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13 Apr 2016
Green Money Tree

At ... we learn the World Bank intends to increase funding for renewable energy projects - in developing countries. Should people over there start getting worried?

11 Apr 2016
What a Whopper

   At - April 11th ... The solar minimum is looking less likely with the emergence of a big sun spot, doubling in size over the weekend.

11 Apr 2016
Different interpretations

I was struck by how different people interpret the same image after reading the latest offering from ... Michael Armstrong sees the gods of old as planetary in origin. Others might see them differently. When it comes to colours such as blue and black he thinks in terms of Saturn expelling dust as dark as soot. He then informs his readers that Kala was one of the names applied to Saturn - a planet. Rather than black Kala was actually dark blue in hue, he tells us. The same colour was associated with Shiva.

10 Apr 2016
Earth Wobbles

At ... and at ... which in The Independent newspaper becomes a headline about global warming responsible for causing the spin axis of the earth to wobble (and no wonder that newspaper is not a viable business any longer and is ceasing a print edition).

10 Apr 2016
Easter Island

The environmental wonder boy and mischief maker Jared Diamond, author of The Third Chimpanzee, 'Guns Germs and Steel' and 'Collapse: How societies choose to fail or survive' etc, books that caught the imagination of the Progressives and the Green Blob, turning them into best sellers, also managed to cause a lot of angst amongst a lot of people and various attempts have been made by historical based researchers to refute what he said - that the people of Easter Island soiled their own nest.

10 Apr 2016
Star Maps

A fascinating article from The Conversation but regurgitated at ... Aborigines used the stars to compose a series of 'way points' (usually water-holes or turning places) as a memory aid to journey across the Outback. The teaching and memorising was by song - song lines. These are more readily learnt, to heart. Some of the routes were for hundreds of miles - one example is from Alice Springs to Quilpie in Queensland. These might be where different Aboriginal tribes met for joint ceremonies or to exchange trade items.

10 Apr 2016

Staying with Australia, at ... which is another effort to understand the origin of the dingo, a dog that some people see as bearing similarities with Indian village dogs, and others trace only to south east Asia. Its appearance in Australia is dated to around 5000 years ago - and assumes new migrants arrived at that time (but from where).

10 Apr 2016
Restless Comet

At ... ESAs Rosetta spacecraft beamed back data from the atmosphere, or coma of Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko with evidence of a crystalline form of ice known as clathrates - see the April issue of Science Advances  journal. The mystery is that if the comet is composed of building blocks of crystalline ices and clathrates the comet must have conglomerated near the Sun - in the proto solar nebula. Water clathrates contain gas molecules - volatiles locked inside.

10 Apr 2016
Life in Space

At ... an interesting discovery. Ribose and related sugar molecules, the backbone of RNA, or ribonucleic acids, which are important in the coding of genetic information from before the emergence of DNA, is found in comets and asteroids. It may actually be abundant in the universe at large. As such, life beyond the confines of the Earth must be feasible.

10 Apr 2016
Tree rings and C14

At ... purports to show that C14 dates prior to 600AD are unreliable as a result of a cosmci event. The detail is missing and one is referred to various earlier posts on revising AD chronology he has made. It would be extremely interesting if C4 diverged from the tree ring graph - even if it was not to the extent he envisages. Somebody else might like to explore the issue.