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3 Mar 2011
The earth is being bombarded by space dust - but where does it come from?

The story is at and no doubt at the NASA web site too. NASA are saying that every day 100 tons of meteoroids - frangments of dust and gravel and sometimes small rocks enters the atmosphere of the earth - but it is unclear from what source. It is generally assumed the passage of comets leave behind trails of debris after they round the Sun.

2 Mar 2011
The Church and the Sun

A book published by Harvard University Press in 1999, by JL Heibron, The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals as Solar Observatories, is quite interesting as Constantine, in the 4th century AD, was closely involved in a solar cult. The author says that since the Sun and the Moon are the most important objects in the sky and influence the rhythms of our existence, did the Church determine the position and motion of the Sun? To measure the meridian a hole in the south facing wall of an ediface would allow a beam of sunlight to fall on a line directed N to S on the floor of the ediface.

1 Mar 2011

At there are two more separate pages added to the blog. Go to top of Menu bar and click on Reference Pages and a drop down menu list appears. Click on Geomagnetic and this will take you to the new feature. At the bottom of the drop down list you can also click on solar - which is designed to accommodate postings on the subject of the Sun. Useful list of links on both pages.

1 Mar 2011

No, not the mustang horse of the Old West, or a racy motor car. Mustang is a province of Nepal in the Himalayas where scientists have been looking at a remote cave on a cliff face and have found human remains going back 3000 years. The cae is at an altitude of 13,800 feet but it seems the Kali Gandaki River provided a corridor through the mountains for people to migrate and exchange goods and ideas.

1 Mar 2011
Chronology of Beth Shan

Peter James, in a review of a book edited by Amihai Mazar, Excavations at Tell Beth Shean, Palestine Exploration Quarterly 142 has suggested the fall of level V should be redated to 732BC and the time of Tiglath Pileser III (copies of the review can be obtained via Eric Aitchison).

27 Feb 2011
Rock Art of the Chumash

At all about the rock of the Chumash See below

27 Feb 2011
Do you recognise this man?

This is the reconstructed face of Oetzi, the body that came to light as an Alpine glacier shrank. He lived around 3200BC (see )

27 Feb 2011
Cities out of Marshes, Bamiyan Buddha

At is a new theory on the Sumerian cities - presumably on the basis they did not originally require an irrigation system but that was a development that came about after environmental downturns. It seems that early cities did not spring up along the banks of rivers but spread across the delta zone within and along the margins of the marshlands. So says a press release from the University of South Carolina.

26 Feb 2011
Plasma, magnetic holes and a mud volcano

At .... huge blobs of plasma known as coronal mass ejections cause probems when they collide with the magnetosphere of the earth. They produce aurorae for example, but also feature in comet tails (no this is not Wal speaking but a scientist from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory), solar wind and much of the spiralling material that appears to fall into black holes. Science is now trying to understand plasma.

26 Feb 2011
More on that comet fly by

NASA has released a video which can be seen at of the recent, Feb 14th/15th flyby of Comet Tempel1 by the Stardust spacecraft.