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3 Sep 2016
Jupiter's Poles

The image of Jupiter's north pole has been released by NASA - ... and it seems to show hot spots at the poles ....

   ... the link was sent in by Robert Farrar.

  ... so what is going on at the poles?

3 Sep 2016
Comet Outburst

Both WISE and FERMI have revealed a correlation in emissions from a black hole that is so wide it is detectable on both infra red and gamma ray telescopes. The field of light is so wide that it is now being called a blazar (something extraordinary bright and energetic). See

3 Sep 2016

At ... the world's oldest fossils have been found in Greenland - going back 3700 million years ago (or 3.7 billion years ago) which is surprising as this means bacterial life was present half a billion years after the planet was formed. At this time, and for thousands of millions of years afterwards, life consisted of single cells. Stromatolite fossils are mounds of carbonate constructed by microbial life forms and they represent obvious evidence such communities existed.

3 Sep 2016
Maunder Minimum

William Thompson provided a nice link to an article by John A Eddy in Science journal 192 (4245) June 18th 1976, that is still worthwhile reading and digesting nowadays as we have a fairly quiet sun and some people are predicted an even quieter sun in the next solar cycle. These last eleven years (roughly) and are watched and catalogued by astronomers in order to see if a pattern exists. Go to

3 Sep 2016
Near Miss

At ... is another link provided by William Thompson. This concerns a small cosmic body that went unseen until it was one quarter of the distance from the moon - but passed by without incident. It was reported at during the same week (last week of August 2016)  but it is remarkable that sizable pieces of space rock can come that close to the Earth without being picked up by the many cameras and telescopes scanning the sky.

1 Sep 2016
blowing up a storm

Gary Gilligan forwarded the link ... and ... two different stories, one about volcanoes and the other concerning impact phenomena but quite similar in projection.

1 Sep 2016
Stone Age Diet

It seems like Mesolithic foragers were consuming domesticated cereals  such as wheat and barley long before the early farming package reached the Balkans or eastern Europe - see Mind you, the dates been bandied around, 6600-6450BC, may suggest trade contacts with early farming communities in Anatolia (not so very far away). It's also possible some pioneering farmers had already entered Egypt from Asia Minor - or prospectors looking for metal sources.

1 Sep 2016

At ... evidence of an assault on a Scottish hill fort by the Romans has been found - at Burnswark. The fort, or ditched enclosure on top of a hill, overlooks the Solway Firth and is visible for miles around.

1 Sep 2016
Reef gets bigger

At ... the Great Barrrier Reef has grown in size due to findings by the Australian Navy. They have discovered a massive extension of the reef that exists behind the more visible Great Barrier Reef that is seen by the public at large - on the deeper sea floor. Enviros worried about the reef being in its death throes were recently shut up for a while by a survey which showed only a very small percentage of the reef is damaged by bleaching (which appears to be a recurring natural process and nothing to do with human activity).

1 Sep 2016
Sun spots and climate

At ... sun spot numbers have come up again recently with scientists realising activity on the Sun may affect earth's climate and should be part of their modelling process. This is being done without including the role of the solar wind impacting with earth's ionosphere to any great degree - but it is a beginning. It is worth going back a few months and looking at an earlier study that updated sun spot history.