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1 Jan 2011
Human evolution - the spats

At ... is based on a paper in the Journal of Human Evolution that contradicts the long held belief that the noses of Neanderthals were adapted to extreme weather - the cold climate at the edge of a huge ice sheet.

31 Dec 2010
Massive Comet Break-up and NASA on Solar Max

The ESA and NASA mission SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) has found its 2000th comet (see SOHO was designed to monitor the Sun and was launched as long ago as 1995. It is the dozens of amateur astronomers that daily pore over the fuzzy lights moving across the images produced by the camera onboard the satellite that has actually found the comets. At the moment there are around 70 people from 18 different countries taking part.

31 Dec 2010
Index of Postings in November and December 2010

November 2010

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November 5th ... The Atlantic current during the Ice Age - and melting ice sheets

November 5th ... Comet Hartley2 - flyby images

29 Dec 2010
Tel Qudadi

At ... we learn that Tel Qudadi, a fortress on the mouth of the Yarkon River (now part of modern Tel Aviv) was not a fortified place of Solomon or of Ahab, as previously designated - but was an Assyrian fort of the late 8th/ early 7th centuries BC. Hence, pottery styles and other cultural artifacts within Tel Qudadi may likewise have to be adjusted. I wonder what Bob Porter and chums are saying on Yahoo?

29 Dec 2010
Early Human Revisions

At ... there is a report on the recent discovery of the remains of humans found at Qesem Cave near Rosh Ha'ayin in modern Israel. Incredibly, these have been dated via cave floor detritus, to some 400,000 years ago. Now, according to this post the consensus Out of Africa hypothesis is under pressure.

28 Dec 2010
Christmas Trees

At ... an interesting article by Rens van der Sluijs on illuminated christmas trees - and plasmoids.

24 Dec 2010
A tale of a finger bone and a tooth

This story has been on BBC News and you can read about it at a variety of blogs, including which is a report on a paper in the December 23rd issue of Nature about the fingerbone of a young girl found in a cave in southern Siberia and dated 30,000 years ago. She was neither a modern human or a Neanderthal but belonged, it is said, to a previously unknown human species - possibly hybrid.

24 Dec 2010
Woolly Mammoths in the Arctic Circle

At ... a paper in the journal Palaeography, Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology claims that woolly mammoths living north of the Arctic Circle in the Pleistocene epoch, in this instance between 150,000 and 40,000 years ago, began weaning infants up to 3 years later than modern day African elephants. Biologists looked around for a reason why this might have happened and this is what they decided.

23 Dec 2010
Dolmens in the Jordan Valley

At and ... dolmens going back to the 4th millennium BC in the Jordan Valley were in danger of being destroyed by mining operations but have now being reprieved by the setting up of an archaeological preserve.

23 Dec 2010
The YD boundary event splutters once again

The big news at this week is that a former critic of the YD boundary event has, out of nowhere, changed his mind - see Scribd paper available to download as a pdf document (5 pages). This turn around comes after Phil Cleays had said in a December 2009 paper (just 12 months ago) 'the geochemical story is finished; its over. There is nothing, no meteoritic signal.