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10 Nov 2016
Mars magnetism

At ... Mars has numerous pockets of magnetism locked up in its crust - but scientists assure us that Mars has no inner dynamo, the hypothetical source of magnetism on Earth. How does it get there? Even more mysterious is the claim that these scattered pockets of magnetism actually influence the atmosphere of Mars. How do they do that?

8 Nov 2016
Fossil Trees

Fossilised wood from trees, such as branches, twigs, stumps, broken trunks, and all manner of pieces of woody material which even include whole woodland floor flora are fairly common in the geological record. At ... where we have a stump of a giant redwood tree found in a diamond mine in the North West Territories of northern Canada. It is fossilised redwood - a tree that now grows in California. It illustrates perfectly the manner in which climate has moved across the globe, from one epoch to the next.

7 Nov 2016
Rum Goings On

At ... an ancient stone with concentric circles, one inside the other, has been unearthed in the Dublin area. The stone is thought to go back, at least, to around 3000BC, and probably before that as it seems to have been a robbed stone from a nearby megalithic tomb. This desecration occurred in the 18th century - by the great and the good, impervious of the concerns of the little people. Lodge Hall was built in 1725 and made use of stone from two passage graves/ tombs.

7 Nov 2016
Mont Blanc

The white mountain, Mont Blanc (topped with white blancmange) has become a new front in the war against CAGW doomsayings - and big money manoeuvres in the background. At ... which will irritate the virtue signalling global warming troops.

7 Nov 2016
Solar System Formation

Everything we know about the formation of the solar system might be wrong - according to two astronomers that discovered the first 'binary-binary' (two massive companions around a single star in a close binary sytem) - see

7 Nov 2016

At ... wildlife has disappeared - such as bowhead whales, bearded and ringed seals etc. Instead, a strange noise has been heard coming from the sea floor. What is going on?

4 Nov 2016
They are after your sunday dinner

At .... the traditional roast beef or lamb dinner is under threat - by hedge fund managers and CAGW alarmists. They have targeted fridge gases again, or HFCs, which also affects air conditioning units too. Is this a direct attack on one of life's luxuries (enabling us to keep food safe and cool) or is there something more mundane behind it. In other words, is the patent on HFCs too broad. Has some clever company got a new patent on which it wants to make a killing? This is what happened last time.

4 Nov 2016
Mount St Helens

   At ... geologists have been trying to understand how Mount St Helens works. It is a volcano of the Cascade Arc and one of a string of eruptive volcanoes that run parallel to the hypothetical subduction zone between tow major plates between British Columbia and California.

4 Nov 2016
Saturn's Rings

At ... a team of researchers has presented a new model for the origins of Saturn's rings (see also ... ). The lead author, Ryuki Hydo of Kobe University, says that Saturn's rings are made up of 95 per cent icy particles. However, the rings of Uranus and Neptune are somewhat darker, probably because they are made up of particles that are more rock like. This assumption appears to drive the model's conclusion.

4 Nov 2016
Bigging the Hole

At ... humans settled in Australia around 50,000 years ago (and possibly even earlier). This applies to the interior outback as much as the coastal zone. The Flinders Range in South Australia, 280 mile adrift of Adelaide, display evidence of human occupation - and the sediments have been dated according to a paper in Nature this month. The discovery of bone tools and the use of pigments such as ochre appear to cement the findings.