How to respond ...

How to respond to the discovery of gravitational waves that are thought to originate in the merger of two black holes has been difficult. One could pass it over - out of my depth so to speak, or quote as they appear to have a view (if only on the forum). Its a big learning curve to go back and have another look at the black hole theory and General Relativity etc. Do black holes  exist - in reality rather than in the mind of cosmologists. Don't know. Simple as that.

neanderthal DNA

People of Eurasian origin have inherited dna from Neanderthals - see

trinkets and gold

A Scythian warrior burial in the modern day republic of Tuva has been uncovered - and remarkably tomb robbers never reached the treasure in the tomb. It is on a par with the treasure of Tutankhamon, it is alleged, and there are a lot of images, spilling out of the pages at ...


At ... scientists have discovered two new iron oxides in experiments. These seem to point to a huge, hitherto unknown oxygen source in the lower mantle of the earth. Published in Nature Communications (Feb 2016) Elena Bykova estimated an amount of oxygen equivalent to 8 or 10 times the mass of oxygen in the atmosphere. That is a surprise, she said, and we don't know what happens or what is going on with the oxygen in the lower mantle.

Fred Jueneman

Fred Jueneman was a member of SIS for many years. He died in 2014. There is a nice piece featuring him at .... which many of you may find interesting. He contributed some important points as the Electric Universe theory developed - highlighting some of the catastrophic events that occurred on Mars. Hat tip William Thompson.



Survival International

Survival International is one of the smaller but better NGOs - and they have complained about the activities of one of the bigger NGOs who are actively steamrollering tribes in the African rainforest in their  efforts to bring sustainability to the world at large. The irony is that the pygmy Baka tribe have been living sustainably with nature for thousands upon thousands of years. They represent a very old form of humanity, one that has survived into the modern world but one that is now threatened by the climate mob and Green do-goodery (and general gravy dipping).

Roman Colchester

At ... not perhaps the most cited link for this story but it provides nice images which are computer simulations but provide a good idea of what is implied. We are talking about the discovery of a Roman sacred walkway 120m in lenght, revealed during building works in the centre of Colchester

mainstream catching up

At ... I always find it strange when a new piece of research claims to have come up with something new when it has been written about before. Mainstream scientists catching up is not exactly new but it just goes to show that research is ignored if it comes outside the bubble. In this instance is the claim that the mid-6th century climatic downturn was responsible, in part, for the collapse of the Eastern Roman empire and the rise of the Arab empire that threatened to overwhelm the civilised world of the 7th century AD.

200,000 fish bones

At ... some 200,000 fish bones were discovered in and around a pit in Sweden that has been dated over 9000 years ago to the early Holocene era, deep in what is known as the Mesolithic, has been somewhat of a surprise and it is set to change some of the perceptions of archaeologists.