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1 Oct 2015
water on Mars

At ... NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found evidence of water flow, it is claimed. Using an imaging spectrometer researchers detected the signature of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaking was seen on the Mars surface. These streaks appear to ebb and flow over time, expanding in warm seasons and contracting in cooler seasons. However, warmer is not so warm as they are talking about temperatures of minus 23 Celsius (which is pretty chilly and not obviously very warm).

30 Sep 2015
snapshot in time

At ... there is a marvelous snap shot in time from Old Kingdom Egypt. Archaeologists investigating some caves cut out of limestone geology in a remote part of the eastern desert, not far from the Red Sea, have come up with a bonanza. A few years ago we heard about the caves being used as storage for boats - but it seems these boats were very active in the economic life of Egypt. On the opposite shore of the Red Sea, in Sinai, were turquoise mines and the copper deposits of the Wadi el-Jarf.

30 Sep 2015
Stonehenge and Sodom

The title is tongue in cheek but it was penned to illustrate that there was activity at Stonehenge contemporary with the destruction of Tall el-Hammam at the end of the Middle Bronze Age in the Levant. This consists of the carvings of daggers and axe heads on some of the stones, first noticed by Richard Atkinson in the 1950s. These are symbolic we may assume and it is possible they represent lightning or meteors - apt when we consider the excavators of Tall el-Hammam are thinking in terms of destruction by a bolide (meteor from the sky).

29 Sep 2015
Sodom excavations


at ... we learn that mainstream is catching up on the possible identification of Tall el-Hammam with ancient Sodom.

29 Sep 2015
sea levels

At ... no surprise here but this time it comes from the University of Siegen in Germany who issued a press release about a new study that showed natural oceanic cycles played a greater role in sea level fluctuations than deemed by IPCC scientists. If this is true of the past it must also be true of projection into the future. In other words, models of future sea level rise cannot be trusted.

28 Sep 2015
black hole biggies

At ... we learn about a rethink on black holes. It seems they want to ditch Einstein's gravitational waves, part of his general theory of relativity. It seems that a fruitless 11 year search for gravitational waves via high precision telescopes has led to this conclusion.

28 Sep 2015

The origins of the Zimbabwe culture and Shona civilisation has been pushed back by new discoveries in SW Zimbabwe and NE Botswana, to the 11th century AD (around 1030). No doubt more archaeology will push origins even further into the past.

28 Sep 2015
divine purification

Divine purification as a result of chastisement is one way to look at meteoric bombardment of the earth in the past - and catastrophic upheaval of Bronze Age civilisations. At ... we have this point of view expressed in response to the second SIS Cambridge Conference. We hear of the Clube and Napier hypothesis, Marie Agnes Courty, Harvey Weiss, Benny Peiser, Lars Franzen and Thomas Larsson, all speakers and presenters at the conference, and taking a bit from this one and then that one.

28 Sep 2015
Weaubleau Eggs

Weaubleau eggs are rocky balls, read concretions of rock found in western Missouri. See for example (8th July 2013) (scroll down to that date)

  At the link these rock eggs are compared to more recent impact sites in Spain. The process, they say, is similar to the formation of monomictic impact breccias with rounded clasts. However, the Missouri rock balls are extremely old, it is thought - 330 million years ago.

28 Sep 2015
fire planet

At ... Han Kloosterman has an interesting correspondence with Derek Age. Kloosterman begins by quoting Ager's book, The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record, Harford Press:1973 where he reports on chalk depressions in the southern counties of England, such as the Devil's Punchbowl near Brighton. Chalk run off from the process of making the depressions is rich in snails, and there is evidence of a charcoal layer. Kloosterman's point is that Ager preferred a uniformitarian explanation in preference to a catastrophic one.