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18 Jun 2014
The Dark Matter and the Dinosaur Demise

Dark matter meets catastrophism - courtesy of Harvard University researchers. At ... a new theory is being aired and it involves a disc of dark matter at the heart of our galaxy - and presumably every galaxy. A group of Harvard researchers from the physics department have put forward a proposal, a gestating hypothesis, that began with the object that struck the Earth and wiped out three quarters of all species in the dinosaur era. It seeks an answer - where did this object originate.

17 Jun 2014
Volcanoes and Melting glaciers

At ... according to recent CAGW hype we should all be scared - the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting. In reality the problem involves the Thwaites glacier - but that has been enough to make a stir (in spite of the fact Antarctic sea ice is growing year on year). Now, we have a paper that actually explains what is happening with the Thwaites glacier - and global warming is not responsible.

17 Jun 2014
A sand extrusion

At ... we have a large body of sand in the northern region of the North Sea basin which is described as extrusive. Where did it extrude from? There is enought sand there to bury Manhattan Island or the whole of London, under several metres in depth. The sand, it seems, vented to the sea floor during the Pleistocene epoch. Does vent imply pump out of the ground?

For some parts of the Pleistocene the North Sea basin was dry land - probably for most of the time.

16 Jun 2014
Summer sun halo

At on Monday 16th June (2014)  a summer sun halo.

   If you want to know when earth facing sun spots are despatching CMEs towards our planet keep an eye on this very useful web site.

15 Jun 2014
Dr David Evans

Major new climate change project by Dr David Evans - see ... produced without any funding whatsoever (apart from personal donations). No government handouts (grants), no environmentalist input, deep pockets (from the renewables mafia), hedge funds, banks, oil companies, all the normal villains involved in CAGW alarmism - none of that. Zilch.

15 Jun 2014
Mesolithic Great North Road

There is quite a bit of published material on prehistoric roads and tracks nowadays and it is generally though they originated as animal tracks followed by humans and evolving into human path ways (during the Mesolithic era before farming was introduced to Britain and Ireland). Roads and tracks themselves came about mainly as a result of agriculture - and the need to transfer stock from winter to summer pasture, or from field to field, or from farm to market etc. However, some long distance routes may have developed for trade and discourse.

15 Jun 2014
Water inside the Earth

At ... there is a report on another study that has found an awful lot of potential water between the Mantle and the crust. In January, a team from Liverpool University published a paper on the same subject. In the latest paper, in the journal Science, it is thought Plate Tectonics plays a role, moving water from the Mantle region to the surface (as a result of subduction). The process is hypothetical - and so is subduction, as all this takes place 400 miles below the surface.

15 Jun 2014
The Eocene Mass Extinction event

At .... this is one of those events normally attributed to climate change rather than catastrophism - mainly because joining up the dots between dating and geological chronology is riven with assumptions and elusions of accuracy. Climate did change towards the end of the Eocene - but is that a consequence rather than a cause?

15 Jun 2014
Electromagnetism and the Earth

Go to ... it seems scientists were looking at electricity in the atmosphere and on the Earth a hundred years ago - and an electric field between negative Earth and the net positive charge in the air. Experiments showed the intensity of the electric field is greater in the middle of the day than it is at night or in the morning - but conversely, is greater during the winter than it is in the summer.

14 Jun 2014
Green famines

An interesting post at ... which is a bit political - but raises an interesting issue. Does opposition to genetically modified food, which is claimed to make it possible to feed the world if growing conditions worsen as a result of climate change, mean they would have turned a blind eye to people dying in the Irish potato famine - and will they avert their eyes if a major famine as a result of global cooling occurs in the near future? What is the object of having NGOs.