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22 Apr 2016
Josh cartoon character

  a cartoon created to counter wind farm and renewable propaganda aimed at school children - the character of Tommy the Turbine. In retaliation people opposed to wind farms sprouting on every hill and piece of rising ground in Scotland have come up with Subsidy Sam. Will he knock Tommy off his perch.

The story is at

21 Apr 2016
Thutmose III

An amulet with the name of Thutmose III has been discovered in the spoil heap from the Temple Mount. A sifting project has been in progress for a number of years with members of the public taking part. A 12 year old girl spotted what looked like an unusual piece of pottery - and hey presto. See

21 Apr 2016
Marija Gimbutas

Mariza Gimbutas was all the rage at one time among the eager youngsters of the 1960s and 1970s. She was the author of 'Goddesses of Old Europe' (1974) and she claimed that Copper Age people living around the mouth of the Danube (in modern Bulgaria) were organised into matriarchal societies - being peace loving farmers. The nasty patriarchal hordes arrived later, Indo European horsemen from the steppes, wiping out the matriarchal societies and bringing in thousands of years of persecution of women.

21 Apr 2016
Irish bog bodies

Having a snort at another myth beloved of some people, the idea that bog bodies were ritual sacrificial victims - go to ... the word bog is derived from the Irish word bogarch which means soft. Peat bogs cover 17 per cent of Ireland. Peat is mostly composed of water - with rotted vegetation, pollen, dust etc. The cold acidic and oxygen free conditions within peat prevent decay and tend to mummify and preserve the tissue of animals and humans. Around a hundred bodies have been found in Irish bogs.

21 Apr 2016
Beringia Refugia

The idea that Beringia was a human refugia during the Late Glacial Maximum has been gaining momentum over the last few years. It is getting more and more popular but it is really only a hypothesis that has yet to be proven by actual physical proof. It's a reasonable idea but to present as unassailable fact what it essentially speculation is all about propaganda - or a shortage of thinking outside the box. See for instance

21 Apr 2016
radiation a lesser effect than ...

Radiation appears to have a lesser effect on animals than human activity and interference - see Robert Farrar has also sent in the link to ... and the same story can be seen at other online sites (now or in the recent past). We might begin by saying here we go again -Chernobyl and the exclusive zone. However, this time some further information is p[assed on to Joe Public. Some of the animals in the exclusion zone, such as Dzungarian horses, were deliberately introduced as an experiment.

20 Apr 2016
Roman villa in garden

At ... electricians digging a hole to lay a cable to a snooker and games room struck a mosaic floor - and luckily the owner was interested enought to call in archaeologists to have a probe around the field behind his house. They found he had been using a stone sarcophagus for his bedding plants (not realising it was used for an ancient burial) and the land around abouts had harboured a massive villa complex (a sort of Roman manor farm).

18 Apr 2016
Dinosaur asteroid

There is a good article on the K/T boundary event asteroid that brought an end to the dinosaurs - see ... what the initial response to the hypothesis was and how mainstream geologists were upset at the idea of a catastrophic event. It took years for the evidence to become so overwhelming the mainstream had to concede - yet even nowadays some geologists argue against it as the idea of 'an event' laying down sedimentary layers quickly is anathema to them. The article was originally at The Conservation and Phys Org afterwards.

18 Apr 2016
alien dust

At ... NASAs Cassini spacecraft has detected a first signal of dust coming from beyond our solar system it is alleged, according to research published in the journal Science (April 2016). Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004 and it has sampled ice rich dust grains mostly coming from active jets that  spray from the surface of the moon Enceladus. However, among these grains are some that stand out as being different, and scientists are assuming they came from interstellar space.

15 Apr 2016
Old Testament writing

At ... which refers to a Swiss excavation by Cornelius Pilgrim who unearthed two headless statues on the island in the Nile, Elephantine. One of the statues has an inscription and belongs to an Old Kingdom ruler - and in all likelihood the other statue dates from the same period of history.