Rounding Up

At     ... a piece of kangaroo bone dating back as early as 44,000 years ago is being presented as the oldest bone jewellery belonging to Homo sapiens. For some reason they do not say Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) but presumably this is an error. It is just 13 cm in length and was designed to pierce the front of the nose and was found in a rock shelter in the Kimberleys.

NZ Earthquake

At ... the recent earthquake in New Zealand affected up to six faults - and uplifted significant portions of coastal New Zealand

   During the earthquake bystanders took images on their cell phones of earthquake lights (see


The CAGW movement is closely wrapped up with some other environmental issues such as farming methods. It is interesting to note prior to reading the link that some long rooted weeds such as dandelions and thistles have tap roots that can access nutrients deep in the ground - below plough level and spade depth. Organic farmers have been adding such roots to their compost bins for years as it creates a mix of chemicals assumed to be beneficial to the soil. At ...

New Zealand earthquake

At ... is about the threat of tsunamis from earthquakes while at ... the focus is on the earthquake itself, magnitude 7.5 - and a plate boundary situation is being blamed (and the inevitable subduction zone). However, it was not as simple as that it would seem as lateral slop on a strike-slip fault is also involved - and a thrusting within the Pacific plate (close to the epicentre). In other words the epicentre of the earthquake was not at the plate boundary (or a subduction zone).

Cosmic Whistles

At ... the cosmic whistle. It packs an energy punch. These are fast radio bursts of gamma rays (and other cosmic radiation). The relevant paper is published in Astrophysical Journal Letters and can be viewed at

Lake Urmiah

Anyone with a passing interest in ancient history will have heard of Lake Urmiah as it appears on several important occasions in association with  hordes from the Pontic steppe zone in Assyrian annalistic records over a long period of time. It was associated with Medes and Persians, the Subartu/Subarian barbarians, and even with an influx of Scythians, all them enemies of the Assyrian state. It seems to have constantly been favoured as an area of settlement by incoming pastoralist tribesmen, possibly as a result of rich pasture or a very fertile soil.

Saturn Jet Stream

At ... Saturn is a big planet - and it has a huge jet stream 70,000 km wide. There is currently no theory out there to explain the nature of this jet stream, they say, nor the source of the energy that feeds it. Is that right?

Siberia's Robin Hood

At ... it seems the Altai region is turning up a lot of archaeology - and is disseminating it through this excellent web site. In this post we have the find of an archer of renown - supplied in the afterlife with his arrows, and quiver ... 

Australia on the Move

At ... Australia shifts and tilts back and forth by several millimetres each year because of changes to the Earth's centre of mass (Journal of Geophysical Research, Nov 2016). Measuring millimetres must be subject to some scepticism but presumably it involves GPS. The centre of mass is thought to be in the core but what is it they think causes changes - ice and water during winter months.