alien dust

At ... NASAs Cassini spacecraft has detected a first signal of dust coming from beyond our solar system it is alleged, according to research published in the journal Science (April 2016). Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004 and it has sampled ice rich dust grains mostly coming from active jets that  spray from the surface of the moon Enceladus. However, among these grains are some that stand out as being different, and scientists are assuming they came from interstellar space.

Dinosaur asteroid

There is a good article on the K/T boundary event asteroid that brought an end to the dinosaurs - see ... what the initial response to the hypothesis was and how mainstream geologists were upset at the idea of a catastrophic event. It took years for the evidence to become so overwhelming the mainstream had to concede - yet even nowadays some geologists argue against it as the idea of 'an event' laying down sedimentary layers quickly is anathema to them. The article was originally at The Conservation and Phys Org afterwards.

Guy Berthault

Gary Gilligan sent in an interesting link - ... and see also ... The former is a young Creationist web site but it seems that Berthault himself was not so inclined - see .. where in response to a post he turns round and says he is not a Creationist. However, this view appears to have spread around mainstream and he is usually criticised on the basis his article is popular on Creationist web sites.

Old Testament writing

At ... which refers to a Swiss excavation by Cornelius Pilgrim who unearthed two headless statues on the island in the Nile, Elephantine. One of the statues has an inscription and belongs to an Old Kingdom ruler - and in all likelihood the other statue dates from the same period of history.

binary star oddity

At ... a binary star moving very fast, at hypervelocity, seems to have caused a bit of a problem. It is part of the consensus view that hypervelocity binary stars are propelled by the energy of black holes - and here is the rub. Black holes are thought to occupy the centre of galaxies. As this particular binary star is moving at hypervelocity in our own galaxy it can clearly be seen that it is not on a projectory anywhere near the centre of our galaxy.

radioactive pigs

At ... following the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power station during the earthquake and tsunami wave the surrounding area was evacuated - leaving empty houses, sheds and outbuildings behind. These were duly colonised by animals - most notably by wild pigs. This may say a bit like 'Animal Farm' but the pigs really did get to upgrade to houses.

Bosnian stone balls

At ... and was sent in by William Thompson - a unique rock found in Bosnia (see below)

Pythagorem Theorem

At ... we have a clay tablet from Babylonia that was originally pulled from an excavation of Old Babylonian (Middle Bronze Age) archaeology in what is now Iraq. It concerns school work - and the knowledge of mathematics in the second millennium BC.

Chauvet Pont D'arc

At ... and ... we have a story about dating the cave art, a head scratching affair. The cave is situated in southern France and is a World Heritage Site. It's walls are decorated with hand prints and drawing of 14 different species of animal - and charcoal from the embers of camp fires in the cave were used to draw some of them. These include bears, horses, woolly rhinoceros, and various big cats.

Green Money Tree

At ... we learn the World Bank intends to increase funding for renewable energy projects - in developing countries. Should people over there start getting worried?