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22 Sep 2016
Aquatic Apes

David Attenborough's recent TV programme that waltzed around the aquatic ape theory has been given a roasting in some quarters (at WattsUpWithThat for example). A response at ... encapsulates the negative  reaction but the comments at the WattsUpWithThat piece may perhaps catch the flavour of the response from the general public.

21 Sep 2016
Painting Chiron

At ... Images of Chiron beamed back to earth showed the moon of Pluto was reddish in colour in its northern parts. There was speculation at the time on why this might be and now an explanation has been offered - the red colour was painted by nearby Pluto. The theory is that methane gas escaping from Pluto's atmosphere became trapped by Chiron's gravity.

21 Sep 2016
electrostatic space

At ... Steve Roescraft has self published a paper arguing that electrostatic forces could be preventing galaxies from flying apart. He contradicts mainstream by saying that extreme activity at the centre of galaxies (black hole jets) is is able to propel electrons and negatively charged particles towards the outer regions of those galaxies. This would give the galactic core a net positive electric charge while the outskirts wee negatively charged.

19 Sep 2016

At ... a new study seems to contradict the tenant the composition of the earth should not differ too greatly from primitive chondrite meteorites. The latter are considered to date back to the formation of the solar system - and theoretically were formed contemporarily with the earth. The idea is supported by several neodymium (Nd) isotopes and the  occurrence of them in meteorites and in bulk silicate on the earth.

19 Sep 2016
Lakes Mars

At ... it seems the vestiges of lakes on Mars might not all be confined to a very early period of the solar system - and some may have been more recently than previously thought. In fact, one billion years later than the Mars water world theory. NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is said to have recorded valleys that carried water into what look like lake basins - and these lakes and filled and overflowed at different times in the past.

19 Sep 2016
Comet collapsing

At ... we learn that comets and meteors rotate and it seems this is one of the reasons why they break up so quickly and yet continue to orbit as a block of smaller objects. The break up is rapid and aided and abetted by the presence of water ice (and other gas ices) in comets, which has been standard theory for some time, due, it is thought, to melt by sunshine (or getting too close to the Sun).

19 Sep 2016
September 1941

   At ... there is an image (see above) of aurora over Iowa way back in 1941. The geomagnetic storm built up over the course of a week and illuminated the night sky leaving Allied shipping open to German submarine attack but also affected modern communications systems in Europe and the US, with telephone calls interrupting radio programmes for example.

19 Sep 2016
HPs Breast Plate, Shamir

This one is fascinating as it brings some obscure references in the Bible and Talmud to life. At ... It comes from Peter Mungo Jupp's web site but concerns the breast plate of the High Priest in Jerusalem, a rather strange affair when outlined in the Bible. It was adorned with 12 precious stones, all different, and was hung from the neck of the HP and suspended over his heart.

19 Sep 2016
colliding worlds

Wal Thornhill mentioned colliding words in the video played at the September 2016 speaker meeting, emphasizing that Velikovsky didn't say worlds collided (in spite of the title of his book) but that two large cosmic bodies would be repelled before they could actually collide, as a result of electromagnetic effects. At ... we are told the moon may have been made from pieces of the earth that had reformed following a collision with another planet sized body.

15 Sep 2016
Sea Levels

It seems that even Yahoo (csn) news have picked up on the German sceptic blog No Tricks Zone as we are now told Kenneth Richard posted an essay there that quotes four recent journal articles that show sea levels have risen very little in recent years and show no sign of picking up at all. Go to ... and the original post at