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14 May 2010
Djedefre's Pyramid and Easter Island

At  May 11th ... could Djedefre's pyramid be a solar temple? Not according to new research. Dr Michael Baud of the Louvre Museum in Paris gave a lecture on the pyramid at Abu Roash (see also ) which was quarried in Roman times for its stone.

13 May 2010
Oxygen and Evolution

At - the journal Astrobiology has a paper that suggests the evolution of complex life forms may have had a kickstart a couple of billion years ago when geological events caused large quantities of phosphorous to wash into the oceans. In turn, this caused vast algal blooms that pumped extra oxygen into the environment which allowed larger more complex organisms to thrive.

13 May 2010
Hole in Clouds

At info [at] jpl [dot] nasa [dot] gov May 11th (see www.jpl.nasa,gov/news ) the Herschel Space Observatory has found a gaping hole in clouds surrounding a batch of young stars - providing astronomers with a glimpse into the star forming process. It is alleged. Stars are born obscured by dense clouds of dust and gas so little is actually known about the process - but theories exist. Now it seems there is a hole in the cloud surrounding the latest star birth event - but what might have blown the hole open?

13 May 2010
Neanderthals and Genes.

Science Daily May 6th (see ) the fossil record indicates modern humans differ physically from Neanderthals.

11 May 2010
Land of Punt

A story in the San Franscisco Chronicle at May 8th appears to confirm the Land of Punt was somewhere in the Eritrea/Ethiopia region, a region favoured for some time by historians. To the Pharaohs the Land of Punt was the source of treasure - or prized objects of trade. This included exotic animals such as leopards and baboons.

11 May 2010
Gravitational Waves

At May 9th ... physicists from NASA and the ESA intend to search for gravitational waves - as predicted by Einstein. These are the last strand of the theory of general relativity  that has still to be proved correct.

11 May 2010
Seeding the earth

At May 10th ... Nigel Calder freely admits he was not keen to embrace the idea comets seeded life on earth when it was first proposed by Hoyle and Ramasinghe (when he was editor of New Scientist). In the meantime he has changed his mind and reports on a French team that has found extraterrestrial dust grains rich in carbon  in the snow of Antarctica (see also Science May 7th).

11 May 2010
Blobs of crust that excite May 9th ... old pieces of continental crust that are thought to fall to the bottom of earth's mantle region are being blamed for mysterious dents in the planet's gravitational field. At some points on  the globe, such as the middle of the Indian Ocean, the NE Pacific, and the Ross Sea, earth's gravitational field is weaker.

11 May 2010
Ho Hum ...

The blogosphere got a bit agitated the other day when 225 members of the American National Academy of Sciences 'paid' for a letter to be published in Science complaining about victimisation by climate sceptics.

11 May 2010
New Chronology Update May 10th

The New Chronology Yahoo group has a series of emails from Eric Aitchison on reign lengths, and dynasties 18, 19 and 20 in respect of Manetho and other ancient sources. He is arguing that Manetho is more reliable than some forum members are prepared to admit.