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5 Apr 2017
Little Ice Age ping pong

At last, a study that recognises that low sun spot numbers are not entirely the whole story when it comes to the Little Ice Age - see ... Professor Mike Lockwood from Reading University has published a paper in Astronomy and Geophysics which says the overall shift in climate temperature were quite small. These are average temperatures. Hence, although sometimes it was bitterly cold other times it was fairly warm.

3 Apr 2017
Spanish Alligators

At ... bringing home the fact southern Europe was semi-tropical not so many million years ago - just 16 it would seem. This is how far the Iberian peninsular has shifted since that period - either by Plate Tectonics/Drift or by pole movement.


3 Apr 2017
Cosmic Explosion

A mystery cosmic explosion has been picked up by NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory - see ... the cause is thought to be a destructive event - but it's all guesswork at the moment.

Jovan sent in the link ... with proof of liquid water in the farthest reaches of the solar system it's clear the habitable zone isn't the only place where life might exist. A whole range of possibilities has opened up.

3 Apr 2017
Chariot Burial

At ... in the foothills of the Yorkshire Wolds, on the outskirts of the market town of Pocklington, a chariot burial (with horse remains) has been unearthed. Two horses pulled the chariot.

3 Apr 2017
DNA and Europeans

At ... DNA research is said to map the migration route of early farmers 8000 years ago - courtesy of the University of Huddersfield's Archaeogenetic Research Group. However, the sample comes from just 1500 mitochondrial genome lineages spread over a large area. Is that enough? They think they have evidence of post-glacial expansion from western Asia (a so called refugia from the ice sheet).

30 Mar 2017
Wrong Way Orbit

At ... an asteroid orbiting the 'wrong way' around the Sun has been risking a collision it would seem, but somehow they always miss each other (or that is what we are being told as the asteroid has just got to be millions of years of age). The asteroid has a retrograde orbit around the sun and shares its orbital space with Jupiter - a rather large object to repeatedly miss. It emerges that Halley's Comet also has a retrograde orbit. Is does this imply it is a chip off the old block?

30 Mar 2017
Warm Weather

At March 30th 2017 ... we are told the stream of solar wind, a CME event, has continued into a 4th day and we may note the weather has got considerably warmer over that time. I got sun burnt today (on the face) working on the allotment - yet it is still March (and it was decidedly cold a week ago). It seems the CME has pumped a lot of heat and energy into the earth system. A similar thing happened in March a couple of years ago - following another coronal hole directly facing the earth.

30 Mar 2017
Aussie Dino Tracks

At ... tracks of at least 21 different dinosaurs have been found on a stretch of remote coastline in western Australia ...

26 Mar 2017
Potent Coronal Hole

At (March 25th) we are told a potent coronal hole is facing the earth and sending out a stream of solar wind that will arrive on March 25th and last for a few days. We may not have had many sun spots recently, a veritable dearth of them in fact, but coronal holes are something different. It is spewing out a flowing stream towards our neck of the woods, as seen by NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory, which provided photographs of the event horizon. How will it effect Earth's climate system?

26 Mar 2017
Claude Blot

Claude Blot's ideas often appear at the New Concepts in Global Tectonics web site and online journals - see He pops up at ... which provides some history on this French geophysicist. In the 1960s he said that earthquakes transferred energy upwards from deep inside the planet (and were not produced near the surface as in Plate Tectonics theory).