atmospheric rivers

At ... we have a story that has been around the blogosphere all week - with lots of mirth aimed at the California governor and his self proclaimed CAGW inspired drought of epic proportions. However, this link is not about climate change and political shenanigins but about flooding events that dwarf what has occurred in California this week. These apparently have struck the region on and off for centuries - as far as geological evidence is concerned.


At ... this concerns the controversial Bluefish Caves in the Yukon where evidence seems to exist to show humans were living in the region 24,000 years ago - at the height of the Late Glacial Maximum.

Strange Earth

    January 6th in northern Ontario, weird light show. Go to ... and for some weird geological pictures there is a video show at


A nice cheerful press release at .... the subject is bioclay, an invention that provokes plants into thinking they are being attacked by pests or disease and therefore respond by protecting themselves naturally. We are talking about nano-scale clay particles that are sprayed onto crops instead of pesticides. 

Tree of Life

At ... some revelatory facts on how palaeontologists peg fossils on the Tree of Life that you commonly come across in museum displays and in textbooks on evolution of life on earth. It is parsimony. This is the method that has been in vogue, the idea that evolution proceeds by the fewest of possible changes.

Super Bubble

At ... Japanese scientists have modelled the innards of the Earth and claim that silica exists as 5 per cent of the core. Whilst some 85 per cent of the core is reckoned to be iron and 10 per cent nickel the inclusion of silica is an interesting deduction/

NEO fly by

A Near Earth Object passed close to the Earth on Monday morning. It was the size of a ten story building but it wasn't noticed until the Saturday. It was travelling nearly ten miles a second and came within half the distance of the moon - which is pretty close (a few moments from the kind of close encounter of the noisy kind one hopes can be avoided). It also crosses the path of Venus as it orbits around the sun. Another 33 close approaches of rocks in space are expected during the course of 2017. See

cold water and cold fusion

This story comes from ... which is a source hardly likely to be full on keen on cold fusion. It was dismissed as junk science some years ago and one can see why some science journals might like to stand on the neck of anything that attempts to resurrect the theory.

liquid iron and the EU

This article at Thunderbolts was inspired by the news over Christmas that earth has a liquid iron jet stream as revealed by ESAs Swarm mission satellites. Swarm is able to measure variations in the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Stephen Smith says 'jet' as in a jet stream is a trifle overstated and planetary scientists attribute it to liquid iron (aka the press release last week as reported in the News), circulating around the poles.

something going on

At ... which appears to be a large area of ice and rocks and very deep.