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23 Jan 2011
Origins of the Sun

Oliver Manuel has a paper, The Sun's Origin at which can be downloaded or read online. He visualises the Sun as a giant plasma 'diffuser' that sorts out elements and isotopes by their weight. Hence, lighter things such as hydrogen and helium are at the surface of the Sun but the interior is made up of things that can be found in meteorites, the earth, and on rocky planets in general.

23 Jan 2011

At January 22nd ... Mexican archaeologists have discovered three Clovis projectile heads associated with the remains of a gomphotheres in Sonora. The animal is extinct, a species similar to the mammoths, but smaller. They are thought to have become extinct in North America 30,000 years ago - so it was a surprise to find Late Pleistocene tools in association with their remains.

23 Jan 2011
Sun spots might be livening up

The Sun is coming alive once again as a huge sun spot region is developing lots of dots and signs of activity. According to a NASA spokesman it is a jumble of magnetic polarities, one of the conditions for magnetic reconnection and solar flares. The Solar Influences Data Centre in Belgium issues a daily bulletin on the Sun, hence the hype over what is really a rash of small dots rather than a genuine sun spot.

23 Jan 2011
Did the Egyptians paint pygmy mammoths on the walls of dynasty 18 tomb?

This amazing story can be found at and scroll down list of articles to January 19th where it is the fourth post of that day. It was written for National Geographic by Darren Naish, a science writer and paleozoologist at the University of Portsmouth. In 1994 Baruch Rosen pubished a brief article in Nature which sparked a bit of a debate on Egyptian art and conventions in motif and portrayal.

23 Jan 2011
Ancient Florida - land where there should have been sea according to the uniformitarian model

At 'Ancient plant matter found beneath Pine Island changes Florida history' is about some recently discovered ancient plant remains beneath Pine Island, actually a bed of rock where a sample was taken to a laboratory and it was found to contain pollen and spores dating as long ago as the Eocene (some 35 million years ago).

23 Jan 2011

At ... Peter Jupp's web site has an excellent article on fossils - from petrified trees (that become agate or chalcedony) complete with beetles and their larvae and the  holes they made when the object was wood rather than stone, to oysters, clams and crabs also made of stone and caught in a moment of collective disorder and distress. In South Dakota the skeleton of a dinosaur was discovered in 1993 and in its chest cavity, in the precise shape and size of its heart, was found an iron concrete ...

21 Jan 2011
Comet Rendevous

NASAs Stardust NExT spacecraft is nearing a rendevous with Comet Tempel on February 14th (see ). The mission is designed to look for changes on the surface of the comet following its recent orbit around the Sun - what effects did coming close to the Sun have on the comet? It will image composition, distribution and flux of dust emitted into the coma and material surrounding the comet nucleus.

21 Jan 2011
Stephen Hawking

At there is a story of students flocking to hear Stephen Hawking speak at Caltech in California. He can still draw a large crowd. His speciality is quantum gravity. In 1974 he predicted that black holes should thermally create and emit subatomic particles known as Bekenstein-Hawking radiation - until they exhaust their energy and dissipate.

18 Jan 2011
Bog Bodies

At it seems that some 560 bog bodies have been found just in Denmark as a result of wetland drainage schemes. Acids found in bogs have mummified some of the bodies, even the clothes. In most instances only the bones have been preserved. The author lists a variety of theories as to why bodies were deposited in such places.

18 Jan 2011
Lake Victoria (Australia)

At ... see the Forum section and a discussion of some of Peter Jupp's ideas (he is a member of SIS, and his DVDs are available via the SIS Sales or can be purchased directly from his web site where short You Tube videos of them can be viewed online to give an idea of what the DVDs offer). In this instance the Forum is discussing the possibility that an Aboriginal gathering of peoples was destroyed by an auroral discharge (Wal Thornhill).