Seems like some academics have discovered atheism might have been prevalent in the ancient world - particularly during the Greek and Roman classical era. Atheism is not a modern phenomenon we are told - see for example .. so what is new?

2015 warmth

Two pieces explaining the warmth from November to February - El Nino. Go to ... and ... The funny thing here is that it was the super El Nino of 1998 that set the global warming mantra into overdrive - but never acknowledged that the warm spike was a fully natural event. As CAGW went into full swing we may wonder at the connection with the secular apocalypse and the year of 2000AD (a year in which the brain cells go back to a date tuned into full religious mode).

Ice Age ice

At ... although the paper is presented as part of the global warming discussion, presumably as a requisite to garner funds for further research, the conclusions may also have a catastrophist angle - but only if you think movements at the Poles are a possibility. The jury is out on that one. Mainstream is adamant that it can't be done - but being a trifle irreverent we should always keep an open mind (shouldn't we?)

broken spoke

Has a spike being put in the spoke of the gravitational wave announcement? At ... It seems NASAs Fermi telescope detected a Gamma Ray Burst coming from the same point as the Gravitational Wave. The idea is being played down by mainstream as the black hole merger is supposed to have swept the area around the bigger hole clean and therefore nothing would have existed, such as an exploding star, to cause a Gamma Ray Burst.


Seems like there are things about the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 that have gone unanswered - see It exploded at an altitude of 20km and released 500 kilotons of energy, 20 times more energy than the Hiroshima bomb. The shock wave generated was strong enough to create structural damage on the ground over a distance of 75 miles (mainly broken glass). However, this is nothing in comparison to the 1908 Tunguska explosion over Siberia which generated 5 megatons of energy and flattened a wide swathe of boreal forest.

How to respond ...

How to respond to the discovery of gravitational waves that are thought to originate in the merger of two black holes has been difficult. One could pass it over - out of my depth so to speak, or quote as they appear to have a view (if only on the forum). Its a big learning curve to go back and have another look at the black hole theory and General Relativity etc. Do black holes  exist - in reality rather than in the mind of cosmologists. Don't know. Simple as that.

neanderthal DNA

People of Eurasian origin have inherited dna from Neanderthals - see

trinkets and gold

A Scythian warrior burial in the modern day republic of Tuva has been uncovered - and remarkably tomb robbers never reached the treasure in the tomb. It is on a par with the treasure of Tutankhamon, it is alleged, and there are a lot of images, spilling out of the pages at ...


At ... scientists have discovered two new iron oxides in experiments. These seem to point to a huge, hitherto unknown oxygen source in the lower mantle of the earth. Published in Nature Communications (Feb 2016) Elena Bykova estimated an amount of oxygen equivalent to 8 or 10 times the mass of oxygen in the atmosphere. That is a surprise, she said, and we don't know what happens or what is going on with the oxygen in the lower mantle.