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27 Sep 2015

Blackbirds will stop other blackbirds from getting at a food source and they will expend a lot of energy doing this in order to prioritise their partner and offspring. Pigeons will often squabble at a bird table and infighting among all species is a common attribute - which humans indulge in all the time. At 9th August, 2014, we have a post on exactly this kind of behaviour - between scientists promoting impact sites. Are they shooting themselves in the feet.

26 Sep 2015

At ... changing sea levels and global cooling events caused serious declines in the number of crocodiles inhabiting planet Earth at any given time - which really means that the odd catastrophe has periodically reduced their numbers.

26 Sep 2015
Richard Milton

At ... there is a post on Richard Milton concering Darwinism, as he calls it but what we might call Gradualism or Uniformitarianism (evolution by painstakingly slow processes). He says that debate of Darwinism is forbidden in mainstream media. Alternative theories are discouraged. This is probably a self imposed decision rather than anything sinister as we have the same unwillingness to debate or take on CAGW. Self imposed PC. It is simply never discussed publicly - only on blogs or in articles outside of the reach of mainstream media.

26 Sep 2015

Robert Farrar sent in the link ... which is another set of images (go to the link but below is one to wet the appetite)

26 Sep 2015
Aborigine stories

At ... a paper in Australian Geography 'Aboriginal memories of inundation of the Australian coast dating from more than 7000 years ago' used stories from 21 different places around the coastline of Australia, each desribing when sea levels differed and more land was exposed. The present sea level stabilised arond 7000 years ago, they are saying, and this was probably associated with the 6200BC event (8000 years ago) when the Sunda Shelf was flooded, leaving behind the islands of Indonesia roughly as they are nowadays.

26 Sep 2015
big bar magnet

Interesting post at ... Earth is like a big bar magnet - and its attract and repulse properties. A Swedish space balloon project is in progress. Space is big and the density of particles is small (electrons and protons) and they can move along field lines without bumping into each other. During geomagnetic storms the particles get pushed further down the field line, crowding each other and getting closer to the surface of the Earth. Then, they start to interact with the upper atmosphere and some of the particles disappear. The search is on.

26 Sep 2015
water-ice cycle, comets

At ... which begins by telling us that comets are composed of dust and ices which they periodically shed as they swing round the Sun. Sunlight heats up the frozen nucleus of the comet, we are told, and water and gases are released - all standard stuff.

26 Sep 2015
giant lizards

At ... we learn that the ancestors of Aborigines may have lived alongside giant lizards that lived in Australia as recently as 50,000 years

26 Sep 2015
ancient pollen

An interesting piece of research in Geophysical Research Letters Sept 23rd 2015 (see

From the abstract we learn that researchers have found evidence of a 2000 year long mego-drought in southern California (bigger by far than the hype surrounding the lack of rain for the past year or so). The researchers are not prepared to do things by half it would seem - why beat about the bush. Let's have a really big drought.

25 Sep 2015
dinosaur alaska

William Thompson provided the link, ... I'm not sure if the journalist that did this post was raising a query, with tongue in cheek, or if the author really thought it possible dinosaurs flourished in polar conditions. Whatever, once again we see that consensus doesn't conform with facts.