eels and the Gulf Stream

Otto Muck, in his book 'The Secret of Atlantis' Collins:1978, was a catastrophist and though his theory was overtaken by other ideas, on the fate of Atlantis and the expansion of the Atlantic Ocean, he came up with a novel explanation for the behaviour of eels, drifting as larvae on the Gulf Stream with an origin in the Sargasso Sea.

Siberian mammoths

Robert Farrar sent the link to .... the bones of eleven mammoths and one woolly rhinoceros were found near the Ob river in western Siberia - dating between 10,000 and 30,000 years ago (a provisional estimate as C14 has not been done). For years people have been taking bones from the deposit as a souvenir and not a single tusk has remained. Four other mass graves of mammoth are known in Siberia and explanations on how they came about are trite.


At ... which means it was probably common across Europe too. University of Sheffield archaeologists have developed a process to show that some bones were not as badly affected by bacterial erosion (the process of putrefaction) as other burials (which were laid to rest with no attempt at preservation.

Deccan Traps

The Deccan Traps, a vast lava outflow, are located east of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), and here we have a bit of putting one and one together and making two - go to


At ... Europa is a moon of Jupiter and the link provides some historical information on the discovery, by telescope (the kind you hold in your hand), of the object some few hundred years ago.


At ... NASAs Dawn spacecraft has been taking pictures of another small planet, or large asteroid, Ceres - which again displays evidence of unusual activity, including energetic particle bursts.



At ... the New Horizons spacecraft has returned pictures of Charon, the larger companion of Pluto. The pictures are thought to show a very violent history, possibly even evidence of a collision. The solar system is becoming more insecure the more it is investigated.

more on black holes

At ... we have a little history of black holes and how the idea came about. It is illuminating.

  This is how a black hole is perceived. In reality all you get is a flash of intense energy.

what's it all about

At ... some 50,000 people, supposedly intent on saving the planet will be flying into Paris, or coming by train or road, all using fossil fuels but mouthing to the rest of us that we should be curtailing our emissions, in December. We have always thought in terms of it being a massive guilt trip, and these people really are concerned about the environment. However, has it gone beyond the world of delusion.

water on Mars

At ... NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found evidence of water flow, it is claimed. Using an imaging spectrometer researchers detected the signature of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaking was seen on the Mars surface. These streaks appear to ebb and flow over time, expanding in warm seasons and contracting in cooler seasons. However, warmer is not so warm as they are talking about temperatures of minus 23 Celsius (which is pretty chilly and not obviously very warm).