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11 Feb 2014
Camels and the Bible

Provoked by the recent claim that camels are first known in the southern Levant in the Iron Age a New Chronology Yahoo Group commenter claims Kenneth Kitchen, seriously kicked around like a football by New Chronology (both the James and the Rohl versions), in 'On the Reliability of the Old Testament' actually provided a series of line drawings of a number of physical relics with pictures of camels from the 2nd millennium BC, long prior to the Iron Age. These came from Ur, Byblos, and Syria, and somewhat later, towards the end of the LB Age, from Egypt and NW Arabia.

11 Feb 2014
New Egyptian dynasty - yes or no?

At ... the lost pharaoh of dynasty 16 (update). It seems there was an independent dynasty at Abydos contemporary with the Hyksos, and the 17th dynasty, located in the south, at Thebes. Some 16 royal tombs of the Abydos dynasty have been found - adjacent to earlier MK tombs (dynasty 12 and 13). A cedar beam from the tomb of Sobekhotep O was reused in the new found tomb - so postdates early dynasty 13. However, controversy rules.

11 Feb 2014
Homo antecessor

At ... you haven't heard of Homo antecessor? Well, he lived a very long time ago. The oldest hominim in Europe apparently, going back 900,000 years ago. Some 90 hominim fossils and 200 fragments of worked stone have been pulled out of the ground at one site in Spain.

11 Feb 2014
Is the Moon fading away?

Not perhaps fading as moving away - go to ... the Apollo astronauts and Soviet Russian'Moon Rovers' left various things behind on the visits to the moon - including reflectors. These are now being used to bounce laser beams at them in order to measure the distance between the moon and earth and if it varies. According to the results, it may well do. Whether this is a pecularity of the orbit of the Moon or something else is the nub of the debate.

11 Feb 2014
Dark matter might not exist!

Welkl, we've had Hawking's 'Black Hole that don't exist' - go to ... which involves Hongcheng Zhae of St Andrews University, and a team of astronomers at Scotland's best. They have come up with a hypothesis that thinks the Milky Way galaxy might have collided with the Andromeda galaxy 10 billion years ago. This implies our understanding of gravity is flawed. Zhao wonders if an unknown force is acting on dark matter.

11 Feb 2014



11 Feb 2014
Footsteps in the Tide

At ... is a report on the discovery of human footprints at Happisburg in Norfolk, going back, it is believed, to 850,000 years ago.      Ther research was headed by Nick Ashton of the British Museum.

11 Feb 2014
Why is it raining so much?

This year has been very cold in N America and very mild in parts of Europe. In Britain and Ireland we have had persistent and continuous rain, so much so the aquifers are so full they are overflowing, and rivers can't drain the water into the sea fast enough. Yes, the tragedy of all this is that all that water will end up in the Atlantic Ocean - not in a reservoir. There might be a drought in the summer.

10 Feb 2014
Floods and Quangos

At and we get a flavour of the argument - and its a perfect environmentalist driven train crash, but the politicos are squirming too - go to ... which is nice to see. However, what has been going on at the Levels is described by a local scientist - go to

9 Feb 2014
Smacking Mars

Space rock hit Mars on a regular basis. At ... we have a crater 100 feet in diameter at the centre of radial burst (see also which happened some time between July 2011 and May 2012 (see also