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7 Jan 2016

Baffles are found in exhaust systems to quieten the noise but in this context the baffled are the climate activists and they tend to make more and more noise. One can hardly believe that genuine scientists really do think that projecting a few years of warming into infinity is a realistic way to look at future trends - but they give every impression to the climate faithful that they do think their projections are honest and truthful and genuine science research.

6 Jan 2016
electric stars

At ... and at ... seems like the Electric Universe is hitting mainstream between the eyes. Scientists are 'surprised' as strong magnetism has been discovered in the majority of stars ... and you can't have one without the other, electricity. We live in exciting times, on the cusp of a new kind of science and yet what occupies the minds of most young enquiring minds - CAGW.

6 Jan 2016
John Davis

Interesting post at the New Chronology Yahoo Group by John Davis - talking about a TV programme featuring David Rohl.

3 Jan 2016
Venus birth

At ... a new theory on the birth of Venus as a comet embraced by the pull of Jupiter into the inner solar system. The author transfers these ideas to Stonehenge in a novel manner, and his theory is that a newly arrived Venus comet was the object of interest of ancient societies, and archaeoastronomy. It involved a certain amount of fear and awe in order to maintain observation on a regular basis etc. The bibliography suggests he is up to date in research.

2 Jan 2016
Wal on Song

At ... we have a video of Wal Thornhill, '2015; a year of surprises' which amounts to the EU take on ESAs Rosetta mission and NASAs New Horizons mission to Pluto, and so on. Good one.

See also ... which is the  EU take on magnetic reconnection, the mainstream solar physics view of plasma energy transfer.

31 Dec 2015
Irish origins

A study published in PNAS in December of 2015 documents the genome of 4 Irish people - a Neolithic woman (dated 3343-3020BC) from a tomb at Ballynahatty (not far from Belfast) and 3 men of the Bronze Age (dated 2020-1574BC) from a cist burial on Rathlin Island. The DNA of the woman resembled mostly early farming communities from the eastern Mediterranean, the Levant and Anatolia. In contrast, the men, dating a 1000 years later, had a completely different origin - as they had the most common Irish Y chromosome type with blue eye alleles etc.

30 Dec 2015
flood events

Tim Cullen has turned his attention to mega flooding events. He is always worth a read - go to

30 Dec 2015
ocean warming

Lots of heat is being dissipated at the North Pole. A storm near Iceland has sent lots of warm water and air into the Arctic - what is going on? Joe Bastardi the meteorologist is into ocean currents - he has lots of heat to shed at the poles - see the above link and also read the comments (not too many to wrestle with) ...

29 Dec 2015
nice one Patrick

the image is of a CME erupting from the Sun - go to

29 Dec 2015
Antarctic Ice

Climate scientists have tended to studiously ignore ice mass and sea ice growth around Antarctica as a whole while at the same time screaming blue murder that the West Antarctic peninsular is losing ice. This is the small piece of Antarctica that sticks up into the Southern Ocean towards S America and is forever subject to periodic exposure to warm ocean currents migrating from the Pacific through the Indian towards the Atlantic oceans - some of which re-enters the Pacific via the Magellan Straits.