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5 Nov 2015
windy days

The Grid was about to go down - no wind. No Sun either as it was dark. Somebody filled their pockets - go to ... and

If you've got a longer attention span than a twitter feed you might like to read the 22 pages of Matt Ridley on CAGW exaggeration - go to

5 Nov 2015
Taurid meteors ... November 5th - earth is currently passing through a stream of gravelly debris from Comet Encke, source of the Taurid meteor shower. Meteorites the size of pebbles, and larger, are disintegrating as they hit the atmosphere. The picture above was taken in Czechoslovakia by Martin Popek.

4 Nov 2015
joking aside ...

The representative of the British government at the Paris climate bean feast will be the chump that got laughed off BBC Radio 5 live a few years ago - go to ... hard to believe but true. He also got a lecture at a Russian Academy meeting for being too lax with the truth and walked out in a sulk. Pends well for Britain's part in the jamboree.

4 Nov 2015
Jersey engravings

Carvings on Jersey have been provisionally dated to 14000 years ago, in the warm period between the Oldest and the Younger Dryas events. It appears that Palaeolithic art of the Magdalenian culture who thrived between 16,000 and 13,000 years ago in France and Germany, got as far as Britain (still connected to the continent at the time) - see

See also ... the excavation is ongoing and this is a press release.

4 Nov 2015
Justinian Plague

At ... Peter Mungo Jupp is back with another tale which he dates to 562AD - presumably using the chronology within Short's chronicles (or variation thereof). He says the plague was carried on vectors high above the Earth and looks for parallel catastrophic events to act as the driver - and does EU have a connection? He quotes from Short's chronicles and there is no reason these are not reliable (although the dates are not thought to be exact).

4 Nov 2015

A few days ago we had Ibex carved on stone at Sirwah in Yemen (animals) but today we have the NASA mission IBEX. At ... this news from NASA goes back to May 2012 and concerns the IBEX mission. Information is being updated all the time. For instance, the problems of Voyager One as it negotiates a way of the heliosphere.

3 Nov 2015

At ... concerns damage caused to the ancient city of Sirwah in the prolonged war between rival factions in Yemen. The ruins are as impressive as those of another Sabaean city, Marib, 30 miles to the east. Sa'ba (biblical Sheba) existed approximately between 1000BC to AD290, contemporary with the Iron Age in the Levant.

3 Nov 2015
Comet Encke

A paper in the October 13th issue of the Astrophysical Journal used data from NASAs STEREO observatory to look at gusts of the solar wind interacting with the tail of Comet Encke, a short period comet, in order to study its visible variations and very high temperatures. We know that CME events can overload the atmosphere of the Earth with lots of temporary heat so I suppose the thinking here is that it is the heat of the solar wind gusts that causes the comet to react and sublimate.

2 Nov 2015
geoglyphs Kazakhstan

Robert Farrar and Brian Sherwood Jones both forwarded links to this story at ... and at ... satellite pictures from 430 feet above the surface of the earth have confirmed the existence of of earthworks in a remote region of the treeless steppe. Geometric figures of squares, crosses, lines and other shapes have been espied - and they are said to date back 8000 years ago (in one instance).

1 Nov 2015
sun spots rising

At November 1st (2015) we have a monster sun spot looming. It has quadrupled in size since it first appeared on October 29th. The photo is by Phillippe Tosi from a back garden observatory in Nimes in France. The sun spot has a dozen dark cores some of which are as large as the Earth. This is why they can be seen in telescopes of enthusiasts - they stand out on the golden surface.