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22 Aug 2018
Up in Galilee

Waves of migration from Anatolia and the Zagros Mountains (modern Turkey and Iran) entered the Levant during the early Chalcolithic period - as proved by skeleton DNA of burials in Upper Galilee. The Chalcolithic began between 6 and 7,000 years ago. The Chalcolithic marks a change in culture in the Levant (and in various other localities too). The press release is at

22 Aug 2018
Michigan Meteor

Sent in by Jovan. At ... which concerns the meteor seen over Detroit back in January of this year. Its explosion and disintegration was captured by infrasonic microphones and seismometers. In the journal, Seismological Research Letters a team from Scripps were able to pinpoint the time, location and the height of the bolide when it disintegrated. About 2000 meteors of this size or larger pass through Earth's atmosphere each year.

21 Aug 2018
STEVE not an Aurora

At (Tuesday 21st August 2018) ... the solar wind has sparked auroral storms in the Arctic Circle. It is flowing from a wide coronal hole on the face of the Sun ...

21 Aug 2018
Discovering Sodom

The book, 'Discovering the City of Sodom' is now listed as a number 1 best seller on Amazon. The author's are Steve Collins and Latayne C Scott. It is published by Howard Books ( a subdivision of Simon and Schuster) : 2013. I purchased my copy a couple of years ago and was impressed by the claims made in it - more or less blowing away the idea Babh ed-Dhra could have been Sodom. The Kikkar region is full of ruin mounds - much like most of the Near East. It is the roundish plain where the river Jordan meets the Dead Sea (in a delta formation).

20 Aug 2018
Elve Giant

At (Sunday 19th August 2018) - a giant elve over Russia. High above a thunderstorm in central Russia an enormous ring of light appeared in the night sky - caught on camera by Ilya Jonkowsky. Elves appear when a pulse of electro magnetic radiation from cloud to ground lightning propagates upwards towards the base of the ionosphere.


20 Aug 2018
Stellar Fly By

This one caught my attention as it is reminiscent of the recent talk by Rupert Holms (see home page of web site). At ... which has the addititional benefit of a few comments.  Could a rogue star passing our solar system disturb the outer ranks beyond Neptune. Oldbrew comments, 'Why does the Kuiper Belt suddenly end? The Kuiper Belt is a huge region of the solar system forming a ring around the Sun just beyond the orbit of Neptune.

20 Aug 2018
Oort Clouds

At https://phys.o9rg/print453635544.html ... Oort clouds around other stars should be visible in the cosmic microwave background. For decades astronomers have theorised beyond the edge of the solar system there lies a massive cloud of icy planetisimals known as the Oort Cloud. This cloud, it is thought, is where long term comets originate - but to date no evidence has been provided to confirm its existence. One reason is that the Oort Cloud is difficult to observe - far away from the Sun and dispersed over a large area.

20 Aug 2018
Wandering Stars

At ... Aboriginal tradition describes the complex motion of the planets, the wandering stars of the sky. This may sould a bit like Robert Temple and his 'Sirius Mystery' but no - this is serious science (projected out of Aboriginal myth). The Greeks called the planets 'anteres planetai' (wandering stars) as they wander across the sky relative to the fixed stars. Now we have some new research that says Aboriginals had a much earlier tradition of the moving planets.

20 Aug 2018
Yosemite Granites

This comes from ... Yosemite granite tells a different story about Earth's geological history, is the blurb. What do they mean? Granites in Yosemite National Park contain minerals that crystalised at a much lower temperature than previously thought possible. Apparently, this upends our understanding of how granites form - which seems very important (but is it?). Granites are igneous rocks - mainly quartz and feldspar. They are the link between igneous processes within the Earth and volcanic rocks that solidified at the surface.

20 Aug 2018
Radio Flash, Dark Energy

At ... a new telescope in South Africa, the HIRAX, has two goals. One is to study the evolution of dark energy by tracking neutral hydrogen gas in galaxies. The second goal is to detect and locate mysterious radio flashes known as fast radio bursts.