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12 Apr 2019
Black Hole Image

At ... we are told that after years of observation and data analysis an international team of astronomers have capture images of a massive black hole - see below. Actually, it is the event horizon that can be seen, marking the boundary between normal space and the unknowable interior (of the black hole). The encircling ring of light is made up of photons from accelerated particles of gas and dust being pulled towards and around the event horizon. The image closely matches theory.

2 Apr 2019
Meteor over Florida

William sent this one in. As we await the pubication of the Tall el-Hammam destruction event we might get some idea of what it might have entailed by going to ... from Tallahassee in Florida - in fact, from a backyard. The sky suddenly lit up as if someone had flicked a switch on floodlights. A blueish green flash lit the sky up almost like daylight - lasting for a few short seconds.

2 Apr 2019
Bone Bed Dakota

The K/T boundary vent is back in the news - see ... in the aptly named Hell Creek formation in North Dakota we have a bone bed laid down by a giant wave - or waves. There is a certain amount of scepticism abroad amongst other geologists and paleontologists - but is that sour grapes. Or is it all just too neat.

2 Apr 2019
Cassini Latest

At ... a few days ago (see also ... and ...). NASAs Cassini mission has found Saturn's rings coat tiny moons - or rather, five small moons nestled in and near the rings, with material. The surface of these moons are covered with material originating from the rings.

At ... rivers on Mars. Possibly until fairly recent times.

2 Apr 2019
Bugs in the Air

At ... bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air, globally. Press release from Rutgers University on a study published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B - which shows that rather than bacteria hitching a ride on people and animals they are able to travel through the air (includes viruses). In this instance they are talking about bacteria with anti-biotic resistant genes.

29 Mar 2019
Soft Tissue Fossils

Robert sent in the link to ... which provides the Creationsit view of the latest discoveries. As expected they look sceptically at uniformitarian interpretations which is useful from a catastrophist point of view. After four years of research at the Chinese trove the first images are reproduced by Science magazine ...

28 Mar 2019
Strange Behaviour

Strange in the sense that asteroids are not thought to be active - even if that activity is like a sleeping man periodically letting out a wheeze. At ... NASAs OSIRIS Rex spacecraft, studying the asteroid Bennu by orbiting it (since last December) has sent back some interesting data. There have been a number of 'ejection events' we are told, in which rocky streams of debris can be seen spinning into space.

28 Mar 2019
What Happened Before Big Bang

At ... what before Big Bang is the title of this piece. The idea is to test inflation of the universe theory after Avi Loeb and others at Harvard and the Smithsonian raised concerns, saying inflation of the universe seemingly has endless adaptability that makes it impossible to test. Falsifiability is supposed to be the mark of a good scientific theory but inflation is such a flexible ideda it cannot be falsified in experiments. No matter what value people measure for some observable attribute there is always an inflation model to explain it.

28 Mar 2019
Giant Tunnels

At ... strange smooth walled tunnels cutting into rock faces in Brazil and Argentina have long been a puzzle to locals. You can even stand up in some of them. It was thought they were formed by water dissolving rock - but this is contradicted as the walls show they were made by something with very big claws (below) ...

28 Mar 2019
Alaskan Tunnel

Keeping to the theme of tunnels, William forwarded a link but see ... a frozen tunnel in central Alaska was dug out by the US Army Corp of Engineers in the 1960s. It is 360 feet long and 6 to 8 feet hight and 15 feet wide. It is rich with frozen animal and plant remains, fossils of all kinds, and layers of fronzen silt, sand, and of course, bedrock. It is as if the Army had dug up some aspects of Velikovsky's 'Earth in Upheaval' - tunnelling into the Alaskan muck.