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4 Feb 2017

At ... the fossil loriciferan is so small it was thought to be fossilisable.

4 Feb 2017
Deep Water

At ... we have one of the more exciting science findings in recent years. Earth's water may have originally been formed 'deep within it's mantle' according to research led by University College in Dublin (in association with the University of Saskatchewan in Canada). This change of tack has come about as it is now fairly unlikely earth's water arrived on comets. They just do not appear to conform to the dirty snowball prototype so beloved of consensus science in the past.

4 Feb 2017
1930s Ice Cores

At ... which poses an unusual question - are ice cores useful in reconstructing 20th century temperature? I've always imagined it takes quite a few years for snow to compress into ice and become thin enough to create an ice core. Pierre Gosselin appears to be serious as he says ice cores show temperature in the 1930s was warmer than they were in the 1990s and 2000s.

3 Feb 2017
Pops Past

At ... ancient DNA reveals continuity between stone age and modern populations in East Asia. The DNA came from human remains found in a cave some 8000 years ago.

3 Feb 2017
Auroch and dots on paper

At ... we have a new image of the auroch with dots on an engraved stone in Palaeolithic Europe, roughly 38,000 years ago.

3 Feb 2017

At ... just noticed this one after visiting Anthony Watts place. Solar physicist Leif Svalgaard informed Anthony of the possibility of a Carrington style event (a large CME in 1859). It could bring down the electricity grid system and damage satellites etc (the same thing that regularly pops up when this sort of event is mentioned and surprisingly given short shrift by some of the commenters).

2 Feb 2017
Iron meteorite

At .... a video of an iron meteorite found by the Mars rover trundling over the surface of Mars

At ... another video. This time it is the Milky Way being hurled through space.

2 Feb 2017
Greek Sanctuary

At ... excavations at an ancient sanctuary on the Greek island of Keros have revealed it goes back at least to 3000BC. Colin Renfrew describes it as the 'world's earliest maritime sanctuary' - a play on words as there are older sanctuaries out there. It seems there was a staircasedthat connected Kavos Mount with Daskalios, a small rocky islet offshore.

2 Feb 2017
Population decline americas

A new article at ... it has been increasingly shown that population numbers had already crashed prior to the arrival of Europeans. The latter are usually blamed for introducing new diseases of which the locals had no natural resistance (and no doubt this did occur). It is the scale of the drop in numbers that is most problematic. It has also been convenient to blame the Spanish and Portuguese for bringing smallpox to the Americans.

2 Feb 2017
Gravity and That

After looking at (last week) the explanation for rapid bursts of x-rays and ultra violet light from the Electric Universe perspective (courtesy of Stephen Smith) we have the mainstream view for rapid bursting events - and what they are all about. Go to