Speaking of rings (yesterdays post) the same subject is uncannily the feature of an article today at Universe Today (see http://phys.org/print391077112.html ). It is an interview with Kevn Gill who does computer enhancement imaging. His latest work is on Daphnis, a moon of Saturn, embedded in one of the rings. In the past he has made models of Earth with a ring system and what Mars might have looked like if it had vegetation and surface water.


At http://phys.org/print391077030.html ... the signature of a supernovae has been found in deep ocean cores from the Pacific Ocean. German scientists have had their findings publishd in PNAS (August 2016) and they have dated the supernova to 2.7 million years ago at what is thought to be the boundary of the Pliocene with the Pleistocene. The interesting point they make is that supernovae material continued to rain down on the earth for 800,000 years. Is this a relic of uniformitarian dating methodology?

Stone Circles and Henges

Surprisingly, SIS has not published a great deal on stone circles as far as major articles are concerned. It tends to have been small pieces and letters. These were mostly in early Newsletters and Workshops. Kronos on the other hand, did rather better when it came to Alexander Thom, but one got the impression they were more interested in authors critical of his discoveries rather than favouring them.

Easter Island again

Somebody else that does not buy the idea Easter Islanders soiled their own nest as proposed by environmentalists a few years ago. It's getting pretty clear they invented the idea to sell their politicised theory that humans are breeding so fast we will shortly run out of resources and there will be global warfare as nations compete for the dwindling raw materials vital to modern life (and that is without taking into account the food issue). At http://phys.oprg/print390725539.html ...


Jovan Kesic forwarded the link www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/fifth-force-permeate-universe0818... ... it seems theoretical physicists are saying they have found a fifth force. The comments are not exactly confident about this but the relevant paper is currently at the arXiv preprint server for anyone to look at. The study author thinks it may help solve the dark matter issue.

Sun Faces

   At http://siberiantimes.com/science/casestudy/features/f0252-found-grave-of... ... the body in the grave comes from the Okunev Culture in the Republic of Khakassia. These are thought to be the Siberian ethnic group most closely related to native Americans.

Origins of Astrology

Jovan Kesic forwarded this link, www.kepler.edu/home/index.php/articles/history-of-astrology/item/324-ori... ... is an interesting post on a subject usually brushed aside as pseudo science and not given a second glance. Here the author contends this is not an approach a serious researcher into ancient religions and beliefs should follow as he insists Greek astrology of the late first millennium BC absorbed a considerable amount of astrological thinking from the ancient Egyptians.

Throwing Stones

At http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/summer-2016/article/tools-as-weapons/ ... is a report on a study in the journal Scientific Reports (August 2016) hwich is about the use of round stones at an ancient site in the Makapan Valley in South Africa dating back between 1.8 million and 70,000 years ago (a deep layer of cave sediment has been dug out). It is known as the Cave of Hearths and the authors have been pitting their minds as to what use these early people might have had for round stones.

Tree rings and solar radiation

Clark Whelton forwarded the link at www.ox.ac.uk/news/2016-08-17-clocks-tree-rings-could-reset-chronologies-... ... Oxford University researchers say that trees that grew during intense radiation events in the past have left behind an imprint in their rings that can be teased out and used to define the chronologies of the Bronze Ages and earlier. It seems that ice cores preserve changes in Beryillium and tree rings can now be more closely integrated by the now recognised signature of what is assumed to be solar radiation caused by big CME events.

Durrington Walls

Last year the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project was surveying at Durrington Walls henge and they thought the Geophys had turned up a circle of buried stones. The circle was much larger than Stonehenge itself and appeared to fit into the giant proportions of the bank and ditch system at Durrington Walls. It was just a matter of time before archaeologists got out their  spades and investigated what their radar images had shown up. It seems there are no buried stones.