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23 Feb 2011
Ice Age skull from Mexico

National Geographic News Feb 18th had a piece on exploration of underwater caves on the Yucatan peninsular where they have found some interesting objects ( ). In a deep pit that is known as the Black Hole they came across an Ice Age mastadon and bones of other Pleistocene fauna ... and a human skull. To reach the Black Hole they travelled through 4000 feet of passages using underwater propulsion vehicles. The pit was some 200 feet deeper than the surrounding cave, and 120 feet in diameter.

23 Feb 2011
Ice Age Maps

At ... the University of Sheffield has created a series of virtual maps to show how the ice sheet shrank at the end of the Ice Age. During the Last Glacial Maximum, 28,000-17,000 years ago, the ice covered a large area of Britain, Ireland and the North Sea. The maps are based on glacial landforms such as morainnes and drumlins

23 Feb 2011
Roman Empire - collapse in the west

At the url says it all, the end of the Roman Empire and the descent into a cold wet phase of northern European climate - but what else was going on? Grondine focusses on barbarian migrations, volcanoes, earthquakes, plagues, aurora, comets, famine and fireballs etc.

22 Feb 2011
Elenin Update

Various strange web sites have picked up on Comet Elenin and the faact that initially, its trajectory was at around 8 astronomical units (au) from the orbit of the earth but this figure has since been revised to  0.15 au with the prospect earth will pass through its debris trail in November. The story also appears at Feb 21st, and provides a number of web sites to view further information.

22 Feb 2011
536-45AD - volcanoes or cosmic debris?

At George Howard is adding the 6th century AD volcano or cosmic event to his web site - beginning with two articles which can be downloaded. The first is by Mike Baillie, Proposed Re-dating of the European ice core chronology by 7 years which counters arguments by Larsen and Briffa (the tree ring specialist that fiddled temperature data in Siberia).

22 Feb 2011
Earth's core rotating faster than the rest of the planet

At there is a report on a paper due to be published in Nature Geoscience, a news release by the University of Cambridge. It was found in earlier studies that the core of the earth was rotating faster than the rest of the planet. It seems this new paper is going to say the same thing - except that it is not rotating as fast as previously calculated. For the research, seismic body waves were passed through the centre of the earth, and measured.

20 Feb 2011
Forbush Decrease

At ... a forbush decrease is apparently a rapid decrease in the observed cosmic ray intensity following a coronal mass ejection. It occurs as a result of the magnetic field of the solar wind sweeping some of the galactic cosmic rays away from the earth - and that is going on right now.

19 Feb 2011
Lake Baikal and the weather

At Lake Baikal, the worlds biggest lake, we learn is cold and deep and is giving up some of its secrets. A study in PLoS One (February 2011) by Russian scientists has found that water temperatures in the past correlate with El Nino indices and actually reflect sea surface temperatures in the Pacific - yet Lake Baikal is in Siberia.

19 Feb 2011
The giant planet that just won't show its face to the camera

See a giant planet bigger than Jupiter is lurking in the Oort Cloud, is the claim. Strangely the author quotes the dodgy science newspaper, The Independent - which appears to claim the recent WISE mission found a new super planet in our solar system. The WISE scientists on the other hand deny any such thing, not surprisingly, but with some negativity that has fueled the conspiracy theories.

17 Feb 2011
Bananas and radiation

At there is a nice post from Anthony Watts on bananas containing radiation. Apparently, several foods are naturally radioactive and bananas in particular due to potassium-40. The point is that fear of radiation leaking from nucleur power stations has been over-hyped as there is a lot of radiation out there in the human world - especially if you live somewhere like Cornwall.