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9 Nov 2018
Bones and DNA

At ... another excellent article from Popular Archaeology. This one concerns the body of a teenage girl found in a cenote in the Yucatan. It is several pages in length and fairly comprehensive, leading up to the genetic dating of the bones.

9 Nov 2018
The Glory

Not the Glory of the Lord but something equally as fascinating. At ... concerns the optical phenomenon known as a glory - that is mostly seen by aircraft pilots and mountaineers, looking down on mist and clouds. It forms a small circular rainbow. Glories are seen when the sun sines from behind and interacts with water droplets to refract light back to the observer. An ESA astronaut took this picture of a glory from the International Space Station back in September ...

7 Nov 2018
Electrified Space Dust

At ... electrically charged dust arranges itself in straight lines in the laboratory. Space dust is also electrically charged as it collects electrons from plasma gas - such as the solar wind. This was discovered in an experiment on the International Space Station where gravity is weaker that in an earth based laboritory. Nevertheless, dust also arranged itself in straight lines.

7 Nov 2018
Raising the Land

At ... the 2016 Chile earthquake caused the land to rise on two islands off the coast. A bleached fringe of dead marine algae, strung along the beach, represents the old coastline - as can be seen in the image below. This is what is known as a fault slip.


7 Nov 2018
Living in a Flat Earth

This is the title of an interesting post by climate scientists Tim Ball at ... most people live in a flat earth and struggle to visualise climate and a three dimensional atmosphere. John Dee, science advisor to Elizabeth I, gave Francis Drake sailing and scientific instructions on his voyage to find a northern passage. One of those instructions was to accurately determine the longitude of the west coast of North America.

5 Nov 2018
Valentina Zharkova

Benny Peiser introduces Valentina Zharkova at .... in a talk (watch the video) on how the solar magnetic field may affect climate on the earth. She begins by telling us that sun spots are dark and cooler regions on the surface of the Sun. Basically, she is predicting a solar minumum and cool weather between 2020 and 2055. Is that one in the eye for the alarmists - or a case of alarmism at the opposite end of the spectrum (cooling instead of warming).

4 Nov 2018
Comet McNaught

At ... data from NASAs STEREO spacecraft (short for Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory) has been reassessed. The subject in question goes back to 2007 - the appearance of Comet McNaught in the skies (mainly of the southern hemishere). This was one of the brightest comets of the last 50 years and it was visible by naked eye even during daylight. The STEREO instruments captured images of the dust tail in a fan like formation that stretched over 100 million miles from the comet nucleus.

4 Nov 2018
Fire in the Atlantic

Sent in by Robert. An interesting story at ... the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer- Suite on the Suomi NPP satellite captured thermal anomalies off the coast of Brazil (in the South Atlantic). The thermal anomaly means an area flagged by the satellite as unusually warm. Most such anomalies captured by the satellite are fires but obviously there is no fire burning in the middle of an ocean. Natural gas flares also trigger thermal anomalies but they are only found in shallow water locations.

1 Nov 2018
Pict Symbols

At ... archaeologists have found evidence of domestic cattle, sheep, and goats, in the high mountain passes of Kyrgystan going back over 4000 years. These routes were used by merchants of the Silk Road but this new evidence predates this activity by a long shot. The findings are published by PLOS One journal and refer to pastoral herding societies of central Asia who were journeying through the region that connects directly to NW China and the oases cities of Bukhara and Samarkand. The evidence of herders is said to date from 4300 years ago.

1 Nov 2018
secrets of the pyramids

This link was provided by William. Go to ...