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23 Jan 2020
Biggie Crater

William sent in the link ... which concerns the discovery of a big, if not gi-normous crater, which it is calculated, occurred roughly at the end of snowball earth. The inference is that global warming was caused by the impact when in fact the exact opposite is more likely - an impact event causing a cooling of the climate.

23 Jan 2020
A Dairy Mystery

At ... it begins by telling us the armies of Genghis Khan fed on dried curd as they waged war and destruction on their way across the Eurasian steppes. Dairy foods have been an ancient food source since at least 6000BC - and probably earlier. People were consuming animal milk before they developed a genetic mutation which enabled them to digest it properly. That is the mystery. The mutation meant people produced lactose, an enzyme which breaks down milk sugars.

23 Jan 2020

At ... a 700,000 year old fossil bone indicates a close relative of the little auk, now confined to the North Atlantic, once thrived in the Pacific Ocean


23 Jan 2020
Microbial Mayhem

At ... it was microbial mayhem in the Chicxulub crater - according to a paper published in the journal Geology ( ) and in fact this was due to a rapid reinvigoration of microbial life in the aftermath of the asteroid strike ...

21 Jan 2020
Warren Field

At ... we learn about a strange configuration of pits spotted by aerial archaeology at Crothes Castle in Scotland. It is said to be the world's oldest (known) calendar dating back to around 8000BC ..

19 Jan 2020
A Living Fossil

At ... a living fossil may upend a basic tent of evolutionary theory. Courtesy of a UC of San Franscisco research team. Natural selection,  it seems, also occurs at the level of the epigenome (a term that refers to an assortment of chemical annotations to the genome that determine whether, when, and to what extent, genes are activated.

19 Jan 2020
Death of the Dinosaurs

At ... in death of the dinosaurs it was all about the asteroid - not the volcanoes. At last, some realism.  Yale assistant professor of geology and geophysics Pincilli Hull, and her colleagues, argue in a paper in the journal Science, that environmental impacts from massive volcanic eruptions in India (the Deccan Traps) occurred before the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary and therefore did not contibute to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

19 Jan 2020
Solar Flares and Scorching Gases

At ... (and see ... at the back end of 2017 a massive new region of magnetic activity produced a series of potent solar flares causing turbulent space weather conditions on earth. These were the first flares to be captured, moment by moment, by the Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array radio telescope.

17 Jan 2020
Solar Minimum Consequences

Robert sent in the link ...

17 Jan 2020
Transparent Crystals

At ... ultra high piezo electricity in crystals causes them to become transparent - is this another feature of electricity in Earth and beyond Earth. In an experiment, AC electricity was added to a ferro electric piezoelectric crystal and it caused an enhanced effect, contrary to mainstream ideas. See