big water

At ... sure to interest Velikovskians, even the Saturnists.

See also ... where David Talbot will be speaking on 'Rituals of Remembering and Forgetting' and Jno Cook on 'The End of Catastrophism'

Tim Cullen has worked out one way of coming to terms with the longevity of some of the Biblical characters, especially the pre-Noah list of names. It involves changes in the axis of rotation.


Baffles are found in exhaust systems to quieten the noise but in this context the baffled are the climate activists and they tend to make more and more noise. One can hardly believe that genuine scientists really do think that projecting a few years of warming into infinity is a realistic way to look at future trends - but they give every impression to the climate faithful that they do think their projections are honest and truthful and genuine science research.

dark matter and dinosaurs

Lisa Randall, a particle physicist, has written an interesting book with the title, 'Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs' (Ecco:2015) - see ... it seems the dinosaur bit is an add-on, something to persuade people to look at her book, a colourful window on what she has to say as she goes on to suggest that dark matter could have been a trigger factor in the K/T event.

Thera tephra

At ... tephra from the Thera eruption during the Late Bronze Age has turned up at excavations at Tel -Al-Dafna, situated on the western bank of the Suez Canal. The site is a fort constructed in the time of Psammetich of dynasty 26 (7th century BC) but presumably the volcanic ash was laid down much earlier. It does illustrate that a tidal wave associated with the volcano generated a tsunami wave that penetrated far inland.


At ... is about a paper by Willy de Rop of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and concerns the idea of an 1800 year tidal period caused by a lunar wobble. However, the author of the piece at Tall Bloke's Talk Shop, one Oldbrew, sees a link with the 60 year solar cycle. The solar cycle in turn peaks in temperature in the 1930s and the 1990s. Climate scientists do not like the 60 year cycle as it suggests so called global warming is cyclic - and ice melt and ice growth at the Poles is also cyclic.

Faraday on the Aether

Interesting letter by Faraday to an aquaintance in 1854 - go to .... which must be one of the earliest lines of enquiry on electricity in space. He was the author of 'Experimental Researches in Electricity' published in 1846.

John Davis

Interesting post at the New Chronology Yahoo Group by John Davis - talking about a TV programme featuring David Rohl.

electric stars

At ... and at ... seems like the Electric Universe is hitting mainstream between the eyes. Scientists are 'surprised' as strong magnetism has been discovered in the majority of stars ... and you can't have one without the other, electricity. We live in exciting times, on the cusp of a new kind of science and yet what occupies the minds of most young enquiring minds - CAGW.

Venus birth

At ... a new theory on the birth of Venus as a comet embraced by the pull of Jupiter into the inner solar system. The author transfers these ideas to Stonehenge in a novel manner, and his theory is that a newly arrived Venus comet was the object of interest of ancient societies, and archaeoastronomy. It involved a certain amount of fear and awe in order to maintain observation on a regular basis etc. The bibliography suggests he is up to date in research.

Wal on Song

At ... we have a video of Wal Thornhill, '2015; a year of surprises' which amounts to the EU take on ESAs Rosetta mission and NASAs New Horizons mission to Pluto, and so on. Good one.

See also ... which is the  EU take on magnetic reconnection, the mainstream solar physics view of plasma energy transfer.