Mycenae flints and flakes

At ... surprisingly, the lower city of Mycenae has never properly been investigated. This is the town outside the citadel with its Lion Gate and huge walls. The lower town was also enclosed by a wall and it appears to have been laid out in a purposeful fashion.

Landscape fires in N America at the end of the Pleistocene

At ... George Howard provides the full paper to read (published in Nature Geoscience on May 25th, 2014. It is five pages long and derives from the University of Wisconsin. Basically, it is telling us the transition from the Pleistocene to the Holocene is characterised by contintental wide wild fires. See the image above - the Brady layer in the Midwest.

The cusp of cold fusion technology

At ... 2014 is likely to be important for Cold Fusion (Low Energy Nuclear Reactors or LENR) according to  ... but strangely, since January it has all gone a bit quiet (so has Wired overhyped). First we have the Cyclone engine developed by Cyclone Power Technologies in the US. This can run on virtually anything - from oil, gas, biomass, powdered coal, or even by waste heat or solar collectors.

Chinese Global Warming

At ... is this another instance of Chinese science overtaking Western science. The latter has become bogged down in peer review and political shenanigans, contrary science suppressed and heretics ostracised. Are the Chinese making another Great Leap Forward and leaving the West floundering in their slipstream.

Colliding Planets

I think I might have done this story before - but due to another published paper. At ... we learn that a new bout of measurements of oxygen isotopes provides what is claimed to be evidence that the Moon was formed after a collision between the Earth and another, large, planet sized body. The theory is this occurred 4.5 billion years ago - Science journal (6th June, 2014) (see also

Canyons on Mars

At ... basically, a group of scientists are saying water did not carve out the canyons on Mars. This idea is in fact relatively recent and we suppose a rump of scientists have not been persuaded and prefer to point a finger at lava flow. There are in fact quite a few volcanoes on Mars - but are they capable of cutting canyons bigger than Earth's Grand Canyon?

Big tools, big points

At ... an archaeological site on a river bank in Idaho has come upon evidence of humans living there 13,500 years ago - in the warm period between the end of the Ice Age and the beginning of the Younger Dryas event. However, these are not Clovis point - but date contemporary with Clovis. A few layers above the new tool find they came across Western Stemmed points (common to the Great Basin and the NW states such as Oregon and Montana).

Big Earth

At (see also and A rocky planet weiging 17 times as much as the Earth but just over twice the size is the latest anomaly to cause some surprise to the consensus satisfied set. Know as Kepler 10c, we are told such a world should not exist - even, could not possibly exist (until it loomed out of the telescope). The thinking went - the gravitational force of such a massive body would accrete a gas envelope during formation and baloon the planet into a gas gaint similar to Neptune or Jupiter.

Black Body Radiation

This is essentially physics rather than climate science - although the latter relies on some consensus physics thinking. At ... which should be a game changer - but will seriously be ignored (with great intensity). Another crutch of CAGW alarmism has had its walking stick kicked away.

London Cave Men

At .... a city in Chandigarh in India has a burnt layer, eight feet high, dating to the second century BC. Mike Baillie has a low growth tree ring event around 210BC. Is there a connection?