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19 Feb 2011
Lake Baikal and the weather

At Lake Baikal, the worlds biggest lake, we learn is cold and deep and is giving up some of its secrets. A study in PLoS One (February 2011) by Russian scientists has found that water temperatures in the past correlate with El Nino indices and actually reflect sea surface temperatures in the Pacific - yet Lake Baikal is in Siberia.

19 Feb 2011
The giant planet that just won't show its face to the camera

See a giant planet bigger than Jupiter is lurking in the Oort Cloud, is the claim. Strangely the author quotes the dodgy science newspaper, The Independent - which appears to claim the recent WISE mission found a new super planet in our solar system. The WISE scientists on the other hand deny any such thing, not surprisingly, but with some negativity that has fueled the conspiracy theories.

17 Feb 2011
Bananas and radiation

At there is a nice post from Anthony Watts on bananas containing radiation. Apparently, several foods are naturally radioactive and bananas in particular due to potassium-40. The point is that fear of radiation leaking from nucleur power stations has been over-hyped as there is a lot of radiation out there in the human world - especially if you live somewhere like Cornwall.

17 Feb 2011
Comets and Comet Elenin

SIS member JC Hanselman provided the following link, but wait for the Java applet to load (some security systems may reject this as a potential threat to your computer). This link is not working now and has probably been archived.

16 Feb 2011
A Giant Flare, a new super planet, and NEOs are zipping past the earth at the rate of one a day

At we learn that satellites have detected the biggest solar flare in 5 years - produced from a giant sun spot (in reality a series of small sun spots that accumulated in a small region of the sun's surface). It is the strongest type of X-ray flare and the first of solar cycle 24. What is surprising is that the surface of the Sun otherwise remains extremely quiet - without another blemish.

16 Feb 2011
Ancient canals beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Significantly, the story comes from an amateur investigator, presumably a diver, (see ) who claims he has found unnatural features on the sea bed at 60 sites off the coast of Louisiana, New Jersey, and Florida. He thinks they are channels, canals and harbours - and says there is a horseshoe shape with a circle inside. The features were drowned when sea levels in the region rose thousands of years ago - and he provides a map of projected sea level change over 20,000 years.

15 Feb 2011
Random Walks

At ... this is a guest post by lukewarmer Roger Pielke Senior with an amusing title on a paper by Fraudrich, Kirk, Schubert and Zhu (2011), 'Random Walk lengths of about 30 years in global climate'. They examine the choice of 30 year data sets which goes back to the early 20th century.

14 Feb 2011
Mammoths as rock art and an Arabian Gulf hypothesis

National Geographic News February 10th, 2011, has a story on the discovery of rock art in Utah that depicts a mammoth (see ). The engraving was found on a cliff face and appears to have been carefully rendered - it showed the perfect mammoth domed head, long tusks and long trunk.

13 Feb 2011
Asteroid 2011 CQI

At Feb ruary 12th 2011, in the midst of several very outdated postings, is this one. A small asteroid, or large meteor, came within 5480km of the earth's surface last week. The approach was close enough to alter the orbit of the object, shifting it by 60 degrees - and nobody saw it coming?

12 Feb 2011
Lucy's Foot

At ... the bones of a human foot curve upwards to form arches and this feature has been found in a 3.2 million year old Australpithecus afarensis to fossil in East Africa - a relative of Lucy.