fusion update

At www.q-mag.org/the-german-sun-machine-is-on.html ... posted by Anne Marie de Grazia at her web site. Greens don't like fusion it seems as they are raising a storm at the amount of money invested in fusion research - peanuts in comparison with the gold bars on offer for renewable subsidies. Greens, the financial reality behind the Green Blob, want to protect wind and solar as the subsidies are where the gold dust lies.

upsetting applecarts

At http://anthropology.net/2015/12/18/14000-year-old-bone-found-in-red-deer... ... we learn that analysis of a 14000 year old femur bone and skulls bones found in 1989 at the Red Deer cave in Yunnan in SW China has revealed it looks like early Homo erectus and Homo habilis (way too archaic in morphology than the dating implies) which has upset the applecart as the survival of ancient humans over such a long period is simply not on the mainstream radar. It is being called a mystery. 

radiation block

Joy sent in a link to https://eos.org/articles/human-radio-transmissions-create-barrier-to-kil... ... and at first I thought it was a spoof, then realised they were being serious. The claim is that inter-action between radio waves from human transmissions on the surface of the Earth and the Van Allen radiation belts creates a bubble around the Earth that high energy electrons cannot penetrate. Very low frequency radio transmissions from Earth may be involved - and the emphasis here might be on the 'may be'.

Toronto Conference

The Toronto Conference has now got a nice list of speakers - see www.planetamnesia.com/toronto-conference/featured-speakers/

third way

Robert Farrar has sent in a link to www.thethirdwayofevolution.com ... which he came across as a link from another web site he was looking at. The name of the web site comes from an article written by microbiologist James Shapiro (University of Chicago) in which he proposed an approach to evolutionary science that was neither neo-Darwinist or Creationist, suggesting the mechanism is better at explaining evolution from natural selection. On that basis this site should appeal to members of SIS.

star bethlehem

A surprising number of article have been written on the Star of Bethlehem that suggest a comet as a possible candidate - see for example the list at http://www.staff.science.uu.nl/~gent0113/stellamagorum/stellamagorum_com... ... and www.staff.science.uu.nl/~gent0113/

Mark Bailey

Our Autumn speaker in Watford, Mark Bailey, is in the news - see http://phys.org/print369576018.html

funerals and science

There is an old saying that science only goes forward one funeral at a time. Senior scientists in a position of power over upstart theories are prone to shift ideas they do not like out to grass. Often they are rehabilitated following the retirement or funeral of the senior fellow. Its a nice theory and it seems some people have tried to test out the hypothesis - or the folklore (take your pick). The link was sent in by Brian Sherwood Jones and makes an interesting read - go to http://www.improbable.com/2015/12/14/does-science-really-advance-one-fun...

excited about nothing?

A press release from the University of Aolberta informs us of a paper published in the Dec 11th 2015 issue of Science Advances that is somewhat novel to say the least - see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/12/14/length-of-day-increase-and-sea-lev... ... which sounds very interesting from a Catstrophism point of view - but never think a uniformitarian would really come up with something earth breaking. The study is about sea level rise and presumably sea levels that go up and down a bit.