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30 Mar 2011
The archaeology of the Alps

The archaeology of the Alps, or more specifically in this instance a small part of the mountains as preserved in Ecrins National Park in France, and confined solely to the Holocene (see Current World Archaeology 46) and concerns what is a high altitude plateau above the tree line. For example, there is plenty of evidence of Mesolithic hunting activity - and this continued into the Neolithic era (farmers on the lower slopes may have continued the tradition).

30 Mar 2011
Megaliths in NE Africa

In Current World Archaeology 46 April 2011 ... an article on the Mursi people of the Lower Omo Valley in SW Ethiopia, mention is made of megaliths in the region. The Lower Omo Valley varies between arid and semi-arid and is marginal as far as rain-fed agriculture is concerned. However, it is dominated by the Omo river, a tributary of the Blue Nile. Since 4000BC tributaries of the Omo have dried up as the region has become progressively drier.

27 Mar 2011
Early Americans

At March 26th there is mention of new discoveries in Texas that push known occupation of the Americas backwards - to 15,500 years ago. This is the Bolling warm period after the end of the Ice Age. The Clovis toolkit is associated with the next warming phase, known as the Alleroed, leading up to the Younger Dryas at 12,900 years ago. Hence, for stick in the mud archaeologists that insist humans entered the Americas after the ice sheets in the north melted, this new discovery is no big deal.

27 Mar 2011

It seems Discovery News is catching up with the rest of the world as they have an article, 'God's Wife edited out of the Bible - almost' at This is really an old story dressed up as something new by a young TV presenter but it seems the Old Testament editors have omitted any mention of Asherah, as such - but residual traces remain.

26 Mar 2011

At there is a story about gravity and relativity and variations as advanced by Peter Herova that eliminates dark matter and dark energy by adjusting Einstein. In contrast, at where it claims Einstein's theory fights off challengers. 

26 Mar 2011
India and early human activity

At is a story about the discovery of stone tools in SE India that date back one million years ago - or longer (see Science March 25th 2011). Acheullian tools are usually associated with Homo erectus and on this evidence they were in South Asia not long after their appearance in East Africa. However, no fossil bones have been discovered so an argument might develop on what species of human was responsible.

26 Mar 2011
Climate Update as we head towards the end of March

Over at Piers Corbyn is predicting some extreme weather or even an earthquake in the next few days - as a result of solar activity. Meanwhile, at we learn that sea ice extent is at nearly its lowest point - ever (or since the modern AGW phenomenon took root some 25 to 30 years ago). However, at where we learn the opposite side of things. It is not the extent that matters, it is being argued, but the thickness of the ice.

25 Mar 2011
Amino acids, RNA ... and toads in Australia

Two papers with a bearing on biology and evolution. One can be found at where a Mexican biochemist has decyphered part of the 'code of life' - within a large RNA protein enzyme responsible for expressing genetic code for the amino acid glutamin. The second paper is at and published in PNAS by threee biologists in Australia. For 150 years biologists have thought evolutionary change is caused by just two factors - survival and reproduction.

25 Mar 2011
The Earth is Greening

At ... global warming or not the earth's biosphere appears to be benefiting from increased C02 in the atmosphere - the earth is greening. This post is based on one paper by three Chinese scientists, Liu et al, 'Spatial and temperal variations of global LAI during 1981-2006' in the Journal of Geophysical Sciences 20 (2010) - the LAI in this instance stands for Leaf Area Index.

24 Mar 2011
Green fuel

At March 22nd. The headline says it all - this particular biofuel creates more C02 than burning coal or oil. Third world countries are being encouraged by green western governments to reduce emissions and bring a halt to the destruction of rainforest - or any other wild and green place.