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17 Feb 2020
Tel Motza

Gary sent in this link - temple near Jerusalem challenges the claim there was just one temple in Jerusalem, that of Solomon. This appears to refer to the position in the reign of Josiah (late 7th century BC or even the situation after the Exiles returned from Babylon. Not sure if it applies to the Monarchy period as a whole - but that might spoil the story at ... this story may also be impacted by chronology - a revision of Iron II strata from 10th to 9th centuries BC which is heavily contested by some factions.

17 Feb 2020
Necropolis at Asyut

At ... concerns the acropolis of Asyut - which goes back 4000 years. An ancient city with its temples, palaces, libraries and houses was later overcome by Nile flood sediments. These were possibly as a result of the river changing channels as it did on a number of occasions. A recent excavation, in the mountains above Asyut, has provided new information on the city that existed during the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom.

17 Feb 2020
Sea Dragons

At ... the sea dragons in question are ichthyosaurs - fish like reptiles that filled an evolutionary niche in the oceans equivalent to modern dolphins and porpoise. They first appeared in the record of the rocks at 250 million years ago, it is said. They went on to diversify into a broad range of sizes and occupied a variety of marine ecologies. However, around 200 million years ago, we are told, there was a bottleneck through which only one lineage of ichthyosaurs survived.

16 Feb 2020
Oral Traditions

At ... Aborigines and traditions. It seems some of these traditions allude to volcanic eruptions and meteors - and some of them may date back thousands of years. In SE Australia there are 400 basaltic intrusions as a result of eruptions -  probably dating within the last 100,000 years,  it is suggested. Aborigines have been in Australia a long time - possibly over 50,000 years. Their Denisovan ancestors even longer.

16 Feb 2020
Ice Ages come and Go

At ... scientists show solar system processes control the carbon cycle - throughout Earth's history (or at least that part of it in which humans have existed). Below is an image from the Jurasic coast of Dorset, the so called 'Belemnite Mud Member' - which is geological speak for a mudstone sedimentary formation that can be seen in the sea cliffs of the Jurassic coast. It seems a similar geological horizon exists in Wales, also with abundant fossils of marine belemnites ...

15 Feb 2020
Grains in the Wrong Place

At ... cereal grains dating back 5200 years ago (3200BC) have been discovered in the eastern Altai mountains (on the China side). The Altai mountains in southern Siberia (central Asia if you like) regularly crop up in discoveries of fossils of Neanderthals and Denisovans but now we have evidence people were moving cereal grains, and planting crops, across Eurasia earlier than previously thought - more properly as far north as they were discovered.

15 Feb 2020
Galactic Cosmic Rays

At ... the Atacama Telescope Array in Chile has been looking at Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. They found a chemical footprint in Titan's atmosphere that indicates that cosmic rays with an origin outside the solar system affect chemical reactions in the formation of nitrogen bearing organic molecules. This is the first observational confirmation of such a process and what is true of Titan is probably ture of other bodies in the solar system.

15 Feb 2020
Ghost People

At ... Another ghost population indicated by genetics. This time it is in Africa - and concerns the ancestors of West African Bantu (or that is how I took it). Archaic  hominins added variety to African genes it would seem, in a carbon copy of European and Asian genes. However, these are different - and peculiar to Africa (although ultimately we are all connected at some point or the other).

13 Feb 2020
Greenhouse Gases

Interesting post at Pierre's web site - ... Earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen = 99%. In other words, according to mainstream climate scientists of the alarmist kind there are just 1% of greenhouse gases (such as co2). Nitrogen and Oxygen are said to not absorb infrared radiation yet some scientists have actually been saying they do radiate IR - since 1944.

13 Feb 2020
Novel Brain Signal

This comes courtesy of Anne Marie de Grazia. I haven't noticed it on mainstream but it was published in the journal Science so it must have slipped my gaze. It is also research done on the continent. Go to ... the newly discovered brain signal that may be a key to being human.