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8 Apr 2016
solar system electric currents

At April 7th and 8th 2016 ... we have news of a geomagnetic storm on April 7th - but with a difference. Although a giant sun spot is brewing on the face of the Sun this geomagnetic storm was caused by the Earth crossing a 'fold in the heliospheric current sheet' - plunging our planet into a region of space with 'negative polarity' magnetic fields. This sparked the colourful light show in the polar skies. Bright aurora appeared around the Arctic Circle. The image below was taken in Norway

8 Apr 2016
Planet Nine

Presumably Planet Nine is Planet X - without the nut job element (keeping academics safe in their leather chairs). At ... astronomers seem to be getting excited about the possible the possibility of Planet Nine and they have gone so far as to try and track its orbit - see also

7 Apr 2016
sniffing Pluto

At ... the solar wind generates fast moving space particles and cosmic rays and these have been recorded in the vicinity of Pluto - heading towards the boundaries of the solar system. You can also see the story at

6 Apr 2016
all the light in the universe

This is one of those odd postings, with the question being asked - is there more light and energy out there in space than astronomers can account for - go to

6 Apr 2016
bladed terrain

At ... Pluto's bladed terrain in 3D

6 Apr 2016
Big Head

At ... the skull of an Ice Age mammoth has been dug up by a bulldozer operator in Oklahoma. This is not your cold adapted mammoth covered in a woolly exterior but a species adapted to a temperate climate - or even perhaps a warm one. It is also much larger than woolly mammoths, males reaching up to three times the size. Surprisingly, it was found in a sand pit - see image below

4 Apr 2016
Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang province in Nepal, between 400 and 650AD, was part and parcel of the silk road as silk has been found dating from that period. Trade between India and China seems to have flourished and the route across Nepal was probably one of the roads the merchants took. It illustrates the longevity of Nepal as a kingdom with links both north and south and the recipient of new ideas and a trade destination in its own right. See

4 Apr 2016

This story has been long running. At first we had a denial by the Egyptian Antiquities people and Reeves came in for some flak and certainly a fair measure of criticism. However, as things will the Egyptians realised they might be able to take advantage of the situation and reinvigorate their tourist industry, and some preliminary scans were taken of the Tutankhmun tomb just to see if they might be something behind the far wall - a cavity. The scan was inconclusive.

4 Apr 2016
Comet Halley

Tim Cullen has written some conspiracy like articles in respect of Heinsohn's amazing revision of AD chronology - and he followed this particular post with another one today. However, at ... he has come up with an even more radical idea, involving Comet Halley. His piece says that the burned horizons common to the Balkans and SE Europe between 6500 and 2000BC are due to periodic passages of Comet Halley - every 76 to 80 years.

2 Apr 2016
Planet X

Planet X is back in the news - as noted last week. However, some old proponents of Planet X have now had a say - go to We even have an article on Planet X in the prestigious journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society . Caltech researchers have revived the idea that Planet X may periodically cause mass extinctions on the Earth. How? Apparently the idea is that it periodically triggers a shower of comets, as it journeys the far reaches of the solar system.