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8 Feb 2011
Aboriginal Astronomy

At  Ther story comes from the Daily Telegraph of February 5th and concerns a pattern of stones laid out on the ground in a semi circle formation and according to CSIRO astro physicist Ray Norris they were aligned to map the Sun, and date back 10,000 years.

1 Feb 2011
Mzora, Sun Stones and Petroglyphs in Norway

At Stone Pages January 31st ... a stone circle at Mzora in Morocco, 27km from Lixus, was known in Roman times as the Tomb of Antaeus who was killed by Hercules. It is in fact a Neolithic period ellipse of 168 stones (some are missing) the tallest of which is 5m. At the centre is a large tumulus - which is thought to be a much later addition. A survey of the site in the 1970s, when A Thom was popular, went so far as to say it was built by the same people or culture that constructed megaliths in France, Britain and Ireland.

29 Jan 2011
Human migrations in the Ice Age

This story can be found all over the internet, at and at and at and it all comes from a paper in the journal Science

29 Jan 2011
The fox and the T-shaped stones

At January 28th we have a story about a fox that was provided with its own grave as if it was a special member of a family group, a pet. It may also have been some kind of tribal talisman. Likewise, depictions of foxes and the remains of foxes are not unknown features of the past - they pop up on occasion. This fox, dated to around 16,000 years ago, was found in the Transjordan zone. It is not particularly unusual for people to keep a fox as a pet, even n owadays.

26 Jan 2011
Solar Sail

At there is a picture of the solar sail. NASAs Nano Sail-D satellite has unfurled a gleaming sheet of space age fabric 650 km above the earth. The idea is to clear up near space.

25 Jan 2011
Ice Age Graveyard

The Daily Telegraph (see January 23rd) ... construction of a dam on a reservoir near Aspen high in the Colorado mountains, has led to the discovery, so far, of 600 bones preserved in sediment at the bottom of what was an Ice Age lake. Mastadon, bison, deer, and a ground sloth are among the remains, the bones still white and pieces of trees with bark still on the branches and leaves that have been preserved in an uncurled green condition.

25 Jan 2011
The Revision of History

AGW proponents not only adjust temperature readings from the recent past in order to draw a more prominent warming trend they are now revising history itself in order to saddle the wicked human race with further angst. According to the new history of the world the Roman Empire, the Black Death, and the colonisation of the Americas had a significant impact on climate - largely it seems by chopping down trees.

24 Jan 2011
Geology on the Quick

At ... the blog of Pierre Gosselin has picked up on a story from the major German daily, Der Spiegel - on a story in which the reporter may have got so used to climate alarmism he thinks geological events take place in weeks rather than millions of years.

24 Jan 2011
Electro-magnetism in the Ice Age

I stumbled on this web site after reading a commendation by a commenter on a forum at ... but usually avoid repeating stuff from there over here. Not a lot of point as SIS members are frequent visitors to that site in any case. In this instance, it is the site itself that is recommended and not anything in particular. In fact, for mathematicians among our members, and physicists too, this is a wonderful site in which to dip.

24 Jan 2011
An Electric Comet

This is another recommended web site from (see ). This is a web site of a scientist with time on his hands, one that hosts a weekly radio show on science in the USA. The story picked out goes back to 2007, and Comet Holmes. It suddenly flared up and became an extremely bright object a long way out from the Sun - and scientists were clearly perplexed.