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28 Mar 2014
BICEP - 2 update

At ... it seems some physicists are throwing a dash of cold water on the recent enthusiasm displayed at the BICEPS-2 results - see the new paper at arXiv:1403.5166. Basically, they say the research has not ruled out all possible non-inflation sources of the observed B mode polarisation patterns and surprisingly high value of r (the ratio of power in tensor nodes to scalar density perturbations).

28 Mar 2014
Does the Moon contain water?

At ... analysis of lunar soil samples seems to indicate the Moon's mantle contains hydrogen from water (possibly indigenous to Earth). The Moon, of course, is supposed to have originated out of the Earth - and would have dragged water from the mantle with it. Its getting a big story at the moment - water inside the Earth (and water inside Mars and the Moon and various other places).

28 Mar 2014
Viking navigation

At .... a fresh look at Viking methods of navigating without a magnetic compass. They were able to reach Greenland, Newfoundland and Baffin Island on a regular basis, long distances that appear impossible with their rudimentary gear. The discovery of a sun compass fragment some time ago led to several theories being developed. We now have another one. They were able to use the sun to find north with the sun compass - but how did they navigate in the twilight (or in moonlight).

28 Mar 2014
The 'end' of Younger Dryas event

At ... it seems a new ice core in Greenland has thrown up a few surprises - wild swings in temperature and weather. The authors discover wind direction and the frequency of storms in specific years of the YD period.

28 Mar 2014
Solar flares and magnetic loops

An international team led by University of Cambridge researchers has show how entangled magnetic field lines looping from the Sun's surface slop around each other and lead to an eruption of energy into space - go to The paper, published in The Astrophysical Journal, claims the mechanism has only been seen, as yet, in an X Class flare - but is probably also the case with other kinds of flare activity.

28 Mar 2014
Siding Spring

At ... comet Siding Spring is on course to come within 84,000 miles of Mars (closer than the Moon is to the Earth) in the autumn of this year. Siding Spring is not expected to become bright - now, I wonder.

28 Mar 2014
Green Houses and BOMs

Tim Cullen takes a swipe at the greenhouse effect at whilst another blogger takes a swipe at Arrhenius - go to

27 Mar 2014
Fossils of the Cambrian

Gary Gilligan sent in a link to a BBC programme, Fossil Wonderlands: Nature's Hidden Treasures, at ... which provides confirmation organisms can be buried alive very quickly, and fossilising over the course of time. In this episode it is the Cambrian that is discussed - and Richard Fortey, author of a number of books on geology, appears to be at the helm. Well worth a viewing if you missed the television programme.

26 Mar 2014
Watery innards of the Earth

Tim Cullen has an interesting post at ... and it's all about water welling up from deep inside the Earth - or that is what it leads up to in a gentle sort of way.

25 Mar 2014
Smaller than Higgs, synthetic diamonds, and the Van Allen stripes

At ... particles smaller than the Higgs are now being looked for - what it is that comes together to form the Higgs. See what you think.

At ... synthetic diamond crystals from plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition - plasma reactors making diamonds.