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10 Aug 2018

At (August 6th, 2018) the annual Perseid meteor shower is under way. Each year the Earth passes through a stream of debris left behind by the passage of Comet Swift Tuttle. At its peak up to 100 meteors an hour are expected.

10 Aug 2018
Krakatau Big Bang

At ... a big earth quake can generate after shocks (or a succession of earthquakes in the same general location) - but it can also generate earthquakes on the opposite of the planet.

9 Aug 2018
Eta Carinae

Sent in by William - bizarre rogue planet discovered wandering in our galaxy - see ... a rogue planet without a star roaming the Milky Way just 20 light years away. A study published in the Astrophysical Journal claims it has an incredibly powerful magnetic field 4 million times more powerful than the magnetic field of the Earth. Further, it is able to generate powerful auroras - without the necessity of a sun to send forth plasma plumes.

9 Aug 2018
Tsunami Mass Burials

At ... mass burial sites in the Pacific, Mediterranean, and in Scotland were possibly related to catastrophic tsunami waves, according to research published in the Journal of Archeological Method and Theory. Tsunamis are not usually considered when archaeologists are confronted by large mass graves - even on the coast. That is the nature of the beast - catastrophism is generally out of bounds.

9 Aug 2018
Facts and Fictions

At ... a carbon leak may have warmed the planet beginning in around 11,000 years ago, encouraging human civilisation to develop. The oceans are the planet's liggest depository of atmospheric carbon dioxide - so how do you get to releases lots of co2 and warm the planet (assuming co2 actually has a warming effect in the first instance). Well, according to this study, activity in the Southern Ocean was responsible - pulling out of the hat a hoary old chestnut in respect of the ocean current circulation.

30 Jul 2018
Tall el-Hammam (TeHEP)

There is going to be a National Geographic documentary on Tall el-Hammam in October. One to look out for as astrophysicist Malcolm La Compte is also involved as well as members of a group that took part in LiDAR and multi spectral imaging, photogrammetry and magnetometry, on and around the site of Hammam. The prgramme will focus on the reality and the destruction of Sodom. None of this of course means Hammam is Sodom as there is a good argument to say the Biblical story is an allegory - a ploy to make a point.

30 Jul 2018
Sea Level Fall

At ... (25th July 2018)an analysis of ancient coral from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia reveals that global sea levels 'fell rapidly' at the end of the last glacial period. The Late (or Last) Glacial Maximum, is dated t its maximum extent between 26,500 and 19,000 years ago and is often thought to represent a prolonged period when glaciation was at its greatest extent. Apparently, this is contradicted by coral growth and retraction in eastern Australia (we are told).

30 Jul 2018
Black Holes a Bit Stringy

Like a runner bean left on the vine too long black holes are getting a bit stringy - go to ... black holes are really balls of string - or is it fluff. Black holes are NOT surrounded by a burning ring of fire after all, we are told, but are much more complex. Samir Mathur in the Journal of High Energy Physics invokes Stephen Hawkins and String Theory. What we might take from this is that the preferred version of black hole dynamics is a bit shaky - even in the eyes of fellow theorists.

26 Jul 2018
Where does all that dust on Mars come from?

At ... the dust that coats much of Mars come from a single thousand kilometre long geological formation near the Martian equator - or that is what has been deduced by researchers intrigued by the dust storm. What is further acknowledged is that global dust storms seem to engulf Mars around every 10 years or so.

26 Jul 2018
Shroud of Turin

In the true spirit of relics it would seem the Turin Shroud is a fake - go to ... which differs from the findings of a study last year which claimed to have found evidence of trauma in the victim. Apparently, this earlier study has now been retracted by PLOS One - due to concerns about the quality of the data as used by the researchers (which refers to the conclusions they leaped to).