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20 Dec 2015
Andes Uplift

At ... an interesting study of a massive volcanic field in the Andes that reveals a surprising amount of uplift in a short time scale, as much as 6 feet in the last 8 years. Apparently, this has occurred many times over the last 10,000 years of the Holocene.

20 Dec 2015

This story was everywhere - but then dogs are very popular as human companions, as working dogs (retrieving dead animals, rooting out rabbits in holes, rounding up sheep, and sniffing out drugs etc) and as warning sentries (barking like mad when a stranger approaches, very handy if you live in an isolated hill farm). We take them for granted but how did they evolve into so many different breeds and cross breeds. Where did the original domestic dog come from - a jackal, a wolf, or some lost relative.

20 Dec 2015
The devil's hole

   Old Nick gets about as we have a Devil's Hole and a Devil's Punchbowl over here in the UK. At ... we have Devil's Hole in Nevada, situated on the edge of Death Valley in the Amargosa Desert and yet the narrow crack in the rock, above, leads down towards an underground water reservoir.

19 Dec 2015
Mark Bailey

Our Autumn speaker in Watford, Mark Bailey, is in the news - see

19 Dec 2015
star bethlehem

A surprising number of article have been written on the Star of Bethlehem that suggest a comet as a possible candidate - see for example the list at ... and

19 Dec 2015
transportation rivalry

At ... and variously at locations such as

19 Dec 2015
third way

Robert Farrar has sent in a link to ... which he came across as a link from another web site he was looking at. The name of the web site comes from an article written by microbiologist James Shapiro (University of Chicago) in which he proposed an approach to evolutionary science that was neither neo-Darwinist or Creationist, suggesting the mechanism is better at explaining evolution from natural selection. On that basis this site should appeal to members of SIS.

19 Dec 2015
Toronto Conference

The Toronto Conference has now got a nice list of speakers - see

19 Dec 2015
radiation block

Joy sent in a link to ... and at first I thought it was a spoof, then realised they were being serious. The claim is that inter-action between radio waves from human transmissions on the surface of the Earth and the Van Allen radiation belts creates a bubble around the Earth that high energy electrons cannot penetrate. Very low frequency radio transmissions from Earth may be involved - and the emphasis here might be on the 'may be'.

19 Dec 2015
upsetting applecarts

At ... we learn that analysis of a 14000 year old femur bone and skulls bones found in 1989 at the Red Deer cave in Yunnan in SW China has revealed it looks like early Homo erectus and Homo habilis (way too archaic in morphology than the dating implies) which has upset the applecart as the survival of ancient humans over such a long period is simply not on the mainstream radar. It is being called a mystery.