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28 Nov 2019
Lion Cub Mummies

Gary sent in the link ... Egyptian archaeologists unearthed a cache of 75 wooden and bronze statues and 5 lion cub mummies decorated with hieroglyphics at the Saqqara necropolis near Giza. Mummified cats, cobras, and crocodiles were also unearthed. They are said to date to dynasty 26 (76th century BC) ...

28 Nov 2019

At ... this appears to be one to accept or to feel a trifle sceptical. An archaeological discovery at Shiloh matches perfectly with the Bible, we are told - which appears to be a corner of a stone altar. Several other recent discoveries at the site point to the same conclusion, the storyline continues. Archaeology appears to be revealing aspects of the Biblical narrative. David Rohl has of course been here already.

21 Nov 2019
Sugars in Meteorites

This story is at ... virtually anything organic in comets and meteors is deemed to be a clue to the origin of life - without many clues on how they convert from primitive building blocks into actual building blocks. Research continues and more information is popping up all the time. Here we have an international team that say that sugars found in a couple of meteorites support the hypothesis that chemical reactions in asteroids, their parent bodies, can make sense of life's ingredients. Not everything though.

21 Nov 2019
Earth's Magnetic Song

At ... ESAs Cluster mission has provided a recording of the song which Earth sings when it is hit by a solar storm. It derives from the waves generated in Earth's magnetic field. The storm itself is the eruption of electrically charged particles from the Sun's atmosphere. The analysis shows that during a collision, the foreshock is driven to release magnetic waves that are much more complete than first thought. The foreshock is inudced to release magnetic waves (see video at the link).

21 Nov 2019
Adding Up

Interesting link at ... which concerns the different measurements of the expansion of the universe that have been a feature of angst amongst cosmologists. The subject has featured in the News on several occasions. WattsUpWithThat has the benefits of lots of comments - some of them erudite and intuitive, and others quite the opposite. It seems a hundred scientists met at the University of California to try and clarify what is happening with the divergent data.

21 Nov 2019
Florida Native American Settlement

At ... a LiDAR survey of Florida has thrown up evidence of a huge Native American settlement on Raleigh Island - going back to between 900 and 1200AD. This  coincides with the Medieval Warm Period and we may suppose it was the changing climate around AD1200 that led to its abandonment - or possibly its capture by a hostile tribe. It was also at ... but the link has now gone. LiDAR once again proving to be an effective archaeological tool, especially in challenging environments.

21 Nov 2019
Life on Mars

At ... it seems insect might have lived on Mars. Are they the vermin of Velikovsky? An Ohio University professor says we already have evidence of life on Mars. He specialises in arbovirology and medical entymology said he spent a lot of time looking at photographs beamed back from Mars. He claims to have found insects in those photographs. He presented his findings to a meeting of the Entomological Society of America in St Louis (November 2019) and said, there has been and still is life on Mars.

21 Nov 2019
Ibis Mummies

The ancient Egyptians mummified a number of different animals, from bulls to crocodiles. They also mummified the sacred Ibis bird - but did they harvest from the wild or were they domesticated. Rather than read the press release here is the full article in PLoS ONE online journal - go to ... the authors claim to have discovered where they obtained so many Ibis - over the course of hundreds of years. Ibis played an important role in Egyptian religion.


17 Nov 2019
Hyenas in Yukon

At ... hyenas, during the Ice Age, lived between Mexico and the Yukon, in the far north. Ice Age hyenas are said to have lived in the Arcitc - the assumption being that the geoid of the Earth has remained unchanged. Hyena fossils are sometimes found in the UK (in cave deposits for example) but the Yukon example involved three teeth found back in the 19760s.

17 Nov 2019
Exodus Routes

A fascinating discussion on the route of Exodus at the Eric Aitchison email thread. Anyone wanting to join in send an email to the contact address on this web site.