Ozone munching chemicals

At https://phys.org/print445696943.html ... envrionmentalists, a somewhat blanket term but in this instance meaning CAGW enthusiasts with an agenda, still persist in the belief CFCs are destroying the ozone layer in spite of numerous studies that say it is the solar wind that disperses ozone in the upper atmosphere, are at it again - but in this instance they may be slapping themselves in the face. Apparently, they've discovered the Chinese, or a close neighbour of them, is disregarding the UN ban on the production of CFCs (that the environmentalists claim has healed the ozone hole).

Worlds in Collision

Astronomy magazine (May 2018) had an article with the title, 'New Insights into How the Solar System Formed' - chaos and mayhem ensued, worlds in collision on a grand scale. This is a reference to the so called Late Heavy Bombardment theory. It seems that simply by repitition this has been morphed into fact. Oh dear, they then claim our solar system is somewhat unique in this respect as star systems studied elsewhere in the solar system do not seem to harbour chaos and mayhem on a par with our solar system.

Natural Geo-engineering

At https://phys.org/print445498815.html ... geo-engineering may come to the aid of catastrophism it would seem. One of the geo-engineering ideas being touted at the moment by global warming alarmists is the reintroduction of the mammoth - bringing thse beasts back to life using DNA. Apparently, the belief that mammoths (very large elephants) lived in freezing conditions on the tundra is central to the idea. The fact that mammoths may have lived in a temperate steppe zone rather than in tundra conditions is left unquestioned.

Giant Wave

Interesting link at www.livescience.com/62543-largest-wave-hits-southern-hemisphere.html ... a 78 foot tall wave was recorded in New Zealand, the largest on record (but the records don't go very far back).

However, more importantly, at www.carlineconomics.com/archives/4363 ... we learn there is now strong evidence that shows changes in co2 levels in the atmosphere have no significant effect on global temperatures. Yes, co2 changes in the atmosphere do not impact on temperatures at the surface. It is flannel.


At www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/lemba-tribe-in-southern-africa-has-j... ... genetic studies are said to have shown a connection between the Lemba tribe of Zimbabwe and the Jews. This apparently supports the theory of Robin Brown-Lowe in his book, 'The City of Solomon' (Sutton Publishing:2003). The World Jewish Congress article goes back to 2010 and a report of the story broadcast by the BBC. The Lemba live in central Zimbabwe and northern South Africa, about 80,000 strong.

Velikovsky Tribute

This tribute to 'Worlds in Collision' comes from a UFO web site. However, it was inspired by a recent headline, in April, that a wandering binary star sideswiped the solar system 70,000 years ago and knocked dozens of comets and asteroids into orbits contrary to mainstream thinking. David Halperin says, being of that generation his mind went back to 'Worlds in Collision' - go to www.davidhalperin.net/immanuel-velikovsky-worlds-in-collision-68-years-l... ...

Sea Ice Graph that says it all

The climate alarmists with the media hanging on their coat tails have been bleating about a melting Arctic all winter long - just because we had a warm November (2017) and a warmish month in the early year (2018) but what is really happening out there in the Arctic where in spite of the so called warming spells it has remained under freezing point and in almost total darkness.

Red Air Glow

The image below is of red air glow over the Atacama desert in Chile - courtesy of www.spaceweather.com (May 11th). Photographer Yuri Betelsky took the image - the air glow was so bright parts of the Milky Way were barely visible because of the intensity of the red glow. This is caused by chemical interactions in the atmosphere - via ultra violet radiation. The red air glow was floating in a band 87 km above the surface of the Earth. Betelsky has captured air glow on film on many occasions - but rarely as bright as on this occasion.

Stone of Destiny

A complication has arisen to the Stone of Destiny identification - the piece of red sandstone that is incorporated into the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. Rosalind Jones in Deposits magazine 27 (summer of 2011) says the Stone of Scone, used to crown the kings of Scotland in Perthshire, and apprehended by Edward I after his conquest of the Scots, may not have been the genuine article. In other words, it may have been switched to a local stone - the red sandstone of Perthshire.