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7 Aug 2016
The guts of Ceres

At ... some tens of thousands of photographs of Ceres were returned by NASAs Dawn spacecraft - but none of them could peer inside the asteroid. However, scientists were able to measur the gravity of Ceres and the results are published in the journal Nature (August 2016). It seems the interior of Ceres is not as dense as the Earth - or the Moon (or even the asteroid Vesta that Dawn visited prior to Ceres). Does this mean Ceres was once a comet?

7 Aug 2016
Green Games

At ... is a bit of old fashioned investigative journalism by Marita Noon and Christine Lakatos. Those with special access (crony capitalists) and influence (lobbyists) have cashed in on various green energy programmes and benefited from the mandates by politicians,  the rules as set and the regulations confirmed. Its a huge scheme - with huge profits.

7 Aug 2016
fossil DNA

At ... the link is provided by Robert Farrar and concerns an open access paper in the journal Geology that documents the existence of DNA in ocean bottom sediments up to 1.4 million years of age. Not sure if this is a straw man argument but the claim is that scientists expressed surprise - as DNA is not supposed to last that long. However, it was preserved in bottom sediments, under water, and this might be a mitigating factor.

2 Aug 2016

Upcoming climate conference is being advertised on the web, but with a difference. This one is sceptical of climate science claims and climate models and bloated hot air from stale people. It has some cutting edge science, the redoubtable Piers Corbyn,  and lots of evidence contrary to the mainstream money laundering operation. Go to

1 Aug 2016
Surt Volcano

At ... in 2001 an eruption from the Surt volcano on the Jupiter facing hemisphere of Io had an estimated output of 78,000 Gigawatts of energy. Earthbound volcanoes pan out at around 12 Gigawatts.

1 Aug 2016
Proton Arc

At Monday Aug 1 2016 ... it seems a mysterious form of aurora can be seen on occasion, known as the proton arc. The image below was taken in Alberta. These are tight ribbons of light that pulse and dance with the northern lights

1 Aug 2016
cooked alive

At ... video surveillance at solar power towers in California have revealed flying animals such as birds and bats and various insect species on the wing, from bees to butterflies, dragonflies and wasps etc are killed by intense heat (cooked in flight and seared to a cinder). It seems Greens are not too concerned with wildlife in spite of what they spout self righteously - and we all know they couldn't give a fig for those knee deep in fuel poverty.

31 Jul 2016
snout of glacier

In Down to Earth 96 (August 2016, ISSN 0969 3408), we have an article by geologist Brian Ellis who has been looking at records and visiting the site of a glacier that once filled the Nigard Valley in Norway, one of the outflows from the major Jostedal ice cap north of Sogn fiord. It goes back to the Little Ice Age and concerns documents of landowners complaining that tenant farmers had not paid their rent and court records from the same farmers who complain their farm is being overcome by advancing glaciers.

28 Jul 2016
Red Spot

At ... Jupiter's red spot heats up the upper atmosphere, thereby explaining the anomalous high temperatures that can hardly be the result of sunshine. Jupiter is five times distant from the Earth yet has an atmospheric temperature little different from that of our planet. The source of the non-solar energy has been a mystery - now they think they might have cracked it. The paper, in the July issue of Nature, to too early to be influenced by the current space mission to Jupiter.

28 Jul 2016
Wren Problem

At ... a DNA analysis of living and extinct species of New Zealand wrens have upset geological theories as it has been claimed New Zealand was completely submerged around 21 to 25 million years ago. It is thought the various species are only distantly related and ancestry may go back prior to 25 million years ago. This is using a uniformitarian time scale of geology and a uniformitarian time scale of evolutionary change.