of radio noise

At ... a new method to identify black holes - but involves simulation

At ... Hubble detects stellar fireworks

2 Jul 2016
Having a Joke

At ... source of the story is the Daily Berliner newspaper. It seems the notorious ultra-warmists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (source of years and years of scaremongering) are warning the gullible that Europe may be facing a Mini Ice Age due to an upcoming solar minimum.

2 Jul 2016
Hobbits and Fire

At ... we return once again to the Hobbits. Anthropologists can't leave them alone. They were just three feet in height. Scientists have now discovered evidence of fire in the heart of the Liang Bua Cave on Flores Island in Indonesia after taking samples of sediments from between the Hobbit remains and the modern era. The suggestion is that modern humans, with camp fires, turned up around 41,000 years ago - but the date is elastic to a certain extent.

2 Jul 2016
Birds in Amber

At ... life evolved three times faster after the extinction of the dinosaurs than it evolved in the preceding 80 million years. Is this more evidence of faulty geochronology - the assumption layers of sediment were laid down over an inordinately long period of time whereas an asteroid impact hardly created a whisper in the geological record? The research is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (June 2016).

1 Jul 2016
This and That

At .. archaeologists chanced upon an ancient furnace after first spotting slag and clay on a roadside location. Two furnaces were subsequently unearthed, made of stone and thought to have been used to smelt iron ore. The date being aired is around 1000AD. A people known as the Kurykan were renowned for their blacksmithing skills throughout the medieval era. The site is located on a hill to take advantage of the wind when enabled the combustion process.

29 Jun 2016
surprising skull

At ... the surprise being that the person was not related to Australian Aborigines. It has been the consensus view for some time that SE Asia in general was colonised by Australian Aborigine people and these have died out in what is now Indonesia but survived in the south, in Australia and New Guinea (and probably in the Melanesian Islands too). In other words, the population was replaced by newcomers, the inhabitants of Indonesia now (which include farmers).

29 Jun 2016
water on Mars

The water on Mars story is getting interesting. Is this another example of water as part of planetary make-up (even perhaps subterrranean water) (see post yesterday on Primary Water). Some interesting information is being beamed back to earth from Curiosity Rover on Mars, as it probes and analyses rock samples on the red planet. It has found manganese oxide in Martian rocks and scientists say this suggests the planet once had higher levels of oxygen (in order to facilitate the process of oxidisation).

28 Jun 2016
Bees and Flowers

Bees and electricity feature in this month's Thunderbolts videos - go to ... but we also have the same subject but more nuanced at ... in which the aforesaid Dr Wile, a Creationist rather than an EU advocate, begins by saying that flowers attract bees by a variety of means including flower shape, scent, colour and ultra-violet reflection patterns. The point is that electricity is one of several factors that make up the relationship between flowers and pollinating insects.

28 Jun 2016
Primary Water

This should perhaps be under physics but here goes with geology. The blog ... is the home of Louis Hissink, a geologist (but something of a maverick). He reports on a finding that was in the News a few weeks ago, waves monitored from the Mantle that appear to affect geology and long term sea levels. Seismologists identified a velocity change under the seas and under the continents known as the Mohorovicic Discontinuity. It is inferred from the different arrival times of P and S waves.