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19 Apr 2011

At some computer retrocalculation software of the sky at night has shown that the constellation Draco, the dragon, would have been above the acropolis and its temple in mid first millennium BC. This is when Athens was at its apogee and people celebrated the birth of Athena with festivities and athletic games and contests. Astronomy may have been a part of the process, it is hypothesized, and Draco was highly visible one or two hours after sunset, it seems.

18 Apr 2011
Solar cycle 24 is gathering pace ... and invisible cosmic objects

NASA is saying solar cycle 24 is finally on (see ). In 2008 sun spots disappeared and flares subsided and there was lots of ink spent on the quiet Sun. Three years later and the Sun has rumbled back into life - and aurora are being seen across the top of the world once again. 

13 Apr 2011
An electric plume - under Yellowstone

At - a computer simulation has come up with an image based on variations in electrical conductivity in underground rock formations beneath Yellowstone. It is thought to have a connection with the famous hot spot, a volcanic plume that has blown in a mega-blast on at least three previous occasions, the so called and much hyped super-volcano. The image was produced by geophysicists at the University of Utah and is due to be published by Geophysical Research Letters.

13 Apr 2011
Can the Earth's crust move up and down?

This sounds like the sort of thing advocated by Steve Mitchell in the pages of SIS but the story is at and derives from a paper that claims the crust can move up and down like a yo-yo. However, it is nothing like the sort of thing suggested by Steve Mitchell as they are referring to plate boundaries - although the idea might possibly be extended to whole sections of plate, assuming plates are not neccessarily huge affairs.

13 Apr 2011
Global Warming Models

Some people say that C02 does not cause warming - recent rising temperatures are due to natural factors such as solar cycles. Others think there is a lot less global warming than the propaganda proclaims - the data has been massaged  by various means to create an 'illusion' of rising temperatures. Still others accept C02 as a greenhouse gas and that as such it warms the planet - but the models labour under a false assumption and that is the idea of feedback. C02 causes greater warmth which causes more water to evaporate from the oceans - and adds to the warmth.

12 Apr 2011
Ocean Circulation Systems

At (there is a broken link here so if there is a problem go to site and look at archive on LH menu). This is a taster article for those who know very little about the Ocean Circulation System, ENSO events (El Nino and La Nina cycles) and how they influence global climate.

12 Apr 2011
Minoans in Canaan

At - this is a subject that reads like something right out of Ages in Chaos, and various SIS articles on similarities between Late Bronze Canaanite culture, literature, and language, and the Aegean world. Excavations at a huge Middle Bronze Age Canaanite palace complex near ancient Acco, at Tell Kabri, has been found to have origins as far back as Middle Bronze I.

12 Apr 2011
Luni-solar influences and the length of the day

At by Paul Vaughn, M.Sc. It is about a French paper on solar cycles and the rate of change of the length of day, by Courtillot et al (2010). Variations in the length of day involve the lunar nodal cycle (18.6 days), the lunar apse cycle (8.85 years), the terrestrial year (1 year) and harmonics (0.5 and 4.42 yrs). See also

12 Apr 2011
Comet Storm

One man writing down what he thinks might have happened at the end of the Pleistocene - Dennis Cox, April 2011, at ... It all began as a hobby, hunting for meteorites, a popular pastime in the States as they fetch worthwhile sums of money, aided by his military training in assessing battle and blast damage from bombs etc (using aerial photography). He applied the same technique in his search for meteorites, finding evidence of blast on the ground - impact geology.

11 Apr 2011
A Climate Change Most Foul

At is Anthony Watts take on a piece of McIntyre sleuthing that can be view in full at which is the full disclosure of what was going on behind the scenes to upset the HADCru whistle blower leading up to the Climategate email leak about 18 months ago. In the News was covering the Yamal tree ring story as developed at the time by McIntyre.