asteroid fly by small

At (Sept 9th 2016) an asteroid buzzed the earth and then headed towards the moon - passing by just 25,000 miles away. It came closest to the southern polar region and therefore did not intersect the orbits of communications and weather satellites. It was just 50 feet in diameter and would have made a nice fireball if it had penetrated the atmosphere of the earth.  See also ... where we learn astronomers were not aware of its presence until a couple of days beforehand.

sling bullets

   ... A cache of 180 Roman lead sling bullets has been unearthed at Burnswark near Lockerbie in Dumfries. Burnswark is a flat topped hill (see image above) with evidence of an Iron Age hill fort that came under assault by the Romans - go to ... which follows on from the News post last week.

David and Goliath

At .... concerns an archaeological investigation of the Elah Valley under the wing of Yosef Garfinkel. In the Bible this was the location of the battle between David and Goliath.

At ... the ancient Egyptians used metal hooks to secure paddles to boats to prevent friction of wood on wood. The discovery was made by Japanese Egyptologist, Sakiyi Yoshimura.

Don Patten and EU

William Thompson has prepared a list of electric universe concepts in the works of Donald Patten. These include references to flaming arrows, thunderbolts, celestial arrows, celestial blasts, celestial electricity, celestial flux tubes, celestial lightning, charged particles, deadly darts etc (as well as concepts such as sky bows and the silver bowstring of Apollo). Go to EU_Concepts_in_Patten_1988_CAOT.docx

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Ceres Volcano

This one is fascinating. Ceres, the dwarf planet currently being visited by the Dawn Mission spacecraft has a volcanic dome rising near what is thought to be an impact crater. Not much is said about the latter but the dome rises 13,000 feet and spreads 11 miles across at the base .... (see ...

Near Miss

At ... is another link provided by William Thompson. This concerns a small cosmic body that went unseen until it was one quarter of the distance from the moon - but passed by without incident. It was reported at during the same week (last week of August 2016)  but it is remarkable that sizable pieces of space rock can come that close to the Earth without being picked up by the many cameras and telescopes scanning the sky.

Maunder Minimum

William Thompson provided a nice link to an article by John A Eddy in Science journal 192 (4245) June 18th 1976, that is still worthwhile reading and digesting nowadays as we have a fairly quiet sun and some people are predicted an even quieter sun in the next solar cycle. These last eleven years (roughly) and are watched and catalogued by astronomers in order to see if a pattern exists. Go to


At ... the world's oldest fossils have been found in Greenland - going back 3700 million years ago (or 3.7 billion years ago) which is surprising as this means bacterial life was present half a billion years after the planet was formed. At this time, and for thousands of millions of years afterwards, life consisted of single cells. Stromatolite fossils are mounds of carbonate constructed by microbial life forms and they represent obvious evidence such communities existed.

Comet Outburst

Both WISE and FERMI have revealed a correlation in emissions from a black hole that is so wide it is detectable on both infra red and gamma ray telescopes. The field of light is so wide that it is now being called a blazar (something extraordinary bright and energetic). See

Jupiter's Poles

The image of Jupiter's north pole has been released by NASA - ... and it seems to show hot spots at the poles ....

   ... the link was sent in by Robert Farrar.

  ... so what is going on at the poles?