Planet X

Planet X is back in the news - as noted last week. However, some old proponents of Planet X have now had a say - go to We even have an article on Planet X in the prestigious journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society . Caltech researchers have revived the idea that Planet X may periodically cause mass extinctions on the Earth. How? Apparently the idea is that it periodically triggers a shower of comets, as it journeys the far reaches of the solar system.


At ... after all the fuss over the Hobbit fossils has died down we now have a revised age for them - but courtesy of the journal Nature (March 2016). However, inclined to be a bit sceptical of turn arounds one cannot but help think the new dates suit the mainstream agenda - but is it contrived?

Greenland ice sheet

The Greenland ice sheet as seen from NASAs G-111 aircraft, taken from 40,000 feet in altitude

The ice sheets of the world are being mapped in order to find any evidence of them melting. See

social engineering

An unusual source has broken into the CAGW debate with a diatribe against unmentioned hedge fund managers (better left unmentioned as they have big bucks to throw around) suggesting the hype is driven by an anti-capitalist clique that at the same time is able to manipulate capitalism to play their games. Worth reading if only to get another perspective. It sounds like a conspiracy theory - but is it possible it could be authentic. Only you can decide. Go to


Drumlin hills, shaped like upturned boats, are an Ice Age land form, well known in geology. However, the use of satellite images and LiDAR (ground penetrating radar from aircraft flying over regions of interest) has shown up the surface of our planet in great detail - and is springing surprises. Drumlins are often found in clusters, sometimes in their hundreds and thousands (mainly in Canada although drumlins also occur in Europe, even as far south as Ireland). They are thought to be footprints of the Ice Ages.

Indian board games

At ... where we have an exercise based on an assumption. This is that India was once an island that was formerly attached to Antarctica and Australia and like the latter it travelled over millions of years across what is now the Indian Ocean to bump into Asia. It was an almighty bump as it involved that part of Asia folding over and over to create the Himalayan Mountains.

gazelles on a roasting spit

At ... and the same story has been at PhysOrg and Science Daily. Gazelles were a prized part of the diet of Natufian hunter gatherers during the Bolling-Alleroed phase of climate (between the end of the Ice Age and the Younger Dryas period) and continued into the latter, maintaining a high part of their diet in what was thought to be an extremely dry period (the Younger Dryas).

sequence stratigraphy

I'm not sure why sequence stratigraphy is being questioned but anything that challenges the neat layer cake method is worth taking note of. The link was sent in by Robert Farrar, .., and one can quickly answer the headline by saying, no. It is an intriguing head line and the suggestion is that a paradigm shift might be in the offing. Sequence stratigraphy is an important feature of geological theory - the time sequence of strata between nonconformities.

vines in Sudan

At ... which takes us back to the 7th century AD and the Christian kingdom of Mukaria (which existed as a rival kingdom to Islamic dominated Egypt, practising the form of Christianity that flourished in the Nile Valley from the 3rd century until the 7th). Makuria existed from the 6th to the 14th centuries - and was probably under pressure from Arabs and their successors throughout that period.

Jupiter Bash

At .... where you can access a video of a comet or asteroid striking the gas giant Jupiter. Even Phil Plait acknowledges an 'actual impact' but the video sequence was recorded by Gerrit Kernbauer of Austria (an amateur astronomer). He put the sequence on You Tube on March 17th and it has taken that long for mainstream astronomers to catch up. It was also verified by John McKeon of Ireland and therefore was confirmed at an early stage.