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18 Mar 2011
Flying Saucers and the Rings of Saturn

This story is at March 17th ... and concerns weird flying saucer shaped moons in the rings of Saturn that have intrigued astronomers after seeing them on images transmitted by the Cassini spacecraft. A paper in the December 6th issue of Science says the two Yorkshire Pudding shaped Aunt Bessie like moons seem to be formed from the same material as the rings themselves. They are in effect, clumps of ice and dusty accretions. The actual flying saucer shape is found elsewhere in the universe - around what are thought to be black holes, around stars, around Jupiter etc.

16 Mar 2011
Ozone and Meltdown

A couple of doomsayings - or what might be called some mischief making from environmentalists. Apparently, an ozone hole has developed this week over the Arctic and is said to be a big problem - blamed on unusually cold temperatures in the Arctic. Firstly, you may note the disappearance of ozone coincides with a couple of very big solar flares and auroral displays at the Poles but that is of no consequence, it seems (see ).

16 Mar 2011
Fire use in Prehistory
A paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on March 14th has an interesting article on fire use by early humans - and is the result of extensive research and access to libraries and excavation reports across Europe and North America. Neanderthals appeared at around 400,000 years ago and they ranged over most of Europe as far as Central Asia as well as the Near and Middle East regions.
15 Mar 2011
Moon Madness

The March 19th Full Moon is being mooted as potentially dangerous as the Moon is slight closer on average than it normal orbit - and this might cause further earthquake activity as a result of tidal forcing (see the story at March 14th). A NASA spokesman poured cold water on the idea as the Moon only appears be larger and closer and there is really no difference in size or proximity.

13 Mar 2011
Deep Ocean Life Forms

Ever wondered what lives on the bottom of the ocean - or in the bottom waters? A catalogue of deep sea life forms can be seen at but there are of course lots more, estimated at around 230,000 marine animals that are currently known - but there is a total of well over 500,000 species yet to discover (see )

13 Mar 2011
X-Flares and Quakes

At March 12th, it is said it is just a coincidence that the earthquake in Japan coincided with a geomagnetic storm - in case anyone was thinking otherwise. Earthquakes occur without geomagnetic activity and vice versa - but does that put paid to the possibility?

13 Mar 2011
Apophis - the asteroid

At we learn that astronomers are keeping tabs on asteroid Apophis as it approaches a close encounter with the earth in 2029. The position of the asteroid over the next few months will enable astronomers to study it more closely - before its orbit takes it back into the Sun's glare. That makes observation virtually impossible.

12 Mar 2011
Roman Roads

As long suspected by some people there was already a long distance road system in Britain before the arrival of the Romans. The latter was responsible for roads made of graded stones and gravels in order to take heavy military traffic but roads existed in the Iron Age - and probably before that too.

12 Mar 2011
News on the Archaeology Front, March 2011

Current Archaeology April 2011 ... has a report on the discovery of a Neolithic chambered tomb on South Ronaldsway in the Orkneys that was quarried into the bedrock to create a central passage aligned east to west. Leading from the passage was a series of cells but the tomb, like many long barrows in southern England, was decommissioned by backfilling it and sealing the entrance. The thinking behind this is unclear but is found at many archaeological sites of the Neolithic and Bronze ages.

11 Mar 2011
The Sun awakes - or is it still slumbering?

At is a reference to the present X-flare and unsettled geomagnetic conditions (details derived from A flare on March 9th, following on from the big flare in late February, is what has generated the posting, as it sent a CME towards the earth. Funnily enough, or perhaps just a coincidence, two days later we have the Japanese earthquake.