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10 Jul 2016
Leaking Atmosphere

At ... the magnetosphere shields earth from the solar wind (or plasma injections) but at Earth's poles the field lines are open - like those of a bar magnet. Hence the solar wind is able to descend towards the earth's surface. However, just as particles can head downwards so too can particles ascend upwards - ions from the earth's atmosphere (the ionosphere). The question of plasma transport and atmospheric loss is relevant not just to planets we may note but to stars also.

9 Jul 2016
Behaving Oddly

At ... the Hubble space telescope has been keeping tabs on an asteroid that behaves like a comet. The odd behaviour has been tracked and it seems the asteroid is actually losing mass also, consistent with the theory of sublimation of near surface ice

At ... what we know about Jupiter. It's bright, it's big, it has a red spot, and it is the king of the planets. Also, Galileo discovered it had four moons - these are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. What will the Juno mission discover?

9 Jul 2016

At ... we have the beating heart of the Crab Nebula ...    the Hubble space telescope has peered deeply into the Crab Nebual and the NASA image is thought to show a pulsar, the remnants of a supernova explosion. Glowing gas is shown in red and forms a swirling dance while inside a blue glow is thought to represent radiation produced by electrons spiraling at near the speed of light.

9 Jul 2016
Closing In

Closing in is the term used in the link at ... but is it just too hopeful? Closing in on black holes, a theory now within an arms length of actual observation.

8 Jul 2016
Dinosaur Movements

Scientists at Leeds University used computer modelling of the fossil record to work out the movements of dinosaurs. They used a palaeobiology database to work out migration patterns and it seems in the early Cretaceous period they found evidence (declining fossil numbers and varieties) in Europe and the inference is they were moving out of Europe to elsewhere in the world.

8 Jul 2016
Plate Tectonics

At ... in 1966 J Tuzo Wilson published 'Did the Atlantic Close and Reopen?' in the journal Nature, introducing geologists to the idea continents and oceans are in constant motion across the surface of the Earth. This idea became known as Plate Tectonics - a sort of halfway house between the idea of continental drift as espoused by Alfred Wegener and the idea of rigid continents. It ws used to explain earthquakes and mountain building, a sort of all things for everyone, addressing a number of controversies in one fell swoop.

7 Jul 2016
Chinese Science

Rachel Nuwer in Scientific American (July 2016) 'Solar Sleuths' - ancient documents record the Sun's activities prior to when the scientific record existed. The latter is of course Western-centric and only goes back to the late 17th/ early 18th century, a pin prick of time. The Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, have been recording goings on in the heavenly dimension for much longer, and jotting them down in a meticulous manner. It was not of course done for the sake of science.

7 Jul 2016
God Kings

Gary Gilligan has updated his web site - see ... and you can also buy his book 'Extraterrestrial Sands' there online (and two other books he has written). Most scholars see the god like attributes of pharaohs as hyperbole attached to human figures or as humans presenting themselves as intermediaries between the gods and world below. Gary Gilligan on the other hand chooses to take the hyperbole literally and claims the wars of the pharaohs were actually wars of the gods in the sky above.

7 Jul 2016

Excellent post at ... and the maths behind fractals, the phenomenon of fractals in nature, and we might add, fractals in art. If you want to learn something more about the subject of fractals this might whet your appetite and encourage you to learn more. For example, the architect of the new Barcelona cathedral used fractals to achieve maximum light inside the building. Antoni Gaudi studied how plants grew, the patterns and fractals, and produced a masterpiece of architecture.

6 Jul 2016
Sun awakes

At (July 5th 2016) we are told, unlike Earth which has auroras in response to solar activity, Jupiter makes its own auroras, in part from the gaseous exhaust of Io's volcanoes. Are they about to learn differently? Be that as may but on the same day a magnetic canyon shaped hole has opened up in the atmosphere of the Sun. Suddenly it isn't so quiet. It stretches more than 700,000 km end to end, a coronal hole where magnetic fields are peeled back to allow plasma to escape. A plume or stream of plasma will reache the Earth on July 8th or 9th.