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4 May 2014
Nitric acid rain

Joanne P Ballard, University of Tennesee, and Dick Mol of the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam, and Andres Bijkerk, a Dutch independent researcher, have written a paper, 'The Tell Tale Tusk; acid rain and the onset of the Younger Dryas' ... and it seems a Siberian mammoth tusk exhibits dissolution on the tusk (as a result of exposure to the atmosphere). They suggest nitric acid rain was responsible - as a result of an extraterrestrial event.

4 May 2014

At ... in downtown Alexandria (not under the sea). The monument was sealed off, it is though, in the 3rd or 4th centuries AD, as a result of Christian repression of paganism.

4 May 2014
Doggerland is in the news again

At ... it seems some fresh evidence has emerged on Doggerland, concerning its demise. A huge tsunami wave 8200 years ago generated by a catastrophic underwater collapse of the Storegga Shelf (off the coast of Norway) caused problems by overwhelming Mesolithic settlements along the eastern coast of Scotland and northern England, as well as anyone living in Doggerland itself. However, this giant wave is then said to have gone on to drown a large part of the North Sea basin - which has remained submerged ever since.

2 May 2014
A solar storm on video

Watch a video of a solar storm at ... such power.

1 May 2014
Official - it's a belief system!

Like most of the population In the News has got a bit bored with Climate Change. Most everybody now realises it is all a load of codswallop and is really all about making some people rich at the expense of the less well off. However, for anyone with the stomach for this subject go to ... where he makes a strong case that CAGW is indeed a belief system and has nothing whatsoever to do with science.

1 May 2014
Some Greenland Anomalies

At ... Tim Cullen raises some anomalies on Greenland and as always is thought provoking and perplexing at the same time. In this post it is raised beaches - and the official consensus explanation for these oddities of geology. He begins by quoting an old edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (the one with all the paper volumes and the stiff covers that were sold by door to door salesmen). This reaches the conclusion the whole of Greenland has been raised out of the sea - or sea levels have declined - in post glacial times.

1 May 2014
Rhodes Fairbridge and Sun Spot Minima and Maxima

At ... we have an interesting article by the redoubtable Rhodes Fairbridge, written when he was about 80 years of age. It was published in '21st Century Science and Technology' magazine and impacts directly on terrestrial climate and the current craze of some people to warn that we are descending into a Little Ice Age as sun spots seem to be in decline.

1 May 2014
More Greenland Anomalies

At ... in his first post he suggested Greenland bedrock has tilted uniformly but is fractured at some point. This is further indicated as in the south of Greenland sea levels are rising - drowning Inuit ruins of Late Holocene age.

1 May 2014
A model of gravitation

At ... Raghu Singh has developed a gravity theory which accounts for gravitational radiation. The full paper is available at ... gravitational radiation accelerates a mass but does this mean the Sun is pushing the planets around their orbits as Kepler is said to have suggested. Is the Sun emitting gravitational radiation?

1 May 2014
Jesus had a wife?

Well, according to research on a papyrus scroll, he did - but you might be a bit sceptical so go to ... the scroll is just 3 inches wide but is said to be jam packed with dense text. However, it is significantly damaged but in spite of that has become known as the Gospel of Jesus's Wife - but is so small one is left wondering if this is mostly just hot air. In the Coptic text Jesus is said to refer to his wife.