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22 Dec 2016
More Scepticism

At ... is one of those headlines that seem to say the debate is over and the Younger Dryas boundary event did not involve a cosmic detonation in the atmosphere. A bad day for the younger dryas comet theory - which seems to refer to disagreements over nano diamonds and what they are (a technical dispute if you like). Either the nano diamonds are real - or they are not.

22 Dec 2016
Having a Laugh

Sometimes the arguments are unintentionally funny. Others are incredibly out on a limb. CAGW alarmism is like that and this is one of the reasons why most people do not take it seriously - as well as the lack of the warmth that we were promised. At ... we are told global warming is happening even when the weather is cold outside the office window. A study in PNAS claims there are more places in the world where temperatures are hotter than there are places where it is just as cool as it ever was.

22 Dec 2016
Galapagos Chain

At ... the Galapagos islands are home to some unusual plants and animals that show it must have been isolated from the mainland for a considerable period of time - but for how long? A new study alleges they have cracked it. They can pinpoint when all the biology was set in motion.

18 Dec 2016
To Find Life

The quest of NASA is to find water on Mars - and therefore to find evidence of life. Curiosity Rover has been analysing the ground as it travels across the face of Mars, discovering clay and minerals in the  process, and boron. On earth boron is associated with ground water.

18 Dec 2016
Ice on Ceres

At ... it seems the large asteroid Ceres has some evidence of ice. NASAs Dawn mission sent back images of a dark cratered rocky environment with some bright spots caused by reflective salts - but no ice on the surface. The search then was turned on the craters - could they be hiding ice? Out of many that were peered into (dark and difficult to view) some ten of them display evidence of a bright material in the depths.

18 Dec 2016
Watery Comet

At ... the Rosetta spacecraft was landed on the surface of comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in September and effectively brought the mission to an end. We didn't hear a lot of what was revealed as it approached the surface at the time as Rosetta's onboard instruments were still working. The EPA scientists have been looking at some of the information beamed back ...

18 Dec 2016
Schoch Shock

Robert Schoch is not a stranger to controversies. He was involved in the Sphinx affair, the claim it was constructed long prior to the conventional date. He has also popped up on several other occasions as a bit of a heretic as far as mainstream is concerned. One of his books provided some nice information about Gobekli Tepe, for example.

16 Dec 2016
Beaker Folk

It seems the Amesbury Archer may not have hailed from the Alps as the media and archaeologists have been trumpeting for the last few years. According to research on a new project using isotopes, teeth enamel and bone callogen he could have come from Scotland, a sort of prehistoric drover. The Neolithic in Britain, it has been found, was an extremely mobile society, quite unlike the Bronze Age. It seems to have been primarily a pastoral society.

16 Dec 2016
Atmospheric Thermostat

At ... yes, a thermostat in the atmosphere that works like a thermostat in a car engine. It dramatically cools the air after it has bas been superheated by the solar wind (CME events). Solar flares zooming towards the earth create shock waves, we are told, similar to sonic booms, and heat the upper layers of the atmosphere.

16 Dec 2016
Chinese Flood

At ... we have a story sent in by Gary. Chinese archaeologists begin to excavate a 2600 year old city wiped out by floods in central China. The city began life in 624BC and was overwhelmed by water, muds, and silts in AD742. The ruins are surrounded by a 5 mile long wall, 61 feet in width and 13 feet high. It is hoped it will be a time capsule of the Tang dynasty.