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20 Aug 2018
Wandering Stars

At ... Aboriginal tradition describes the complex motion of the planets, the wandering stars of the sky. This may sould a bit like Robert Temple and his 'Sirius Mystery' but no - this is serious science (projected out of Aboriginal myth). The Greeks called the planets 'anteres planetai' (wandering stars) as they wander across the sky relative to the fixed stars. Now we have some new research that says Aboriginals had a much earlier tradition of the moving planets.

20 Aug 2018
Yosemite Granites

This comes from ... Yosemite granite tells a different story about Earth's geological history, is the blurb. What do they mean? Granites in Yosemite National Park contain minerals that crystalised at a much lower temperature than previously thought possible. Apparently, this upends our understanding of how granites form - which seems very important (but is it?). Granites are igneous rocks - mainly quartz and feldspar. They are the link between igneous processes within the Earth and volcanic rocks that solidified at the surface.

20 Aug 2018
Radio Flash, Dark Energy

At ... a new telescope in South Africa, the HIRAX, has two goals. One is to study the evolution of dark energy by tracking neutral hydrogen gas in galaxies. The second goal is to detect and locate mysterious radio flashes known as fast radio bursts.

19 Aug 2018

We have further evidence of upheaval and climate change around 6200BC. The world suddenly cooled leading to a period of drier summers (and presumably colder winters) across much of the northern hemisphere. Early farming communities must have been impacted, we are told, but nothing was known about how they coped with change. The conditions were very much like a short dryas episode - lasting 200+ years. Hence, scientists decided to try and find out by looking at the ruins of the city of Catalhoyuk in central Turkey.

19 Aug 2018
Mini Mammoths

Sent in by Robert - two posts at the Daily Mail online site - ... and ... to which Robert comments, 'new pterodactyl and mini mammoth found. Interestingly, both are at sites of 'mass kill' events ....'.

19 Aug 2018
Dating Thera Eruption

At ... courtesy of the University of Arizona (dendrochronology unit). An attempt has been made to resolve discrepancies between archaeological and radiocarbon methods of dating the eruption of the Thera volcano by tying up in knots the timeline of ancient Egypt, Crete, Greece, Turkey and the Levant.

18 Aug 2018

Sent in by Robert. An interesting post at ... yes, one amino acid gone awry can cause vertigo. How does this happen? It is down to chirality - how life ended up with one handed (chiral) building blocks such as amino acids and sugars, when both are just as likely to form by the laws of physics. The author claims it is an unsolved mystery in the study of life sciences - because proteins cannot work without 100 per cent one handed. Electricity may of course play an undefined role.

18 Aug 2018
Laziness Extinction

From the edge of credulity comes this offering - laziness helped lead to the extinction of Homo erectus (see ... or is this a bad press release. Researchers at the Australian National University claim Homo erectus went extinct, in part, out of laziness. This is based on archaeological findings from the Early Stone Age. Basically, the claim is they failed to advance tool techniques - which remained pretty basic. In fact, it is mainly random stones that represent all we know of Homo erectus culture.

18 Aug 2018
K/T boundary event again

This subject was sent in by several people including Jovan and William but Robert has gone straight to the source of the sauce in an article at ... the controversy over the K/T boundary event in which both sides have had an acrimonious relationship since the Alvarez theory was adopted as mainstream science. That is the gist of the article - but is there a political angle the magazine is trying to push? As I don't read The Atlantic I have no idea.

18 Aug 2018
Water vapour and ice crystals

At ... a strange event - earth's upper atmosphere is creating glowing clouds.