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15 Dec 2010
Naughty Maoris

At ... apparently, scientists have found evidence that 40 per cent of the canopy forest in the South Island of New Zealand was incinerated around 800 years ago - and the blame is being put on the Maoris as they were unable to climb trees and pick fruit, we are told, but for some reason they are said to have preferred to dig up the rhizomes of bracken fern as they contained starch.

15 Dec 2010
Israel Antiquities Authority

For those interested in Biblical archaeology - or revisions with a slant towards the archaeology of the Levant, you may be interested to learn the Israel Antiquities Authority journal is now available to read or download in full online at - articles published in English as well as Hebrew.

15 Dec 2010
Prehistoric Footprints at Formby

The footprints are said to date back some 5000 to 6000 years ago, see and it seems a lot of amateurs have been scouring through sand dunes near Formby in Lancashire after the disovery of footprints. According to marine scientists the beaches are receding and this disperses sand and sediment and uncovers underlying layers.

15 Dec 2010
Aztec Blood Ritual

There are two articles so far in what will be a three part series on Aztec blood rituals - sacrifice. See and ...

15 Dec 2010

At we have a video clip and a story on a sunspot eruption way back in August (see also december 14th). What prompted the post was a paper just published in the Journal of Geophysical Research on the electro-magnetic significance of the eruption.

13 Dec 2010
Victor Clube at the 2010 Conference on Quantavolution

The talk is available for download from ... the talk has the title, 'Global Warming and the Disallowed Protestant Calendar' but has nothing to do with the global warming debate at all except to point out that the warming trend out of the Little Ice Age is one thing and pollution as a result of industrialisation is a different issue.

12 Dec 2010

At ... Kevin Trenberth, IPCC lead author and matey boy with Phil Jones of UEA notoriety, has rushed to defend a peculiar study that contradicts not just a lot of earlier research but the fact that market gardeners pump C02 into growing houses in order to make their crops produce bumper yields. An Australian biologist claims otherwise - and John O Sullivan is on the case.

12 Dec 2010
A crocodile - but different

At ... a paper in the Journal of Vertebrae Paleontology 30 (December 8th) has come up with some interesting biological differences, as it seems crocodiles come in a variety of adaptations to habitat - long snouts and pug nosed snouts, long tails and shortish tails, lithe bodies and pudgy

11 Dec 2010
Worlds in Collision

At .... worlds in collision - actually bashing up against each other - is one hypothesis of the early solar system now being floated. An object the size of Mars, it is said, smashed into the earth and ripped out its guts - producing the Moon. Until now it was thought the Moon owes its existence to one random collision event - but why be shy?

10 Dec 2010
Lost World

At ... a paper in Current Anthropology speculates that the Persian Gulf was an oasis during the last Ice Age - and even in the early Holocene. It was not until around 6000BC that the floor of the Gulf was flooded - and it was dry land during the last Ice Age too. The actual Indian Ocean coastline during the Pleistocene may also have differed - but this is not mentioned. Suffice to say, Arabia was joined to Iran.