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10 May 2015
the dark side of the Mississippi

Roughly where the city of St Louis is now situated, or not too far short, there was a major native American settlement with monumental architecture and the famous mounds. Is is now known as Cahokia - and was at its apogee between 1000 and 1200AD the biggest community in North America, with trade connections over a wide area.

3 May 2015
plasma shield

The power point presentation of Bob Johnson's talk at the AGM has provoked a couple of responses. One of them is a link to ... in order to protect army vehicles and the like rather than satellites in the sky. The heat creates a plasma shield denser than the surrounding air which is able to deflect or absorb energy from an incoming shock wave. Ian Tresman provided a further link, per magnetic fields and plasma -

3 May 2015
cooling heels

At .. which is all about cooling the heels of climate data - the oldest parts of the climate records. Mike Brakey is described as an engineering physicist and energy expert, and has a lot of experience. He hails from New England, or more properly, the State of Maine, and he forwarded to Pierre Gosselin a summary analysis of NOAA past temperature 'adjustments' for the region.

3 May 2015
Circling the Wagons

At ... a classic case of circling the wagons and shutting down an upstart theory. This time, it is the idea that Solutrean Points (from Iberia) are similar to Clovis Points (common in SE N America) and the idea that the Americas might have been colonised by humans not just from across the Bering Straits but also people from Ice Age Europe may also have reached the Americas. The problem is that people from Siberia are assumed, in the mainstream straitjacket, to have colonised America after the Ice Age.

3 May 2015
Tree rings and History

At ... an analysis of European tree ring data suggests that a series of mild summers may have been the key to the rise of the Roman Empire - and prolonged droughts, cold snaps, and the like played a part in historical upheavals, from the barbarian incursions to the Black Death (plague). Ulf Buntgen, a palaeoclimatologist from Zurich had his paper published in the journal Science ( ... in January of 2011).

3 May 2015
Dinosaur Australia

At ... dinosaur footprints have turned up on an Australian beach - but they are only exposed during spring tides. This indicates the continental shelf around western Australia was dry land at the time.

One interesting aspect is the equipment used, a light-weight LiDAR laser scanner developed by CSIRO that apparently fires lasers into the atmosphere from a spinning mirror. Distance is measured when the laser bounce back.

3 May 2015
Tibet 2300BC

At ... this is a story on Tibet and it seems there was a major change at the end of the third millennium BC - at the period when the Akkadian Empire dramatically collapsed. We learn that climate change may have been responsible - and the cooling period between 2300 and 2000BC appears to be what they are finger pointing (but I may be wrong). Later, at some stage, farmers in Tibet began growing wheat and barley - and it is suggested this was as a result of the cool weather.

2 May 2015
dinosaur tracks on a vertical face

Here we have evidence of tectonic forces difficult to imagine, dinosaur tracks, 462 trails of over 5000 prints, found on a verticle slab of limestone in Bolivia. The link was sent in by Robert Farrar - go to

1 May 2015
Bob going viral

Bob Johnson's power point presentation is now on Anthony Watts blog - see ... but if you want to know what other people think about the Electric Universe idea read the comments. I trawled through all of them and some good points were made. Leif Svalgaard, solar physicist and often visitor to Anthony's place, is not a fan of the EU. It became clear that he had probably not watched Bob's presentation as he would have noticed Bob actually quoted from one of his own articles.

1 May 2015
Firing up the Sun

At ... is about the coronol heating theory. Something is going on in the atmosphere of the Sun - but what. Nano flares in their many hundreds if not millions appear to fire up the Sun