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2 Mar 2016
writhing innards

Writhing innards, as in wiggly things like nematoid worms and squidgy life forms such as bacteria. At ... we learn a mile to two miles below the surface of our planet life is teeming with diverse creatures. Geomicrobiologists have been exploring the ground under our feet - looking at rocks and strata that go back even earlier than the Jurassic. Bacteria are still living in them. Deep life has been found all over the world under a variety of conditions.

2 Mar 2016
Jurassic Argentina

At ... Palaeontologists in Argentina have announced the discovery of a major Jurassic fossil bed in Patagonia - four years after it was first discovered. The site spans 60,000 square km and has an amazing diversity of fossils. Most of them were recently exposed by erosion and can be picked up from the surface (which is why scientists were loathe to make a public announcement). The Jurassic landscape is laid bare, it is claimed, one of thermal waters, lakes and streams with plants etc.

29 Feb 2016
Aborigine genes

At ... a gene sequence of Aboriginal men show they are all descendants of distant ancestors that reached Australia in the remote past. The figure being bandied about is 50,000 years ago, a number whisked out of the hat as it complies, it would seem, with maintream thinking. The research is published in Current Biology Feb 2016 and is confined to Y chromosomes only - and to be fully acceptable the genetic evidence will have to be extended to other genetic avenues, such as mitochondrial DNA.

29 Feb 2016
Extraterrestrial Sands

Gary Gilligan has a new book, 'Extraterrestrial Sands' which is available via Amazon. Quartz sand is anywhere and everywhere imaginable on the surface of the Earth. Sand can be found on deserts like the Sahara, Arabian and Gobi deserts, and the Kalahari, Atacama and Australian deserts - but where does it all come from? The consensus opinion is that it formed over millions and millions of years through erosion of rocks. However, the Sahara and Arabia were green until five thousand years ago - even wet until 8000 years ago.

28 Feb 2016

At ... the largest meteor to enter the atmosphere during the last 2 years, since Chelyabinsk, occurred over the South Atlantic Ocean on February 6th.

28 Feb 2016
Venus figurines

At ... a collection of prehistoric Venus figurines are in facvt a fashion show of ordinary people of all ages from 20,000 years ago, new research suggests. This is an even better explanation. The glib reference to a Venus goddess was simply too easy to make - as many of the features cannot now be seen by normal eyesight. Examining them under a microscope revealed some were male, others were of children, all carved on the tusks of woolly mammoths.

28 Feb 2016
woven things

At ... a Roman tavern has been unearthed in southern France. At ... a complete wooden wheel has being dug out of the mud at Must Farm, a working quarry in Cambridgeshire, and at ...

27 Feb 2016
mainstream catastrophism

Seems like mainstream catastrophism is getting closer and closer to the age of human kind. At ... we have 'multiple cosmic impacts' at 790,000 years ago - and the consequences were 'dire' we are told. At a localised level there were earthquakes and fires taking place over hundreds of kilmeters - and tsuname waves caused by some of the objects landing in the seas. Dust and gases were ejected into the atmopshere blocking out sunlight and lowering surface temperatures.

27 Feb 2016
swimming dinosaurs

The idea of swimming dinosaurs has become popular recently, an idea deriving from footprints left behind which tend to show just the front or rear footfalls but not both front and rear at the same time. Various sets of footprints, after the initial claim, have been added to the accumulating idea that dinosaurs could swim or wade, but just what kind of environment is envisaged during the Jurassic. In the UK, if you go by geological theory, half the country was underwater with numerous sand bars and estuarine locations, in a climate very close to that of modern Florida.

25 Feb 2016
getting round a problem

At ... getting round the problem of a gamma ray burst being detected at the same time as the hypothetical merger of two black hole has not vexed mainstream for too long - just a couple of days it would seem. We now have a black hole swalling a massive star - and spitting out a gamma ray burst.

At .... we have a little history of 'globular clusters' - don't know what they are then read the link. The role of Charles Messier is interesting.