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28 Feb 2010
Creation Myths February 12th ... a contribution by Rens Van der Sluijs has a heading with a depiction of an aurora seen in January 1570 in Bohemia, central Europe. The way the picture is composed lends him to wonder if creation myths may have originated out of plasma formations, such as auroral phenomena, in the sky, and this is what is meant by the 'dwellings of the gods'.

27 Feb 2010
Palaeolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex

Palaeolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex, WM Napier, Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, Cardiff University, available in PDF format for download to the general public but pending publication (which is agreed). George Howard was wondering, a few days ago, if the WISE space mission would find evidence of the Clube and Napier 'remnants' of a comet that broke up in the solar system during the Holocene period and gave rise to various meteor streams such as the Taurid complex.

27 Feb 2010
Velikovsky Revisited, Eric Aitchison

This is a newsflash to let members know that Eric Aitchison, who has published a number of articles in SIS journals, has an E Book which is available via Mikamar (see  ) and can be downloaded on your computer. The title is Velikovsky Revisited, a long and in-depth study that is basically his way to reconcile the conventional model of ancient history with the Ages in Chaos series of Velikovsky.

26 Feb 2010
Toba February 23rd ... newly found archaeology in India has revealed traces of human activity before the huge Toba eruption at 74,000 years ago. In fact, human activity has been preserved by uncovering the ash laid down by the volcano - in a similar fashion to Pompei. Humans were therefore in India before the Out of Africa theory assumes they left Africa - more and more problems are piling up for the accepted version of the spread of homo sapiens around the world.

26 Feb 2010
Gulf of Mexico id 186089477 February 22nd ... the Little Ice Age apparently had an affect in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico according to research by marine geologists - deep sea sediment samples. The region cooled by 2 degrees which is completely at odds with the 0.6 degrees from broad scale climate reconstructions - and completely gives a lie to the Mann hockey stick. 

26 Feb 2010
Icy Equator id186161122 February 23rd ... some geologists think ice existed at the equator some 300 million years ago during the Palaeozoic (final stages) and research is ongoing to find out why this should be so.

26 Feb 2010
Hyder Flares February 24th ... has a guest post that will interest members of the SIS. The subject is the Sun and an enormous magnetic filament that stretched more than one million kim from end to end - visible perhaps in amateur telescopes (but be careful with your eyes). For seven days in a row the filament hung suspended above the surface of the Sun. Charles Hyder, in 1964-7 did a doctoral thesis on these flares and has been the acknowledged expert since then. They are now known as Hyder Flares.

26 Feb 2010
Bronze Age Race Track

Irish Times, February 25th (see id1224265140601) ...a ring fort in Tipperary has been surveyed by archaeologists and they are suggesting it may have been used to stage Bronze Age sporting contests in what was essentially an arena. Ring forts are associated in folk  tale with fairies, but the Rathnadrinna Fort is something special located as it is 3km from the Rock of Cashel - seat of the High Kings of Munster.

26 Feb 2010
Underwater Waves id186252841 February 25th ... Oceanography scientists from the University of Rhode Island have been looking at what it might be that generates huge underwater waves that occur between layers of warm and cold ocean water in coastal regions. These can reach heights of 150m in the South China Sea and the effects of them can actually be viewed from space (cameras in satellites). The existence of a huge continental shelf system off the coast f East Asia is one factor but a deep ocean basin is also located in the South China Sea.

25 Feb 2010
Dark Comets

See (or simply go to the menu on side bar of the web site) ... George Howard wonders if NASAs WISE mission which is now underway is able to confirm or refute, in part or wholly, the widely dismissed notion and theory of Bill Napier and the British NEO catastrophists.