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7 Jan 2015
Dinosaur remains on the Isle of Wight

AQt ... fossils from the Early Cretaceous period can be found in some parts of the Isle of Wight - the age of the dinosaur. Brook Bay is one such location - but there are many collections out there in private hands and fossil collecting is a largely amateur pursuit. Academics, it would seem, largely ignore the private collections - as in some way tainted. Museums of course, are overloaded with rocks and fossils - they can only hold so many.

7 Jan 2015
What a Beauty

      What a beauty. Comet Lovejoy. The image is at, January 7th - there is also a comet photo gallery to browse. Lovejoy is still getting closer to the Sun and may yet surprise us all.

7 Jan 2015
Black Osiris

At .... a purposely blackened tomb has been found in Egypt. The Daily Mail supplies some useful pictures and drawings. It was apparently dedicated to Osiris. The symbolic burial site was used in rituals to connect the god with pharaoh - at death. The tomb is said to date back to dynasty 25, the Ethiopian line of pharaohs. You could say that is where the black comes in, but why a blackened tomb?

4 Jan 2015
ancient amulet

An interesting amulet has been turned up at excavations at Nea Paphos on Cyprus - see The author of the piece is at pains to demonstrate how pagan ideas had survived into the Byzantine period. However, it could equally demonstrate how quickly pagan ideas had become corrupted because the genuine version of them had vanished as Christianity had expanded.

3 Jan 2015
a variation on Piers

At ... which is a look at the Sun, the big orb in the sky that is largely ignored by climate science. Is it a key factor in climate change? Surprisingly, the Sun has a fairly minor role in climate models, assumed to be a near constant and therefore exerting very little extra heat to planet Earth. Something more drastic was required - co2.

3 Jan 2015
Inigo Owen Jones, weather prophet

Australian long range weather forecaster, Inigo Owen Jones. (born in Croydon near London), died in 1954 and yet he was surprisingly up to date with his view of what causes the weather to change. He said that ozone is built up by the ultra violet range of the spectrum but is disintegrated by a ray in another part of the spectrum that is especially strong in sun spots. He added that the minimum occurs when the sun spot zones and the earthly hemispheres are more exactly turned to each other. It is easily seen that the sun spots are responsible.

1 Jan 2015
Dilation of Time

At ... there is a fascinating abstract derived from an article in the December 23rd issue of PLOS ONE online journal, 'Implication of an Absolute Simultaneity Theory for Cosmology and Universe Acceleration' which suggests dark energy is not necessarily a factor in the expansion of the universe. It is all about the idea of time dilation and a different way of looking at Einstein's theory of relativity.

31 Dec 2014
the article that never was

SIS was, quite a few years ago now, on the way to publish an article on Dodwell's famous 'curve' - where he claimed to be able to track the last time the axis of rotation of the Earth had changed. The original article, at that time, was in the safe hands of Adelaide University, and his family had expressed the wish that his work was not taken out of context.

31 Dec 2014
Cappadocia, Kirbet Kerak, and the mystery of the Tutankhamun mummy

A new underground city has been found in Cappadocia, in the eastern part of what is modern Turkey - see

An early urban centre near the Sea of Galilee is being explored by archaeologists. This is Kirbet Kerak, a city that dates back at least as far as 3000BC. It was contemporary with the Old Kingdom of Egypt, with links even as early as dynasty One.

30 Dec 2014
Forbush Decrease

A sudden decrease in cosmic rays bombarding the Earth's atmosphere has coincided, accidentally or otherwise, with a week or so of very cold weather. On December 21st ground based neuton monitors detected a sudden decrease in cosmic radiation - December 29th - and this was due to three CMEs thrown out by the Sun, over the previous 48 hours, sweeping away, broom like, many of the cosmic rays normally in the vicinity of the Earth. The CMEs did not engage with the Earth or its atmosphere - they swept on by (sweeping up the cosmic rays in the process).