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26 Jan 2017
Ancient Ghana

At ... Ghana had gold and slaves. It therefore became a magnet and attracted merchants from the other side of the Sahara. Whether this included traders in the Roman period or not it unclear but it certainly did in the Islamic ascendancy between the 6th and 13th centuries AD. As such, Ghana was keyed into a massive trade network from China and Indonesia to Spain, a network of trade routes.

25 Jan 2017

In World Current Archaeology 81 (February 2017) ( ), the News section, there is half a page on smallpox - when did the virus reach Europe. It seems that it may not have made the leap from animal to human that long ago. According to previous studies on ancient disease it has been assumed smallpox has been around for a long time - and entered Europe in the Roman period as a result of contact with more exotic climes. It is even thought Ramses V of dynasty 20 died from smallpox towards the end of the Late Bronze age in Egypt.

25 Jan 2017
Earth's Magnetic Field

This link was sent in by a member of SIS - .... which concerns a New Scientist piece by Marcus Woo on the magnetic field. It is useful as it illustrates how some people may reinterpret what other people say - and no doubt I do this all the time as well. What Woo appears to do is point out anomalies concerning earth's magnetic field - and most science journalists would not bother to mention anomalies so Woo is to be congratulated.

25 Jan 2017
Aborigines in Australia

In the same issue of World Current Archaeology 81 we learn that at the Warrutyi rock shelter 55km north of Adelaide, in the Flinders Ranges, a local Aboriginal elder and a researcher from La Trobe University, when surveying a remote gorge peered into the shelter and noticed it had a fire blackened roof. This was the sort of site they were interested in as it suggested a long period of time with endless camp fires.

25 Jan 2017
Lopsided Heads

Some upside down thinking at Scientific American - the result of a CAGW driven editorial agenda. Why is China dominating the global manufacture of solar panels? See ... which concludes the Chinese are good guys and are coming round to the CAGW point of view - in spite of the fact they are still building large numbers of coal fired power stations. It all sounds a bit like their adherence to the ozone hole a few years ago.

25 Jan 2017

At ... apparently the Pueblo people of the American SW used geometry in the design of their pueblos. Not only that they used a standard unit of measurement, around 30cm in length (very close to a modern foot). How times change. Back in the 1980s Alexander Thom was ridiculed for claiming the stone circle builders used a standard unit of measurement that he called the Megalithic Yard. He was also laughed at for suggesting they also used geometry to produce ovoid circles.

25 Jan 2017
Bombarded Earth

Worlds in Collision is becoming quite a popular theme in modelling circles. Gary sent in the links below. At ... a massive bombardment event occurred 4 billion years ago and this involved disintegrating failed planets smashing into each other and causing debris to fly around the solar system.

25 Jan 2017
Creation Science

Creation Science has a bright future according to Dr Wile - go to ... and the link concerns a recent panel event where a team of creation scientists took questions from a large audience, said to include scientists with some probing questions. One of his fellow panellists was John Sanford, a geneticist, the inventor of the 'gene gun' (a device to introduce DNA from one organism into another organism).

22 Jan 2017
Sex and Plants

I suppose this should come under biology but it is also interesting in the way science works and how it is influenced by cultural bias. Apparently the claim is that sex in plants was ignored by whoever the great and the good might have been in the period from the Palaeolithic to the 19th century AD. What they are talking about is plant breeding. Do they claim improvements, in shall we say sweetcorn, were due to chance rather than purposeful human activity.The story is at ...

22 Jan 2017
Vitrified Forts

Although there are plenty of examples of vitrified hill forts on the continent this offering is concerned solely with Scotland. They have periodically been of interest to neo-catastrophists on the basis there is a small chance they may have been vitrified as a result of fire from the sky (whatever that may entail). None of these forays have proved worth pursuing as C14 dates for vitrified forts tend to be all over the place (especially in the first few centuries AD). One can hardly advocate multiple atmospheric air blasts in a well recorded period of history.