dating by foraminifera fossils

Dating,periods of time, even cycles of the ebb and flow of global temperatures, have been aided and abetted by the lowly foraminifera, or rather, the shells of tiny sea creatures (marine plankton). It was always assumed foraminifera isotopes record the temperatures above where they are found on the ocean or sea floor. They are embedded, most importantly, in Ice Age theory and the idea of 100,000 year cycles of cold climate and brief warming episodes.

life on other worlds

Enceladus is currently being targeted as another location for life beyond Earth - see

This moon of Saturn has geysers that eject plumes of water and ice. A new study has found they also contain sand (silica grains).

Wakey! Wakey!

Wakey! Wakey!, the catch phrase to an old TV show, resonates with the call out for the comet probe Philae to awake from its four months sleep - see

Solar energy is required to recharge the batteries of Philae which will hopefully occur as the comet get closer to the Sun - but there is a problem. Apparently, it is not so small as I imagined, and is in fact the size of a washing machine - but where is it hiding?

a carpet of stone tools

I like this one as I can remember struggling, years ago, with trying to comprehend stone tool technology, and why the Middle Palaeolithic was so well documented in the Sahara. Okay, it's a desert and dry weather preserves things - but these are stone tools and they would be preserved even in a wet environment. This piece explains it all.

Tall el-Hammam

The Tall el-Hammam excavation has ended for another year. It is an excavation heavily orientated towards the Bible and from that position, the director, Steven Collins, has had a look at other references that may refer to Tall el-Hammam (or its vicinity). For instance, Abel Shittim, the place opposite Jericho where Moses camped before Joshua led them across the Jordan.

coronal mass ejection March 11th

  coronal mass ejection on March 11th. Go to

dust and nanodust

An interesting piece of research - see .... we've all heard of the dust in space created by comets and asteroids on their journeys through the solar system, outgassing and the like. This is the dust which scatters sunlight to produce the zodiacal lights, the glow in the night sky along the line of the zodiac. We all know this light was once more pronounced as a result of lots of comets and meteor streams, so much so the pyramid light formation gave rise to pyramidal buildings on Earth.

Diros Bay in Greece

This story is at ... and concerns ongoing excavations at Diros Bay in Greece. The remains of an ancient settlement and graveyard (with megalithic tombs) has been unearthed, dating back to the Neolithic. Significantly, the site was in use between 6300 and 3000BC. During the 4th millennium BC Greece had wide trading networks - by sea and by land. Copper tools are also evident - prior to the Bronze Age (after 3000BC).

unintended consequences strikes again

I'll leave you to read the link. Unintended consequences from Green policies - a never ending saga - go to

a single stone tool with a lot to say

At .... this excellent web site has come up with another humdinger. A multi-purpose stone tool made from an orange agate was unearthed at a rock shelter in Oregon. The site has already produced evidence of human occupation as early as 12,000 years ago - such as stone points, tools, and hearths. The new agate tool was found in a much deeper layer. It was situated in a sandy clay geology that was itself found beneath a layer of volcanic ash that has been dated at 15,800 years ago.