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15 Oct 2017
climate goings on

It is often depressing to read CAGW stuff but you are rarely far away from it especially in the media with its constant thump thump of doom and gloom, even when there is something positive to address. An example of the doom and gloom spreading more doomery can be found at -- which is Dr Tim Ball getting despondent about some upcoming lawsuits intended to shut him up and nobble the sceptical majority.

13 Oct 2017
Elbe Estuary

At ... apparently, mainstream hasn't been looking or thinking of Romans ensconced in the wetlands around the mouth of the Elbe River so it has been somewhat of a surprise to find a settlement there, from the Roman period right up to around 1000AD. At the latter date the site was abandoned - did it have anything to do with the tsunami wave that ran up the English Channel in 1014AD?

13 Oct 2017
Worse then Ponzi

Move over Ponzi - forget about Bernard Madoff. Ignore the Enron scam, and sniff at mortgage debt leading to bank collapse, one Judith Sloan thinks the Renewables Energy schemes adopted by politicos in Australia and Europe are worse than all of them - go to

13 Oct 2017
Sea Peoples

At ... and at the link sent in by Gary, ... and also in the current issue of Popular Archaeology, we have a story about a 29m long slab of rock with a Luwian hieroglyphic inscription that is said to describe some of the events taking place at the end of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean ...

13 Oct 2017
Sand on Mars

The origin of sand on earth has intrigued Gary Gilligan for a number of years. He sent in the link ... but see also ... an image from NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows one place where sand grains are potentially being produced on Mars - right now. Note the word potential - scientists are looking for the source of sand dunes on Mars and for the moment have tuned their sights on this depression ...

13 Oct 2017
Sacred Kings

Gary also sent in this link to an article in Aeon - go to ... which he thought might be a throwback to his God King scenario. The idea of sacred kings is very old - but s till in practise according to Alan Strathern, in Thailand for example. It's an interesting read and sums up the concept of the Divinity of the King (and Queen) as intermediaries between the human world and the world of the gods (in the heavens). Sacred kings therefore have god like attributes - and god like authority.

13 Oct 2017

Some photos of budgerigars at a water hole just outside Alice Springs in Australia. Something different. Go to ....


12 Oct 2017
Rice cultivation

Rice was grown 11,000 years ago along the Yangtze River in China (at the very start of the Holocene) and 2000 years ago in West Africa. Presumably different strains or varieties of rice. Now, University of Exeter scientists in collaboration with Brazilian scientists, have found evidence of domesticated rice being grown in the vast wetlands of the Guapore River in the Amazon basin, 4000 years ago. This implie rice was developed in three separate geographical locations, at widely different times.

12 Oct 2017
Sungir Homo sapiens

At ... a reconstruction of the faces of the Sungir people who lived in central Russia some 30,000 years ago, has been done (see image below). They have created a virtual reality 3D animation that is said to bring them to life ...

12 Oct 2017
Dinosaur Soft Tissue

At ... Dinosaur blood - new research urges caution regarding fossilised soft tissue. It seems that previous claims showing the preservation of keratic protein in dinosaur fossils are likely to be false. Note the word likely. Electron microscopy was used after widely publicised claims of dinosaur blood in fossil bones were shown in the research to be 'likely'  untrue.