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6 Nov 2010
Entrenched Positions

We can see that climate scientists prefer to dig a hole for themselves rather than address data adjustments openly and in good faith but such a stubborn attitude appears to be common to other fields of science too - archaeology for example. It is not just celestial alignments that are out of favour, or the idea of earthquakes as a factor in Bronze Age site destructions, but sea level change is ignored.

5 Nov 2010
Comet Hartley2 - flyby

A rash of sites has news on the flyby of Comet Hartley2 on thursday 4th November. Images are being studied by scientists - but some have been uploaded for public viewing. See for example, as the spacecraft came within 700km of the comet (see also and )

5 Nov 2010
The Atlantic current during the Ice Age - and melting ice sheets

At (see also ) there is a report on an article published this week in Nature which claims that during the Late Glacial Maximum the flow of deep waters in the Atlantic differed to what happens today.

5 Nov 2010
Dating Rocks

At ... we are told geologists have a general idea of when major events occurred in earth history but precise dates for the sequence and duration of geological events are not actually known for sure. As an example, how long did it take for mountain ranges to forme or the exact age of fossils. Geochronologists are thescientists who determine the age of rocks and minerals and to do this they measure radioactive elements.

5 Nov 2010
Study Group Meeting - November 4th (London)

A write-up of the talk given by David Salkeld will duly appear in SIS Workshop - but a couple of other points were also discussed. Steve Mitchell, a landscape archaeologist, passed around some graphs showing the literal affects of the Shannon sea level curve ... at around 4000BC. Britain would still have been joined to the continent in the SE. This means that Neolithic farmers could have entered the British Isles by a land route, fanning out in all directions once they reached the Thames Valley.

4 Nov 2010
The Book of the Dead

BBC News November 1st (see ) has a video of the Egyptian Book of the Dead - a sequence of pages of papyri that appear to open one after the other. In reality the papyri are very fragile and one of them is 37 metres in length - so this is a succession of images. Still, very useful and well worth looking at.

4 Nov 2010
Mammoth and Mastodon cache in the Colorado Mountains

The mountains of Colorado are not recognised as a haunt of mammoth or mastodon - but they are digging them up at a reservoir near a ski resort (see ). The reservoir had been drained and the bottom was being dug out by bulldozers when the bones were found - and the search is being expanded. Mastodons are usually found in eastern North America. In addition, a complete juvenile mammoth was found intact buried in silt.

4 Nov 2010
Mars - asteroid strike? ... gamma ray bubbles and a newly found neutrino

Mars does not have much in the way of an atmosphere - or a magnetic field. It is being suggested its protective shield was switched off half a billion years ago by an asteroid strike (see November 3rd). The Mars Global Surveyor sent back data in 2009 that seemed to indicate something like that occurred - using computer simulation modelling techniques.

4 Nov 2010
Approaching Comet Hartley2

At ... the Deep Impact spacecraft has captured images of multiple jets emanating from the surface of comet Hartley2, switching on and off. The spacecraft was 5 million miles away from the comet when the images were taken and there is a small video which can be viewed simply by clicking on an arrow as a start up. Turn up the volume on your computer before doing so. Is cometary science about to change?

4 Nov 2010
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