Carbon Dioxide

At ... link sent in by William. One of Trump's fake news channels seems to have come up trumps by publishing this piece of analysis regarding other media outfits. The interview by CNBC of Scott Pruitt the new head of the EPA went hyper at a host of media stations and newspapers. He is contradicting global warming science and that kind of stuff.

Black Hole Modelling

The latest piece of modelling a black hole is said to show a black hole can grow rapidly at the centre of a host galaxy if a nearby galaxy emits enough radiation to switch off its capacity to form stars. See ... the collapse of the galaxy and the formation of a million solar mass black hole toakes100,000 years - a mere blip in cosmic time. A few hundred million years later it will have grown into a billion solar mass supermassive black hole.

Tidal Disruption Events

At ... are impact craters laid down at random or is there a pattern. Do they occur periodically? This study suggests it is random.

At ... warped meteor showers mean that meteors can hit the earth's atmosphere at all angles. Such showers can also last for weeks, or months. The study is published in Planetary and Space Review (2017). It is thought the orbital effect of Jupiter is responsible for warping. See below.


Ava is the name given to a woman buried near Wick in northern Scotland over 4000 years ago. Beside her remains archaeologists found a beaker - and she is now thought to be part of a wider European folk migration, that of the Beaker People. Whether the Beaker phenomenon represents a human migration or the spread of a cult is debatable but the beaker in the burial has been analysed and published with details of pollen in cooking residue (as well as other goodies archaeologists like). See ...


At ... a new study in Science Reports (March 9th) brings the Younger Dryas Impact Theory back to life after a couple of articles in the journals criticising the analysis of samples (see for details of the various controversies in the background). The discovery of widespread platinum across continental USA is an interesting development. The opposition will come back with a dampener no doubt, but that is the nature of scientific agreement (I suppose).

Stone Age Aspirin

At ... this story has been around for a week or so (see also ) ... a microbiologist at the University of Adelaide and colleagues analysed hardened plaque from the teeth of five Neanderthal skulls from Belgium and Spain. They date from between 42,000 and 50,000 years ago. Chipping small bits of plaque off to sequence for DNA they found Neanderthals in Belgium ate a lot of meat, and mushrooms.


At ... DNA derived from hair samples taken early last century have been analysed for MtDNA and they are said to show they have been in occupation of Australia for 50,000 years. More importantly, they are said to show that individual tribes have been living in same locales for all that time, which is pretty incredible. None of them were driven out by neighbouring tribes, for example, and each recognised their boundaries.

Epic Wave

The epic wave is greater by far than the rogue wave (see yesterday), by many orders of magnitude. At the southern end of Madagascar (Malagasy) lie four enormous wedge shaped sediment deposits known as chevrons. They are composed of material dredged up from the ocean floor and each of them is twice the size of Manhattan island. The sediment is as deep as the Chrysler Building (in Manhattan) is tall. The chevrons contain deep ocean microfossils - and various metals that are thought to be associated with cosmic impacts.

Rogue Waves

At ... a study finds that rogue waves are not as rare as thought. One of the steepest yet recorded passed by the North Sea Ekofisk oil rig in late 2007, a wall of water moving at 40mph ...

   ... rogue waves can occur twice daily at any given location during a storm.

Fossil Dinosaur Dinner

At ... a rare find of digested remains of food has been found inside the stomach of a dinosaur - fossilised. The find comes from Patagonia ...