Population decline americas

A new article at http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/winter-2017/article/climate-change-... ... it has been increasingly shown that population numbers had already crashed prior to the arrival of Europeans. The latter are usually blamed for introducing new diseases of which the locals had no natural resistance (and no doubt this did occur). It is the scale of the drop in numbers that is most problematic. It has also been convenient to blame the Spanish and Portuguese for bringing smallpox to the Americans.

Greek Sanctuary

At www.tornosnews.gr/en/greek-news/culture/22608-new-finds-at-oldest-island... ... excavations at an ancient sanctuary on the Greek island of Keros have revealed it goes back at least to 3000BC. Colin Renfrew describes it as the 'world's earliest maritime sanctuary' - a play on words as there are older sanctuaries out there. It seems there was a staircasedthat connected Kavos Mount with Daskalios, a small rocky islet offshore.

Iron meteorite

At http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/wonder/the-mars-rover-found-a-meteorite-m... .... a video of an iron meteorite found by the Mars rover trundling over the surface of Mars

At www.msn.com/en-us/video/wonder/the-milky-way-is-being-hurled-through-spa... ... another video. This time it is the Milky Way being hurled through space.

Nickers in a Twist

Scientists sometimes don't do humour. Or at least the author of an article at 'The Conversation' displays a lack of humour - see https://phys.org/print405073075.html ... but does display a witless superiority complex when discussing a rather excruciatingly ludicrous claim that a rogue asteroid is on course to crash into the earth. I suppose it makes them feel good to quote conspiracy theories and then accuse the lower orders of being mentally unable to grasp the reality of real science.


At https://phys.org/print405078446.html ... the mechanism for photosynthesis existed in primeval microbes. Will this put an end to the idea of earth as a satellite of Saturn? Thunderbolts and the Saturn Theory are like a hand and a glove but what does this study mean for the idea of solar system re-arrangement. Photosynthesis creates oxygenised carbohydrates such as glucose from solar energy, water, and co2 (carbon). It is indispensable for many species on this planet.

Dinosaur ribbing

At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4178130/Researchers-dinosaur-bon... ... which concerns the discovery of a dinosaur rib bone in Yunnan Province in China that contained proteins inside the vascular canals (where blood vessels and nerves would have been present when it was alive). This is a remarkable find as fossilised bone is usually rock like. Organic matter is normally decomposed. It is therefore a surprising discovery - and useful (as it will enable scientists to understand dinosaur make up).

Seeding the Moon

A https://phys.org/print405072203.html ... the Japanese moon orbiting spacecraft, Kaguya, has found evidence of oxygen from Earth's atmosphere ending up on the surface of the moon for a few days each month. The moon is continually bombarded by particles from the solar wind but once a month the earth is situated between the moon and the sun. It is therefore temporarily protected from the solar wind - but just for a few days each month. At the same time it seems that oxygen ions from earth are able to invade the moon.


The ice sheet on Antarctica formed at the boundary of the Eocene and Oligocene epochs which is dated at 34 million years ago on the geology chronology of the earth. No mention is made as to what occurred at the boundary. If it was this would be logged under 'catastrophism' rather than geology. There are two theories - or two theories exist that mainstream is prepared to seriously consider. The first is based on climate change.

Lost Continent

Nice picture of a beach in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean and a popular holiday destination ...

Microbes in Space

Gary sent in this link (aliens in the comments so beware). At www.seeker.com/atmosphere-microbes-microorganisms-balloon-life-venus-ext... ... we have a report on an experiment by students from the University of Houston. They are going to release high altitude balloons in the upper atmosphere fitted with a devilish device. This will open as the balloons reach a high enough point in the atmosphere and close on the descent. The hope is to avoid contamination of samples. They intend to reach altitudes of 18km to 50km (11 to 31 miles in old money).