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7 Aug 2015
Avebury, Blandford, Duropolis

At ... the remains of a house have been found at Avebury, situated near the West Kennet avenue (two parallel lines of stones that stretch for one and a half miles). Many other finds, from miniature flint saws and arrowheads to various other undisclosed items have been dug out of the ground.

7 Aug 2015
shark fins in a shallow lagoon

At ... University of Southampton researchers have found the behaviour of fruit flies can be altered by an electric field. The wings of the insects are disturbed by static electricity which appear to cause neuro-chemical changes in their brains (if that is the right term).

7 Aug 2015

At ...

7 Aug 2015
Lightning and rocks

  At ... an article in the journal American Mineralogist illustrates how powerful lightning bolts can affect rocks, melting the surface resulting in a black gloss and actually deforming a thin layer of of quartz crystals beneath the surface, creating what is known as shock lamellae. Prior to this discovery such rocks wee attributed solely to meteoric impacts.

7 Aug 2015

At ... the site of Biblical Gath is being excavated and fortifications and an entrance gate have been unearthed which go back to the early Iron Age. As a result of this there has been a press release to the effect the Gath of King David has been found - but when we read down it says it is more likely from the 9th century, contemporary with Ahab. However, more interesting perhaps is the evidence of earthquake - with a suggested date in the 8th century (contemporary with an earthquake recorded in the Book of Amos).

7 Aug 2015
Euphrosyne asteroids

At ... NASAs WISE mission, which involved an infrared telescope and camera on a spacecraft, discovered a group of dark asteroids known as the Euphrasyne asteroids - which are distributed at the outer edge of the better known asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They have an unusual orbital path  tha juts wel above the ecliptic. They may also be the remnant of an ancient collision.

7 Aug 2015
C14 in fossils

At .. we have a post on carbon dating fossils. The link came via the contact email address on our web site and the argument being made is that measurable amounts of radio carbon should not exist in objects older than 100,000 years ago because they should have decayed into nitrogen 14 before then. The author claims it is an anomaly as radiocarbon is found in material millions of years of age.

7 Aug 2015
solar cycles and CAGW

At ... Joe Bastardi is an American meteorologist that has resisted CAGW alarmism in spite of constant badgering by activists. When he says stay calm we should all take a breath and listen to what he has to say. He uses NCEP (which is part of NOAA) temperature data for his forecasts and he says NCEP are head on real time measurements.

7 Aug 2015
simple sums

At ... the four authors of a controversial study from January 2015 that was published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences presented a simple climate model that anyone with a pocket calculator can use to make reliable estimates of future man made global warming. Why Joe Public might want to do that I don't know - but the pathway is there for those interested in playing around with numbers and things.

6 Aug 2015
asteroid Bennu

At ... in 2016 NASA plans to launch a mission to asteroid Bennu in order to carry out several tasks. One is to map the Near Earth asteroid in order to detect minerals and organic molecules and search for signs of organic life. It will reach the asteroid in 2018 and return to Earth in 2023 - so a good deal of exploration is planned. Another task is to identify chemicals present on the asteroid - via infrared light.