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27 Jun 2014
New fangled computer modelling and science

Apparently, the BBC have recently issued a response to a complaint by the Green lobby, complaining about an interview in which Lord Lawson allegedly led listeners astray. This is all part of the campaign to silence dissent on CAGW - as so much money is riding on the scam and it must continue if wallets are not to be depleted. The complaint appears to be that Lawson was unqualified to speak on the climate - even though he had written a best selling book on the subject.

25 Jun 2014
The lost army of Cambyses

At ... a new slant on that story famously told by Herodotus. Egyptologist Olaf Kapar has a theory that has a ring of truth about it. According to Herodotus a column of 50,000 soldiers belonging to the king of Persia entered the desert west of Thebes - and was never seen again. They were swallowed up in a sand storm. The key is in the destination of the army, the oasis of Dakla. This is where an Egyptian leader in rebellion against Persian control of his country had set up a base to harry the foreigners - and their cohorts.

25 Jun 2014
Dr Daniel Brown, Fabia Silvia.

Dr Daniel Brown of Nottingham Trent University is intending to bring archaeo-astronomy out from the shadows of the controversies engendered by Alexander Thom and an establishment unprepared for the fact that Neolithic people were not quite as rustic or backward as the orthodox consensus allowed in the late 20th century. A new generation of archaeologists are not quite the stuffed shirts of old and hence, archaeo-astronomy, at last, is getting a dust down and coming out of the closet, where it was swept away all those years ago, in the flower of our youth.

24 Jun 2014
Palaeolithic Plasma Images

Rens Van Der Sluijs has two posts at Thunderbolts this week. At ... he refers to two engraved pendants fashioned out of reindeer bone which were discovered at a prehistoric site in France. The Magdalenian culture people followed and lived off reindeer herds much like the Lapps of northern Scandinavia in the modern world.

24 Jun 2014
Big Bang breakthrough breaks up

At ... a team of astrophysicists who proclaimed a month or so back they had made a breakthrough in  confirmation of the Big Bang hypothesis have had to backtrack somewhat. It seems that they might have been premature in rushing to the PR microphone. In fact, they may not have witnessed cosmic inflation at all - or gravitational waves (via BICEP2).

24 Jun 2014
Churyumov Gerasimenko

Churyumov Gerasimenko is a comet named after two Russian observers. It sparked into life in April and early May but the comet has now gone back to sleep - an extended dust cloud around the nucleus has vanished. It is the first time scientists have actually observed changes in cloud production around comets. It is assumed that as it progressively comes closer to the Sun there will be increasing warmth that will cause surface ices to sublimate and gas to escape from the body of the comet. As the gas flares away it carries with it tiny dust particles which expand into a coma.

24 Jun 2014
Swarm and Titan

The European Space Agency (ESA) is studying Earth's magnetic field - from space (see Meanwhile, NASA is organising a mission to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn - see It is described as an almost Earth like world, a frozen version of the Earth as it was several billion years ago. Titan is visualised as a carbon copy of the Earth prior to the oxygen dominated atmosphere.

22 Jun 2014
Giant inflatable wind turbines

Renewables are under development all the time. The cost of building wind farms, and installing concrete bases and access roads, and a general disturbance of the environment which is what most protestors have against them, has caused an American company to think of alternate methods of collecting energy from wind. Four prototypes exist according to the article in The Times (a couple of weeks ago). Giant inflatable wind turbines that float in the sky, held on long tethers like massive dog leads, is the latest idea.

21 Jun 2014
Where did all that salt come from?

The Times of July 26th 1970 reported on findings by a group of French oceanographers, and this was that the Atlantic was much smaller in the Jurassic period, 160 million years ago. This is concomitant with continental drift, plate tectonics, and even with the expanding earth theory - so no surprise to a geologist. However, they added - conditions in the embryo Atlantic were similar to those of the Dead Sea in the modern world. It was salty. We may also note the Dead Sea is situated along the Rift Valley system that runs through Africa and the Levant.

19 Jun 2014
Water and the Sun

At ... an ESA Herschel image of the Helix Nebula has found some interesting molecules - the OH+ molecular ion which is a requirement for water. They say the molecule exists in the burning embers of dying sun-like stars. The molecule is a positively charged combination of single oxygen and hydrogen atoms - existing in former sun like bodies.

The Herschel telescope has traced water in various parts of the universe - in star forming clouds and now in dying stars. Even in the asteroid belt within our solar system.