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24 Feb 2015
climate change and out of africa

Seems like two consensus theories are now in a head lock, being used as a battering ram in support of each other. Gary Gilligan forwarded the link - ... and is the result of research being done in Oman in SE Arabia where Out of Africa folk have been desperate to find evidence of early human movement. Most of the Arabian peninsular is out of bounds to archaeologists.

23 Feb 2015
chalk erratics

An article in February's Down to Earth (geology magazine), issue 90, ISSN 0969-3408 ... concerns discoveries in chalk quarries over the years. Most finds are never reported. It is only the odd quarrymen who will bring attention to an oddity, and inform a geologist. In turn, most academic geologists rely on others to do the dirty work, and in spite of this there are a surprising number of erratics in museum collections (donated over the last 100 or so years).

22 Feb 2015
SIS Spring Meeting

Bob Johnson's talk at the SIS Spring Meeting in Watford will be . The Variability of the Sun and the Effects on Earth. In other words, what effects do CMEs have on the Earth system and the inhabitants on the surface.

22 Feb 2015
dark matter and the galaxy journey

At ... the question is asked - does dark matter cause mass extinctions and geological upheavals? What might we make of that. Well, it is a direct statement that recognises catastrophism as a fact of the planetary past. In that way it is interesting as not so long ago they may have avoided catastrophism altogether and stuck fast to the uniformitarian model in that nothing has happened in the past that does not happen in the present.

22 Feb 2015
the small comet of no consequence that transmogrified into a bright one

At ... track back to the page for February 19th. Here we find a story of a small comet, barely noticed, that went around the Sun and came out the other side shining brightly. A video of the transformation appears on the site.

At the same time we get the news that at the moment solar activity is very low and there are just a few small sun spots blemishing the surface.

19 Feb 2015
The year of 365AD

This is the year of a big earthquake in the central Mediterranean area, an earthquake that produced a tsunami wave that caused widespread destruction as far afield as Cyprus and Egypt. It is described graphically by the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellus - see for starters

18 Feb 2015
Plumes from Mars

An interesting story at ... plumes seen rising from Mars, high above the surface. On two occasions amateur astronomers reported the plumes. Now, NASA astronomers had a look at some old images from the Hubble telescope and they found a really big plume from 1997. Now it is being taken seriously, we may well suspect, amateurs excluded. Sccientists are actually being forced to address the issue - and what might cause the plumes. One theory is a connection with auroral phenomena.

18 Feb 2015
manganese balls on the ocean bottoms

The mystery of the balls of metals found on the ocean floor are baffling scientists, we are being told at

A remote camera revealed the ocean floor is littered with these metal balls, and some patches are remarkably well spread. Entrepreneurs around the world have an eye on harvesting them - and making lots of dosh in the process.

13 Feb 2015
modern civilisation is a civilisation of oil

Modern civilisation is a civilisation of petroleum. Some people think it is a simple thing to shut off the pumps and close down the pipelines and live on renewables.

13 Feb 2015
a canyon created in days

At ... the Joumlkuka Fjoumllum river in the Joumlkuka rgljnafur canyon in Icelkand was formed in a matter of days by extreme flooding events