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3 Apr 2015
dreaming of the big wave on Mars

At .... as it has been repeated now on many occasions the assumption is growing strength in the idea that Mars once harboured an ocean - suitably way back in the early universe. Once you come to accept there was once plentiful supply of water on the red planet, and a big ocean, you can conjure up almost anything - especially if you create a model.

2 Apr 2015
Tails of the Moon

At its-friends-might-too.html .... member Gary Gilligan sent in this piece he spotted at New Scientist this week. The Moon has got two tails. One is a tail of sodium gas that streams behind the Moon as she moves. The other is a tail of dust particles. Both stretch for hundreds of thousands of kilometres in the wake of the Moon.

Gary, of course, has his own views on the tails - visit

2 Apr 2015

At ... we have all heard of Tiahuanaco, high in the Andes, and its mysterious ruins - now a buried pyramid is thought to have been discovered.

2 Apr 2015
circles, ancient texts, and fortifications

At ... strange ritual sites in NW China (spilling over into Mongolia) appear to go back to 2500BC - the same age as Egypt's pyramids and Stonehenge in the UK.

29 Mar 2015
geomagnetic events

At ... we have some interesting information where science is at a boundary of knowledge and is in the process of changing its mind. The settled science, it seems, has not settled too well (an it all comes in the indomitable style of EM Smith, computer whizz kid).

28 Mar 2015
Jupiter's aurorae differs

At ... flows of electrically charged ions and electrons accelerate along Jupiter's magnetic field lines (fountain like blue curves) ... see below

  ... which trigger aurorae. The accelerated particles come from clouds of material spewed out of volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io. As such, there is a continuous auroral glow on Jupiter thousands of times brighter than anything caused by the solar wind on Earth.

28 Mar 2015
black holes blowing out a storm

A study published in the journal Nature shows observational evidence that a supermassive black hole at the heart of a huge galaxy can power huge molecular outflows. They are actually emitting, they claim, massive quantities of star making gases - see

28 Mar 2015
plastic in sedimentary rocks

Somebody told me about this, as she had been to a geological meeting with her son where they were showing off a sample of plastic in rock. I later put it into my search engine and up popped a number of stories from last year that I had failed to appreciate or the implications involved. I'm still not sure as sedimentary rocks are usually assigned long periods of time in order to accumulate - and we are talking about what sounds like instantaneous accretion (or so it would seem).

28 Mar 2015
deep in the depths

At ... the story is initially about the discovery of a new virus on the ocean floor. Research now brings into the open various questions about the evolution and interaction of microbes inside the Earth - where the key word is inside. It is now thought, said one of the authors, Sarah Bagby, there is more biomass inside the Earth than anywhere else, living at a very slow pace in a dark and energy deficient environment.

28 Mar 2015
at the cusp of the Ice Age

At ... people were hunting horses and camels 13,300 years ago (in N America) - prior to the Younger Dryas event. For some reason the news release chooses to say they were living in the Ice Age - which isn't true. They were living in a warm period between the end of the Ice Age and the Younger Dryas. However, they were living in the very late Pleistocene - which I suppose is all part of the Ice Age, depending how accurate you might want to be. The horse and camel remains were  found near Calgary in Canada, on the rolling priaires.