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11 Oct 2015
Lost World of Saturnian Cosmology

I don't know what you make of this site but at ... the web site host takes a swipe at alternative catastrophist theories, all the while maintaining it is credible to think in terms of a Saturnian scenario. Keeping a straight face is the secret I suppose.

10 Oct 2015

The NASA 'Day in Review' newsletter (jplnewsroom [at] jpl [dot] nasa [dot] gov) 9th October 2015 reports on the discovery that lakes once existed on Mars. This was observed by Curiosity Rover which found 'mudstone' geology - and the existence of mud indicates water. However, the lake itself must have existed long ago (it was found in the Gale Crater feature which is a hole punched in the geology), and wait for it - 3.3 to 3.8 billion years ago.

10 Oct 2015
Pluto Blue

  At ... it seems that Pluto has blue skies, just like the Earth. It also has patches of frozen water - and both are a surprise.

On Earth blue skies are seen because of the scattering of sunlight by nitrogen particles - so why the blue skies on Pluto?

10 Oct 2015

Thame is a market town in Oxfordshire, with a river Thame flowing through on its journey to the Thames. It was probably an important place to set down roots as there was plenty of water and the soil is fertile. It is also cattle country. At ... a Neolithic causewayed enclosure has been found just outside the town of Thame (on what is planned to be a new housing estate). It has ditches and banks and these meeting places are usually dated to the fourth millennium BC.

10 Oct 2015
Richard of Wallingford

Visiting St Albans cathedral you will find a nice booklet for sale on God's clockmaker, one Richard of Wallingford (hat tip from SIS member David Roth). He built a clock that not only told the time but predicted lunar eclipses accurately, and tracked the journey of the Sun. What is remarkable is that at that time it was thought the Sun orbited around the Earth - instead of the other way round (but it worked). 

10 Oct 2015
English Channel

At ... what made the 22 mile gap between Dover and Calais?

  There are geological faults along the line of the Channel and they are thought to be several million years of age. They mark where part of the crust has slipped - see above.

8 Oct 2015

At ... the Chernobyl exclusion zone straddles both sides of the border between Belorussia and the Ukraine. An article in Current Biology seems to show that environmentalists have been telling us porkies once again - and low level radiation is not as dangerous as they make out. This story keeps popping up on the net but it never seems to make it into mainstream media - which says a lot about the latter.

8 Oct 2015
dust and atmosphere

At ... dust from the Chile volcano, Calbuco, which erupted in April just gone, almost six months ago, has caused the moon to be a deeper shade of red than it would have been if there had been little dust in the atmosphere. The dust is still there, months later, inhibiting sunlight. This is the reason why low growth tree ring events, marked by global cooling, are generally attributed to volcanoes.

8 Oct 2015
IPCC workings

At ... is a remarkable post as it describes how 75 per cent of the science that the IPCC commissions is actually dumped and never sees the light of day (as far as the pubic is concerned). An incredible story of political dishonesty.

6 Oct 2015
fighting back

At ... the geneticists have been having it all their own way recently as far as the origins of Native Americans are concerned - they all came from Siberia. However, just as tweaking the genetic information has revealed that some South Americans have Austro-Melanesian genes, we now have Dennis Stanford, who claims a link between Clovis Points and Solutrean stone tools from Ice Age western Europe, still not willing to concede defeat to the big guns.