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29 Nov 2017
Black Hole anomaly

A black hole anomaly - see ... at the centre of our galaxy, in the immediate vicinity of the Milky Way's supermassive black hole, is a region of intense ultra violet light and x-ray radiation. This sort of activity is not thought to be conducive to new star formation - yet it is. New observations from ALMA (the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array) have recorded eleven low mass stars forming perilously close to the smacking lips of the aforesaid black hole. They are just 3 light years away.

25 Nov 2017
Space Dust

Space dust can transport life between planets - see ... dust and debris form ancient asteroid collisions, and outflow from comets as well as interstellar dust is pervasive throughout the solar system. Space is not empty. It is full of dust and no doubt, bigger grains, from gravel to rocks. Roughly 220,000lbs (in old money) of space dust falls on to Earth each day, we are told. In deep space streams of cosmic dust can travel at speeds up to 44 miles per second.

25 Nov 2017
Dowsing is Bunkum

Oh dear. The mainstream thought vigilantes have been out in force after the parents of a precocious biology student witnessed a man from the water company using a dowsing rod to locate the water pipe in order to make a connection to their house. Wow. This went viral - on Twitter and on numerous blogs. Lots of people who had never heard of Sally Le Page now do - courtesy of a little piece of condescension by people who think they are superior to the little people (like the technicians that work for water utilities).

25 Nov 2017
Speaking of Water

Speaking of water, scientists discover evidence of recent water flow on Mars - see ... and the scientists in question come from a number of universities and countries but the lead author is from the Open University in Milton Keynes. They claim they have found evidence of recent glacial meltwater in spite of the widely held opinion that the climate on Mars is too cold to melt ice. The evidence in question revolves around the identify of an esker (what they interpret as an esker and it does look very much like it is).

24 Nov 2017
Empty Space

The way physicists represent the universe and its history are described in Einstein's equation of general relativity, Newton's universal gravitation, and quantum mechanics. The consensus at present supports Big Bang followed by expansion. According to Andre Maeder dark matter and dark energy are only required to make it all fit together because they ignore empty space. He argues empty space and its properties do not change following a dilation or a contraction.

24 Nov 2017
Moon Origins

Sent in by Gary. At .... the Moon's surface was a magma ocean - until it solidified. How long did that take? We are told that long before the Moon came to be covered in a solid and cratered crust (the situation nowadays) it was a massive ocean of molten magma. One theory is that this accounts for the crust's so called purity - it is primarily made up of a single mineral. A new study suggests a secondary event may be to blame.

24 Nov 2017
Lightning creates anti-matter

This is an interesting story and can be found at various places on the Internet - for example, at .. lightning creates anti matter in our atmosphere. Back in 2009 Anthony Watts suggested a huge electric charge differential in Earth's atmosphere acted like a particle accelerator and now it seems scientists have verified the idea (or at least, a team from Kyoto University in Japan).

24 Nov 2017
Quirky Comet

At ... when a comet passed through the inner solar system at the beginning of 2017 it presented astronomers with the chance to turn their telescopes in its direction - and analysis is said to have filled in some crucial details what ices in Jupiter family comets do. Ices in this instance mean frozen gases. The comet it seems did not meet expectations as it is described as quirky - or different from other comets. The team measured 9 gases released from the nucleus into the coma.

23 Nov 2017
Earth Breathes

At ... we have a 5 minute NASA video plus a couple of pages of text - sent in by Robert. He pointed out how the snow/ice cover alternated between northern and southern hemispheres, a fact which has allowed CAGW people to dishonestly and constantly claim the ice caps are melting. In reality, in one of the hemispheres, the ice is melting - at the same time it is growing in the opposite hemisphere.

23 Nov 2017
Sun Pulses X-rays

At ... Electric Universe has been something of a taboo for a number of years at WattsUpWithThat climate blog - but it seems even they cannot deny recent science findings, especially when it comes from a solar scientist (Laura Hayes). She has investigated a connection between solar flares and Eareth's atmosphere, a well trodden path in EU circles - but not accepted as a general fact of reality (by mainstream).