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10 Jul 2015
putting the cat to bed

In this instance, the cat as in catastrophism - sky fairies and all that. We are back to 536AD and the sky darkening across Europe (and elsewhere) as a thick dust cloud rolled in and stayed overhead for some 18 months. Procopius said the Sun shone as dimly as the Moon (which is very low energy) which caused summer frosts and summer snow falls. Crops and fruit failed to ripen. Three years later a similar dust veil blocked out sunlight several months and famine presaged the Great Plague of Justinian which is said to have wiped out a third of the population in parts of Europe.

9 Jul 2015
is subduction real

Earthquake research came up with subduction to account for tectonic activity in some regions of the planet. However, it very quickly became a boon for the developing Plate Tectonics Theory (in the mid 20th century). It appeared to make sense, allied to the idea of sea floor spreading (an adaptation of continental drift). In spite of the beauty of the match there has always been problems - from the first hatchings of Plate Tectonics. Mainstream tended to ignore the mismatches, and the anomalies, thinking it was just a lack of data.

8 Jul 2015
naughty, naughty

Climate alarmism is very political. It can also be quite amusing. At .... and ... by token of the law of unintended consequences.

8 Jul 2015
gobblers in the heavens

At ... NASAs Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array

8 Jul 2015
comet bacteria

At .. comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko is being studied in detail by the ESA Rosetta spacecraft and the Philae Lander. Lots of vested interests are involved - not least the Electric Universe theory. However, the Wickramasinghe and Hoyle theory of life from outer space (bacteria riding on comets and meteorites) is also up for confirmation - or denial.

8 Jul 2015
big elephants

During the Pleistocene Ice Ages some mammal species had a large than life form. Cave bears were large in comparison to modern bears and giant elks roamed the temperate regions. We also had giant sloths, giant cats and beavers, and giant elephants. These were the mammoths.

7 Jul 2015
expanding universe

At ... begins, 'we know that our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate ... but what causes this growth remains a mystery' and the piece then goes on to suggest dark energy is responsible.

5 Jul 2015
Toronto Conference

A Toronto conference is in the offing for next year - May 16th-19th, 2016. It has the title, Celestial Crisis and the Human Record and one of the main speakers will be Irving Wolfe (well known to SIS members). He is in the process of getting a book published which will be one aspect of his talk. At ... we are told SIS members Andrew Fitt and Frank Wallace will be organising the event and the main thrust is evidence of catastrophism encoded in narrative arts (which is Irving Wolfe's speciality).

5 Jul 2015
Holes in Comets

Latest Rosetta news is from an article in Nature (July 2nd, 2015) - see ... where we are told there are sink holes on comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, almost circular pits. The surface of the comet is undergoing rapid structural change, it seems, and the theory (expressed in the Nature paper), is they form when ice beneath the surface sublimates (or turns directly into gases).

5 Jul 2015
Cosmic Lightning

I'm not referring to space lightning - or electrical phenomena in far away galaxies, but the normal earth system kind of lightning, of the everyday everywhere thunderstorm. According to a new model of its behaviour lightning has a cosmic trigger - go to ...