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28 Jul 2019
Asteroids and Meteors

At ... Hat tip to William. An asteroid buzzed the earth and was barely noticed. It was 100m across and passed just 70,000 km away, last Thursday. The lack of warning shows how quickly potentially dangerous asteroids can cross the orbit of the earth. Astronomers have become adept at seeing asteroids at night - but not always so during daylight hours. The 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor was a case in point. It came from the direction of the sun (and was obscured by sunlight) - and nobody knew about it until it entered the atmosphere.

28 Jul 2019
Dinosaur Burial Ground

At ... link sent in by William. The thigh bone of a massive dinosaur, probably a sauropod, was dug up by French paleontologists in SW France. See image below

   ... Sauropods lived during the Late Jurassic era and weighed up to 50 tonnes. Some 7500 fossils of 40 different species have been excavated at the site near Cognac (since 2010).

27 Jul 2019
Einstein Question

At ... we seem to have two camps on Einstein and Relativity. The bigger group of scientists actively do research in order to sustain the theory (as that was what they were taught in their youth). The second, and smaller group seem to be constantly telling us Einstein's theory is about to tumble. In this latest study we are told Einstein's theory of Relativity is fraying at the edges. It is an interesting idea as the basis of their argument revolves around black holes - and the assumption mainstream is right about them.

26 Jul 2019
Science Comic

In World Current Archaeology 96 (August 2019) ( we have a two page piece on the latest Neanderthal finds and mention is made of a study in PLoSONE online journal that used demographhic modelling and simulation to test what changes over a period of 10,000 years could lead to the mysterious Neanderthal extinction around 40,000 years ago. It found a slight continous slopee in the fertility rates of women under the age of 20 could have led to a signficant impact that could have led to the demise.

26 Jul 2019
Rock Art

A new web site dedicated to rock art (including European cave art) is at

24 Jul 2019
The Greek Pyramid

As canny readers will have observed from images of the previous post on the Greek pyramid in the Aegean Sea there was certainly no pyramid itself (or a building resembling a pyramid) but the pyramid was the island itself. It looked like a pyramid - or nearly so. No pointy top of course and no topping of a thunderbolt/meteor. It was the island that resembled a pyramid which was enhanced by the use of white marble that was brought by sea from Naxos, around six and a half miles away. In fact, 10,000 tonnes of white marble was brought to the island.

24 Jul 2019
Duck billed dinosaur

At ... a strange looking dinosaur but apparently a fairly common herbivore. It has a nose suitable for shovelling that resembles that of an eagle - but is described as duck billed. In other words it had what looks like an ornamental head that probably evolved for a specific way of feeding - an arched nasal crest. It is said to be a primitive form of hadrosaurid and yet dates to the middle Cretaceous (fairly late in the dinosaur era). It was a herbovore and they were common - providing meals for the big predators.

22 Jul 2019
3D Quantum Spin

At ... apparently, there is no way to prove that a three dimensional 'quantum spin liquid' exists. Physicists have come up with another way to persuade their fellows of such a discovery - single crystals of cerium zirconium pyrochlore that contained the right kind of stuff to qualify as the first 3D version of the long sought after state of matter.

19 Jul 2019
Expansion of the Universe

At ... we have mysterious radio bursts - first discovered in 2007. Since then 100 or so have been announced - fast and bright flashes of radio waves issuing from space. What they are has yet to be determined.

19 Jul 2019
Bottomonium Particles

One for the birds. At ... a few millionths of a second after Big Bang the universe was so dense and hot that quarks and gluons (that make up protons, neutrons and other hadrons) existed freely in what is known as the quark-gluon plasma. All hypothetical of course. Apparently, they aim to recreate this situation at the Large Hadron Collider (and some early results are said to be promising) via high energy collisions of heavy ions of lead.