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5 Jan 2011

At we have a post on John Lascelles whose book was reviewed by SIS a couple of years ago. Wikinfo was launched in 2003, a universal open content reference source along the lines of Wikipedia and other Wiki sites. The site is set up for users to edit articles and to create new articles. This is an ideal facility for SIS members to participate in, especially those with hypothesis that have no chance of getting a public hearing elsewhere.

5 Jan 2011
Solar Alignment in New England

This is one of those stories that I find fascinating, a man that has devoted a great deal of his spare time and holidays in investigating an archaeological oddity, walking and hiking for miles in an attempt to understand what might have been going on. Obviously, as the evidence mounts one has to home in some kind of clue, and in this instance he thought he had found evidence of an astro-archaeological alignment.

4 Jan 2011
The Quelccaya Glacier

At January 3rd ... we learn that freezing weather is also affecting the tropics - in this instance, the high mountain zones of the tropics. Ecuador is both tropical but also the Andes heights harbour glaciers - most noteably the famous Quelccaya glacier that environmentalists have been so fond of telling us over the last 20 years or so, is receding. In other words, it has been melting. It has melted to such a degree that plants that were buried under ice thousands of years ago have been found, relatively intact.

4 Jan 2011
The Grand Bahamas Bank

At hgttp:// .... there is a NASA image of the Great Bahama Bank as seen from space. It stretches from near the N American land mass to the south, almost reaching Cuba. The image was taken by the MODIS instrument, a spectroradiometer, from a satellite and picks out beautifully the Bahamas Bank system (see below) which is just 33 feet average depth as opposed to its surrounding waters, or deep water channels, that are thousands of feet deep.

1 Jan 2011
Human evolution - the spats

At ... is based on a paper in the Journal of Human Evolution that contradicts the long held belief that the noses of Neanderthals were adapted to extreme weather - the cold climate at the edge of a huge ice sheet.

31 Dec 2010
Massive Comet Break-up and NASA on Solar Max

The ESA and NASA mission SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) has found its 2000th comet (see SOHO was designed to monitor the Sun and was launched as long ago as 1995. It is the dozens of amateur astronomers that daily pore over the fuzzy lights moving across the images produced by the camera onboard the satellite that has actually found the comets. At the moment there are around 70 people from 18 different countries taking part.

31 Dec 2010
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29 Dec 2010
Tel Qudadi

At ... we learn that Tel Qudadi, a fortress on the mouth of the Yarkon River (now part of modern Tel Aviv) was not a fortified place of Solomon or of Ahab, as previously designated - but was an Assyrian fort of the late 8th/ early 7th centuries BC. Hence, pottery styles and other cultural artifacts within Tel Qudadi may likewise have to be adjusted. I wonder what Bob Porter and chums are saying on Yahoo?

29 Dec 2010
Early Human Revisions

At ... there is a report on the recent discovery of the remains of humans found at Qesem Cave near Rosh Ha'ayin in modern Israel. Incredibly, these have been dated via cave floor detritus, to some 400,000 years ago. Now, according to this post the consensus Out of Africa hypothesis is under pressure.

28 Dec 2010
Christmas Trees

At ... an interesting article by Rens van der Sluijs on illuminated christmas trees - and plasmoids.