fingers in the ears

Meanwhile, we had comets and meteor dust in AD536 - and now we have a catastrophic end to the Late Bronze Age. The article is published in the Daily Mail and was forwarded courtesy of Gary Gilligan - go to ... and the point is this is nothing new and SIS has been banging on about it for years - but mainstream has its fingers in its ears.

back to 536AD

I've already done this story but it has popped up again as New Scientist is offering it as a free to download article in order to entice new contributors. The link was sent in by Chris Phillips - go to ... published in New Scientist issue 2952, 20th January 2014. It seems the article has now gone back into a paywall.

a comet with rings

At ... astronomers have spotted rings around the huge space rock Chiron. For the possible significance of this asteroid see Clube and Napier - and lets not forget the Lord of the Rings (pun intended) as in early issues of SIS journals and in their two books, the Cosmic Serpent and Cosmic Winter (both are out of print and only available second hand but their SIS articles are freely available).

Rosetta and magnetism

At ... we learn that magnetic field data collected by the Philae lander and transferred back to Rosetta shows the comet itself is not magnetised. However, Philae was only beaming back information for a short period before being bounced back into its hidey hole - where it has yet to awake.

cremated bones

At ... and see also ... during a pre-construction survey of a pipeline project in Essex archaeologists came across cremated (burnt) bones dating back to 5600BC. This date is firmly within the Mesolithic period and is interesting as cremation is normally associated with later periods in Britain - such as the Bronze and Iron ages.

bottoms up

At ... some upside down thinking has been set the right way up as a result of field studies conducted by Cardiff University. Icebergs in the North Atlantic are the result of cooling rather than being the cause of cooling. Funny how the latter idea took off - but it did. The research we may note is associated with a 1995 study - so what paper or papers is this directed at? Presumably, climate science published between 1995 and 2015.

a fishy story

At ... a rib tickler from climate change troughers feeding on the public teat that was predictably broadcast loud and clear by the BBC news networks, and shoe-horned into the eyesight of the proles (watching their goggleboxes) by a metropolitan elite that fill their pockets (in the background).

Lake Titicaca

At ... click on the issue, March 2011 (and have another look at that date, 2011 - not 2015) and scroll down to page 44 - 'The Lake Titicaca Enigma' by Peter M James (again). He is a busy bee it seems. In this offering, from 4 years ago, he has a look at the geomorphology of Lake Titicaca, situated high above sea level in the Andes Cordillera (high plains country). It has saline water and sports oceanic fauna - so it was once connected to the sea (probably as a lagoon). The question is, how did it move from sea level - upwards.

Carver Mead

At ... in this post Tim Cullen is something in awe of a scientist. Carver Mead is something special though as he has an impressive array of discoveries attributed to him, being a key pioneer of micro-electronics, developing tools and techniques for integrated circuit design and semi conducter advances. He went on to train generations of engineers, including the original founder of Sun Microsystems etc.

Robert Brown and Lucretius Meton

Tim Cullen again, at his scintillating best, cutting a swathe through the settled science paradigm - and this time it is Brownian motion (all the way from Robert Brown) - see which seems to have been inspired in part by Dr Gerald Pollack and his Fourth Phase of Water (and a speaker at the 2014 and the upcoming 2015 EU conference). You can see a video of Pollack on song via and their YouTube list (otherwise simply key in his name in your search engine and the same videos will pop up).