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4 Jul 2019
A cave in the Crimea

A cave in Crimea has yielded the bones of an ostrich like bird - but three times the size of the modern version. At ... Humans are said to have lived alongside them but a bison bone in the cave has been dated at one and half million years old (so we are talking about way before the Neanderthals). These giant birds could have been a source of meat, feathers for decoration, bones used for tools, and eggshell (because it is big and oval and can be decorative).

4 Jul 2019

German and Kurdish archaeologists have uncovered a Bronze Age palace complex within the ruins of a mud brick city that once thrived on the banks of the river Tigris in what is now Kurdistan (on the Iraq side). It dates back to the time of the empire of Mitanni, a little known kingdom that thrived for several hundred years in the LB age. It is normally dated to the 15th and 14th centuries BC and controlled a large part of northern Mesopotamia. The ruling class were Indic aryan speakers it is thought, with an origin on the steppes. It was the contemporary of dynasty 18 Egypt.

27 Jun 2019

At ... a 2700 year old watchtower was discovered at a military base in southern Israel according to the Israel Antiquities Authority. It dates back to the reign of Hezekiah and was constructed with large stones at a high point with a wide view. There was a network of towers and fortresses used for communications, warnings and signalling. Was this the sort of watchtower manned bny Isaiah?

27 Jun 2019
Dinosaur Eating Crocodile

One to wow the kiddiewinks - a dinosaur eating crocodile. Perhaps not as it isn't big enough or fearsome enough - go to ... the partial braincase and jawbone of a new species (or newly named) of crocodile, Isisfordia molnari, was found at Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. It is actually an opalised fossil - associated with opal mining activities. It was found a century ago - and a second one was found 70 years later. It related to modern crocodiles and was around six feet in length.

26 Jun 2019
Another meteor making noises

A small asteroid exploded in the atmosphere near Peurto Rico on June 22nd - see (June 25th 2019). It occurred in broad daylight and the airwaves produced were detected by the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisanization's infra red station in Bemuda. The explosion was coincident with a cosmic body several metres across and according to NASA such meteors, on average, happen at least once a year. It had the blast energy of between 3 and 5 kilotons of TNT.

26 Jun 2019
Salty Ice Age

You learn something new everyday. A sediment core from the Maldives is said to have preserved ocean water from the last Ice Age. How do they know? It is more salty than modern ocean water - go to ... The thinking is that during the Ice Ages lots of water was locked up in glaciers and ice sheets. Therefore there was less water in the oceans as it is known sea levels in the North Atlantic were much lower during the Late Glacial Maximum. Less water means the salt in sea water is not spread around as much = salty sea water.

26 Jun 2019
Ivory tools and weapons

At ... this link appears to have got its information from the Siberian Times and concerns an island in the Arctic Ocean. It is being developed as a Russian military base as fossil fuel extraction in the Arctic becomes more probably and expansionary with the passage of time. Paleontologists have been involved in excavating a mammoth skeleton and they found the tusk displayed evence of what is said to be human activity, namely traces of processing.

26 Jun 2019
Conspiracy Theory and the Brother of Jesus

This story is at ... this sounds like a conspiracy theory but is never the less of interest as it is controversial. An ossuary of James the Just was brought to the attention of scholars back in 2002 by one Oden Golen (an Israeli dealer in antiquities who likes to describe himself as a collector of antiquities). He has, so we learn in an off hand manner, also been involved withe forgeries which raised suspicion.

25 Jun 2019
Isle of Man Bird Survey

At ... the Isle of Man wildlife charity Manx Birdlife has reported on a 40 per cent decline in the populations of many sea birds in their region of the Irish Sea. This follows a comprehensive survey that took place over two years.

25 Jun 2019
Off shore lake

Continental shelf systems are areas formerly above sea level but now submerged. Such regions may have been periodically submerged with variations in sea levels over geological time. However, the continental shelf system off the US North East has come up with a big surprise - it harbours a lake underneath the sea bed - go to ... the lake is actually very deep down below the sea bed and is described as an aquifer (a source of water from an ancient era).