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16 Oct 2018
Galactic Panspermia

At ... looks like at least one country, Japan, is prepared to seriously consider a connection between the solar wind/ earth's magnetic field connection to earthquakes - using the magnetic field to detect future natural disasters (and in memory of the recent tsunami wave that caused the deaths of so many people).

At ... giant planets around young stars raise question about how planets form, we are informed - but are those questions just that. Something to ruminate about or something to explain.

14 Oct 2018
Meteor Flux

At, October 14th 2018, we learn that a burst of meteors seen over Europe was just the edge of a much bigger stream of cometary dust following in the track of the passage of a comet. The Draconids, they seem to appear out of the constellation of Draco, on October 8th and 9th, were just a shadow of their self as it could easily have been ten times more impressive. Earth seems to have narrowly avoided what could have been a storm of meteors as the orbit of the earth dissected the the debris track - seeming to nudge through a very light gap in the meteor trail.

14 Oct 2018
IPCC Report Again

At ... is a guest essay by Barry Brill. We are told that between 2032 and 2050 there will be species extinctions, weather extremes, and food shortages etc (more of the same old CAGW doom mongering). The good news is we have another twelve years before the crunch. In other words, the disciples of CAGW have pushed back the date - after their previous dates for the end of the world proved to be too optimistic (having passed by without incident).

13 Oct 2018
IPCC Report, cost

At ... the 2018 IPCC Report lacks cost analysis according to Bjorn Lomborg. He says the costs involved are not worth it - a theme he has repeated endlessly for several years.

13 Oct 2018
Cosmological Lithium Problem

Apparently, there is a cosmological lithium problem - see .... and it is one of the unresolved issues of the Big Bang theory. Nuclear reactions responsible fro the creation and destruction of atomic nuclei during Big Bang are crucial in determining the primordial abundance of lithium, the third chemical element formed during the very early phase of the universe. The standard model predicts an abundance of lithium - four times the amount that has actually been observed.

8 Oct 2018
Neanderthal Glue

At ... experiment reveals the secret behind Neanderthal glue. Most human societies used glue in one form or another to fix bone and stone to shafts of wood - in combination with other measures such as joints and bindings. In Europe the Neanderthals occupied a large part of prehistory - deep into Middle Pleistocene. They became extinct, for unknown reasons, around 40,000 years ago.

8 Oct 2018
CAGW data riddled with errors

Not much to say about this one as it will be ignored by the great and the good, our masters. At ... John McLean, PhD, has produced a detailed audit that shows surface temperature datas is unfit for purpose (in the words of Anthony). This mostly concerns HadCRUT4 data sets from the Univeristy of East Anglia climate centre in Norwich. This report supports some of the sceptic arguments from over the years on data manipulation.

7 Oct 2018
Voyager 2

At ... the Voyager 2 spacecraft probe has detected an increase in cosmic rays that originate outside our solar system - which suggests it is fast approaching interstellar space. Since 2007 it has been travelling through the outer layers of the heliosphere. Voyager 1 is already in interstellar space it is thought. It is unclear if the general lack of solar activity has caused the heliosheaf to retract (as we in between two solar cycles).

7 Oct 2018
Cassini Final Descent

At ... results from Cassini's final mission phase show protons of extreme energies between the planet and its rings. A series of 6 article in the journal Science (5th October 2018) describe the initial results and thoughts - by a vareity of authors.

7 Oct 2018

At ... we have an article on the decline of the puffins. In a nutshell we have a fine example of how alarmism works. It constructs a narrative that is based on doom and gloom - an entirely false case that can easily be refuted (but which the media are loathe to do for reasons only they understand). This is achieved by being economical with the truth - or in this case with actual reality.