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16 Jan 2015
not much to choose between them after all

At ... it seems there is less and less, and even less to distinguish between Neanderthal craftsmanship and cognizant ability, and those of modern humans of the Upper Palaeolithic period.

15 Jan 2015
Trick and Treat

At the English language German blog of Pierre Gosselin another scale falls from the eye. Yes, a bit of a humdinger this one - broken egg shells and all that. The trick was on Joe Public and the Treat has been ladled out to the CAGW faithful.

15 Jan 2015
Dust and Comets

At ... we learn that the Rosetta Mission to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, otherwise known as 67P, has been displaying evidence of multiple jets of dust issuing forth from the surface, and floating around the near limits of the surface are pockets of dust, and aggregates |(bigger particles of dust) that get caught up in the comet's coma and are left behind in its wake -providing a tail like cloud swept and shaped by the solar wind. Comets are accompanied by a constant cloud of dust ejected from the body itself - and not all of it is of recent origin.

14 Jan 2015
Rocking around the World

On January 26th an asteroid will pass within 3 times the distance of the Earth from the Moon - not exactly a close shave (see ...

The bigger question might be - has the space rock got any smaller pieces of rock in tow, running alongside in resonant orbit and out of kilter with the orbits of other solar system objects it may encounter?

12 Jan 2015
Lovejoy and Magnetic Storm

At Friday January 9th (2014) it is suggested a magnetic storm hit Comet Lovejoy as activity seems to be ocurring in the blue ion tail - a plasma blob billowing down the sinuous tail like stucture. It seems that comet observers frequently witness such events - even though they are not usually discussed in mainstream channels. Plasma blobs and disconnect events are in response to CMEs and gusts of solar wind. In some instances, a comet's tail can actually be torn off the comet.

12 Jan 2015
Booming over Oklahoma

At ... a number of mysterious booms have been heard in central Oklahoma - sounding much like sonic booms rather than anything under the ground. Because the booms were heard over such a wide area this has ruled out a connection with fracking, the first culprit as far as the media are concerned. No earthquakes have been noticed at seismic recording stations, and the process known as cryoseisms (frost quakes) have been ruled out. The booms appear to be at the surface or in the atmosphere.

12 Jan 2015
Uganda Rock Art


12 Jan 2015
2300BC and maize migration

At ... we learn that maize was domesticated from wild teosinte grasses in southern Mexico and can be tracked into the American SW, using DNA analysis, to around 4100 years ago - very nearly 2300BC (and within that block of a couple of hundred years encompassing two closely spaced events) the date ascribed by Moe Mandelkehr to an earthwide event involving a heavy meteor bombardment. The study is published in the January 8th issue of Nature Plants.

12 Jan 2015
Converting sunlight into electricity

This story is at ... and is about advances made in solar panels in Australia. It involves focussed sunlight. This will make the photo voltaic tower system even more impressive.

12 Jan 2015
The Seychelles Enigma

During the last interglacial, herewith dated 125,000 years ago average global temperatures, it is said, were not a lot different than today - yet large areas of what are now coastal zones, sometimes with great cities, are thought to have been under water - see