Galaxy formation

A web site that might fire up some people - go to

IPCC Wikia

The sceptic IPCC Wikia web site is getting better by the day - go to

Disappearing the AMO

Michael Mann came to prominence in the climate science world with his notorious hockey stick graph that did away with the medieval warm period and the little ice age - and it had an incredibly upturned blade leading up to 1998. At that time most of Joe Public were dupes and swallowed this exercise in data manipulation hook line and sinker - and it was used by the IPCC to browbeat the lowbrow politicos. However, some people were older and well read in more sober accounts of past climate - such as those of HH Lamb, and did not swallow the tale.

Radio Carbon Dating and Dendrochronology

Tim Cullen continues with part two of his critique of C14 dating - go to ... which is something of an eye opener in some respects and is mainly a history of the method and how it became embedded in the mainstream as a means of upholding consensus dates and the like.

alcohol and drug usage in the ancient world

This topic is back in the news - go to .... but it doesn't really tell us anything that wasn't known before. Drugs and alcohol appear to have had a non-recreational role associated with funerary rites - and activities that come under the umbrella term, ritual.

The shrinking of the red spot on Jupiter

This has been going on for some time but exactly why the shrinkage should become of concern to mainstream media at this point is possibly due to some PR over publication on the subject - go to (among other news sources). Lots of chatter about the red spot and speculation on what might be happening - but no sign of it giving birth to anything of note (even a cosmic object). The red spot has declined from 41,000km in size to 16,000km over the last 40 years - and that is shrinkage on a big scale.

Dating a cave system in the Yucatan

At ... this short piece discloses how a skeleton found in a cave, now 130 feet below sea level, was dated to the Late Pleistocene period. The sea level rise curve was used in order to get back to the desired period, a curve that is based on an assumption sea level rise was a constant process over many thousands of years (following the end of the Ice Age and the melting of a huge ice sheet).

kangaroo teeth

At ... the teeth of kangaroos (caron isotope ratios) and other marsupials of SE Queensland who the area, now arid, was formerly much wetter and more attractive to life (in the Pliocene).

Sand ... and arithmetic

Gary Gilligan has been looking at sand once again - adding a bit of arithmetic. The Nubian Sandstone geology underlies a great part of NE Africa and Arabia - as far north as Petra (where it outcrops) and most of Jordan and Israel. He claims there is an anomaly between the uniformitarian expanation on how it formed - from quartz crystals in granite, ground down by endless erosional processes over millions and millions of years, the size of the deposit and the much bigger amount of granite required in order to create the sand.

Neutron stars and Black Holes

At ... we have news of another supercomputer simulation - one which shows two neutron stars colliding, merging, and forming a black hole. A neutron star, we are tols, is the compressed core left behjind when a star explodes. The theory is that neutron stars themselves are the remains of very big stars - stars that dwarf the size of our Sun. Hence, the solid core is very heavy - and such combined mass, it is hypothesized, is what is necessary to fuel the even more super dense black holes.