Space Weather

At (May 2nd 2016) - mysterious magnetic fields spark aurorae. For three days Earth has been moving through a region of space filled with negative polarity magnetic fields. This has caused geomagnetic storms

We also have sprites over the Caribbean (as seen from Texas) at the same web site. This is upper atmosphere lightning - going upwards (or connecting the ionosphere with the surface)

AD revision

At .... European oak tree chronologies archaeologically anchored in Roman times are all separated from early medieval chronologies by a severe timber depletion in late antiquity. Late antiquity here signifies the immediate post-Roman period. It embraces the 6th century low growth tree ring events in 536 and 540AD. Was something going on around this time that caused oak trees to cease reproduction? One other way to look at lack of timbers across the period is to think there is a hole in chronology.

new nasca figure

At ... confirms that Greenpeace did 'irreparable' damage to the Nazca lines looking to make a point about CAGW alarmism.

A Japanese team has observed a mythical beast with its tongue hanging out - an otherwise unknown geoglyph. This follows on from a discovery in 2011 of a geoglyph characterised as 'as scenario of decapitation' (a universal theme it would seem).

a rocky comet

At ... a paper due out in May's Science Advances (2016) is set to claim C/2014 S3 PANSTARRS is an ancient rocky body - much like an asteroid. Comets are supposed to be icy conglomerates so is this really a comet or is it an asteroid behaving like a comet?

super flares

At ... refers to an article in April's Nature Communications (2016) and the possibility the Sun can produce super flares - one hundred times bigger than the Cinningham event in 1859.

See a video of the recent solar flare in action caught on video at ... a video of a big sun spot facing the Earth (from last week)

Einstein, lightning, and Mars

At ... does lightning on other planets send radio signals to Earth? In this instance, radio signals from exo-planets.

At ... Einstein's theory of general relativity is being put to the test by a newly launched satellite in a French experiment. In space it is possible to study the relative motion of two bodies in almost perfect and permanent free fall aboard an orbiting satellite - or that is the theory.

At ... new images of the surface of Mars

Sand and Gary

Gary Gilligan has an interesting article on sand at ... the purity of sand seems to belie the standard explanation. The amount of sand seems to defy the geological mainstream theory. How is sand transported to create vast dunes - and then we have something like this ....

Phil Silvia

Crowd funding is becoming an important part of research outside the box. Scientists researching mainstream subjects have no trouble being bankrolled but scientists researching less popular subjects are usually frozen out of public funds. Phil Silvia is seeking backers for his research into the destruction of Sodom. The archaeologists think that Tall el-Hammam is Biblical Sodom but the very idea is disputed by others who consider the Sodom story a myth and completely fabrication. The research has the capability to disprove this negative view.

journalists catching up

The Daily Mail are reporting that co2 is greening the Earth (as claimed in a recent journal article) - or scientists used satellite data over 33 years to measure leaf cover. Why anyone should be surprised by this is a mystery. Farmers pump co2 into their plastic greenhouses for one reason - to fertilise the crops and obtain higher yields.

Josh cartoon character

  a cartoon created to counter wind farm and renewable propaganda aimed at school children - the character of Tommy the Turbine. In retaliation people opposed to wind farms sprouting on every hill and piece of rising ground in Scotland have come up with Subsidy Sam. Will he knock Tommy off his perch.

The story is at