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12 Jan 2015
Converting sunlight into electricity

This story is at ... and is about advances made in solar panels in Australia. It involves focussed sunlight. This will make the photo voltaic tower system even more impressive.

12 Jan 2015
The Seychelles Enigma

During the last interglacial, herewith dated 125,000 years ago average global temperatures, it is said, were not a lot different than today - yet large areas of what are now coastal zones, sometimes with great cities, are thought to have been under water - see

12 Jan 2015
Lakes in the Sahara

At ... we have a fascinating story, rock art that depicts people swimming (a sort of dog paddle) - in one of the dryest parts of the Sahara desert. Whether they are really swimming is a matter of opinion. They could equally be flying - almost floating in the sky.

8 Jan 2015
The homogenisation of homogenised data

This is a post that explains homogenisation of temperature data so well, it almost blurts out of the page. Very often climate scientists pop up at blogs defending the process of homogenisation of old temperature readings - and the usual excuse is they are trying to drown out the noise.

7 Jan 2015
HMS Beagle on You Tube

At .... sketchbooks from the voyage of HMS Beagle have been digitised to produce a video of pencil drawings and watercolours by Conrad Martens, shipmate of Charles Darwion. These are available at Cambridge University Digital Library - go to

Some of them can be seen in a video slide show at the Phys Org link above, bringing to life views from nearly 200 years ago.

7 Jan 2015
2300BC and Mongolia

At ... a Chinese and US team have found evidence that parts of Inner Mongolia that were assumed to have been desert for millions of years, were not. The region may have dried up as recently as just over 4000 years ago - which means the 2300BC event may have been responsible (see various SIS articles by Moe Mandelkehr who produced evidence from geology, palaeo-climate, and archaeology for a global event at that point in time - which would have included Mongolia).

7 Jan 2015
Greek Dark Age

At ... we learn that the Greek village of Nicharia was untouched by the site destructions at the end of the LB age - and remained standing throughout the Greek Dark Age. Historians have claimed the occupants of the village resorted to cattle farming and did not bother rebuilding their houses. This idea came about because so many cattle bones were found as fragments in the soil.

7 Jan 2015
Black Hole refrains from eating lunch but lets out a giant burp

At ... the NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory has detected  huge x-ray from a supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy. The astronomers had been looking at something else - which proved to be a damp squib. They had been tracking a giant cloud of gas that was predicted to come close enough to the black hole to provide its lunch - with fireworks as an accompaniment. The black hole stoically refused to acknowledge the presence of the gas cloud. Perhaps it had a touch of colic as it let out a burp - a massive x-ray flare.

7 Jan 2015
Dinosaur remains on the Isle of Wight

AQt ... fossils from the Early Cretaceous period can be found in some parts of the Isle of Wight - the age of the dinosaur. Brook Bay is one such location - but there are many collections out there in private hands and fossil collecting is a largely amateur pursuit. Academics, it would seem, largely ignore the private collections - as in some way tainted. Museums of course, are overloaded with rocks and fossils - they can only hold so many.

7 Jan 2015
What a Beauty

      What a beauty. Comet Lovejoy. The image is at, January 7th - there is also a comet photo gallery to browse. Lovejoy is still getting closer to the Sun and may yet surprise us all.