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17 Jun 2015
Aborigine stories

At (19th May 2015) the Luritja people of central Australia once told stories of a fire devil coming down from the Sun, crashing into the Earth, and killing everything in the vicinity. The legend is describing a meteor  tha struck Australia's central desert region 4700 years ago according to astrophysicist Duane Hamacher.

17 Jun 2015

A lot of archaeology has been going on in what is modern Bulgaria. Most of the finds concern the Roman era but now and again some very old prehistory is dug up. At

17 Jun 2015

At ... a petrified subtropical forest has been discovered on the Aegean island of Lesvos. There was also evidence of ancient volcanism which appears to have buried and preserved the remains.

17 Jun 2015

Qiaomei Fu, a palaeo-genomicist (the study of ancient genomes) at a meeting in New York (see said that her research team had found evidence of modern humans interbreeting with Neanderthals 40,000 years ago, in Romania. Evidence of genetic DNA from both human types in a single specimen is interesting. Is it due to co-mingling - or was something else going on? See

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16 Jun 2015
water, water, everywhere ...

EM Smith has been looking at water vapour in the air at ... after sitting in his garden drinking some beer and feeling the heat of the Californian sun burning his skin. Heat is dry in California but when he was working in Florida last year, it was also hot, but humid - and he didn't burn.

16 Jun 2015
rain in Scotland

Researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia have been exploring a cave in Scotland, just to the north of Ullapool. They have been able to track cyclic changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation which affects climate in NW Europe. It confirms other studies - and even confirms dear old HH Lamb (all those years ago). By measuring the thickness of annual growth rings on five stalagmites taken from the Uamh an Tartair cave, a shallow cave beneath a blanket of peat, they were able to map out rainfall over a 3000 year period.

15 Jun 2015

At .... French researchers have created a computer model that is meant to explain the massive heat in the Sun's corona. Apparently, solar physicists have been perplexed by why the corona is millions of degress hotter than the Sun's actual surface. So, the idea of the model is to simulate how that might occur. It involves a magnetic field on the surface of the Sun and Alfven waves generated inside the chromosphere, etc.

14 Jun 2015
slumber over

The Philae Lander that was positioned on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko has woken from its slumber and is now in contact with mother ship, Rosetta(according to BBC News on Sunday 14th June. The game is now on.

Meanwhile, at ... the comet remains active after nightfall, it has been noted. Jets of dust and gas are still being emitted even when the Sun is not beaming in the direction of the comet. Is this telling mainstream something?

14 Jun 2015

The same issue of British Archaeology magazine, June 2015 (see has an article on Blick Mead, fleshing out what has been discovered at the site - and explaining it all a bit more comprehensively. It is being excavated under the care of David Jaques of Buckingham University.

13 Jun 2015
La Marmotta

La Marmotta harbours a Neolithic settlement, submerged in the waters of Lake Bracciano 57km north of Rome. The emperor Trajan had an aqueduct built to bring water from the lake to Rome which was in use over a long period of time. In 1612 Pope Pius V had the aqueduct repaired and it remained in use until 1989 when the city's water authority decided to add a new aqueduct. Tis was when  the lake dwellings were discovered - a village on stilts on the lake margins.