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1 Dec 2018
Radio Bursts

One of the most baffling puzzles of astrophysics are radio bursts. They are extremely bright flashes of light with radio wavelengths - but last just milliseconds. See ... where it is revealed that scientists know very little about them. Dozens of theories have been proposed but none are set in stone, it would seem, but you would not know this without being told. What they are going to do is create a catalogue of the versions and then mark them up by the pros and cons. Other scientists are able to weigh in on the subject.

29 Nov 2018
Emerald Comet

The comet that was supposed to make a show in November and December has taken a back seat, possibly forgotten as a new comet on the blocks is showing off in the sky right now, Comet Wirtanen. It is situated just below the orbit of the Earth but it is set to make a spectacular entrance in the next few weeks. Go to (29th November 2018). It is hyperactive at the moment, in a way that belies its actual small size. ...

29 Nov 2018
Cranial modification

At ... did the bizarre practice of cranial deformation derive from observations of an elongated celestial body. Artificial cranial modification, head flattening and head binding, leads to some peculiar shapes of the skull ...

29 Nov 2018
Dong Choi

New Concepts in Global Tectonics journal (of September 2018, volume 6, number 3). See and and straightaway we learn the editor is dead. Dr Dong Choi suffered heart failure and Louis Hissink has replaced him. He begins, editorial policy will remain the same, as before ... etc. The journal will continue its policy of political incorrect news, since all scientific theories are provisional and subject to change when new data or observation occurs, rednering the previous scientific explanation obsolete.

26 Nov 2018
Meteor Blast over Sodom

At .. this is the expected paper promised by SIS member Phil Silvia - just read out at a conference (and already making waves). The Biblical tale of Sodom has intrigued people for generations. Silvia and Collins enlisted some members of the Younger Dryas boundary event team including our friend George Howard of ...

25 Nov 2018
Water and Plates

Robert sent in this link to ... which is derived from an article at ... which according to Robert has it the wrong way around. It is not the earth swallowing water but the earth disgorging water (or that is what another study claimed a couple of weeks ago, posted here on In the News).

25 Nov 2018
Magnetotail Explosions

Robert also sent in this link to the discovery of explosions in Earth's magnetic tail - buffetted by a stream of solar wind (but see earlier post at ). Go to ... which is derived from ... and the claim is that this is evidence of magnetic reconnection events. Robert says that what is really happening is that double layers are accelerating electrons (electron jets) etc.

24 Nov 2018
African Big Boys

The big boys in this story are mega-herbivores - and the animals that preyed on them, the sabre toothed cats. Why did they become extinct. At ... we are told human hunters are usually blamed for such disappearances of animal species over the last few million years or so. This always revolves around the big boys of the African fauna - and the little boys are ignored (even when they become extinct just as mysteriously). Says it all I suppose.

24 Nov 2018
Sentinel Island

A fascinating tale from the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal (between India and SE Asia). The story came about after the killing by islanders on one of these outliers (30 miles from Thailand) of an American student on a mission to make contact with them. Clearly they are opposed to contact with the outside world and over the last few hundred years they have managed to keep the outside world at bay - see ...

24 Nov 2018
Musical Wave

At 23rd November 2018 ... musical waves in Earth's magnetic field (see also ...  our quiet Sun produces musical waves in Earth's magnetic field. A space weather observatory in Norway (above the Arctic Circle) has this week detected sine waves of exceptional purity rippling through Earth's polar magnetic field. For some reason the comments at the second link are not exactly impressed - but you can't please everyone.