It's 'not' an icy snowball

At's-primordial-... ... the rugged terrain of Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko was the subject of a talk at the 2014 AGU annual meeting in San Francisco (December, 2014). It seems an onboard instrument has been taking some very close up photographs of the surface of the comet and this has revealed is is not a dirty snowball. Well, who'd have guessed that. More interesting, is the images also show cliffs on the comet that are 10s and 100s of metres in height - together with mysterious pits.

Bankrupting Physics

A book is now available, 'Bankrupting Physics: how today's top scientists are gambling away scientific credibility' and is written by Alexander Unzicker and Shiella Jones. It is said to debunk modern theoretical physics and at the same time also takes a swipe at the huge amounts of money used to fuel high energy particle accelerators. I wouldn't have the temerity to comment as I have not read the book - but anyone so inclined is welcome to write a short review and send it via the email link on the web page.

Space Waves

NASA, on 16th December, in a news release, said that the Voyager 1 spacecraft, at the edge of the solar system, had experienced three shock waves. The third of these began as along ago as February 2014 and is still in progress as we approach 2015.

A similar kind of shock wave is produced by the Sun when it emits a coronal mass ejection, throwing out a cloud of plasma, generating a wave of energy. A video clip can be seen at See also for a full list of videos on a variety of space subject.


The pyramids of Teotihuacan, located just outside modern Mexico City, is a vast complex that was abandoned for over 1000 years when the Aztecs migrated into the region in the 14th century AD. Archaeologists have recently found a tunnel 40 feet below the foot of the Temple of the Plumed Serpent (mentioned in an earlier post) and many artefacts were dug out of the ground. At its peak the city was home to 100,000 people - but it was suddenly abandoned around 200AD (or a bit later).

Asteroids and Meteors

At ... below is an image of cliffs on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, processed by one Stuart Atkinson. The cliff is nearly verticle

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At ... below we have another image, this time it is of the Chelyabinsk meteor of 2013 seen leaving a trail in the sky over some houses

Fountains of the Deep

At ... hydrogen rich waters have been discovered deep underground in different locations around the world - including Canada, South Africa and Scandinavia. This water has a chemistry similar to that found near deep sea vents. Hence, underground water may actually be feeding the oceans. The paper is in the Dec. 18th issue of Nature and the data is derived from 19 deep mines.

Stratospheric Warming bring Snow to Somewhere near You

Tim Cullen at ... makes the point the Sudden Stratospheric Warming events show that the polar vortex is an electro magnetic phenomenon in that it can be slowed down or can even reverse its direction - much in the same way that electro magnetic factors as a result of CMEs striking the atmosphere can switch or change the position of the Jet Stream.

67P and counting

Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko, known also as 67P, is almost as black as coal - but images show it as grey - see ... This is a halfway mix between black and the white dots on the surface produced by ... we not what as yet. The image has been enhanced in order to show up surface details and black hides a lot detail. Apparently, there is no indication of icy patches on the surface of the comet - but the surface does have a dark dust, or crust. At ... we have images of the comet in early November - prior to the lander.

Back to Front

At ... a group of geologists from MIT and further afield claim there was a major volcanic eruption just prior to the asteroid strike that produced the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan. Previously, the volcanism has been dated post the asteroid strike - so is this a bit of strained back to front thinking?

Light without the Sun

At ... there is, according to a recently received email suggesting we might take a look at the site, there is a presentation of a new book that seeks to rubbish the idea of evolution. The author claims to have debunked radiometric dating, for example, but then we have various claims that appear to be years out of date as far as catastrophists might be concerned - such as asking where are evolution's missing fossils. He is also at pains to demonstrate, it seems, there was one major catastrophe, the Flood, and that was it.