Human footprints on the beach at Happisburgh

The Current Archaeology piece on human footprints at Happisburgh in Norfolk can now be read (part thereof) online - go to (see the earlier post on 19th February).

Cosmic Inflation

This story is still on the boil and is bound to develop further. At ... and various other science sites on the Internet as well as news outlets such as the BBC, which seems to suggest a well orchestrated press release, with everyone falling into line with the announcement. It was announced, it would seem, with a great fanfare - and a bevvy of hosannas, the first direct evidence that gravitational waves rippled through the infant universe during an explosive period of growth known as the Big Bang and inflation.

Gerald Pollack and Water

At ... Gerald Pollack describes the fourth state of water. Tim Cullen, at ... begins with Wikipedia's claim that 60 per cent of the average person's body is made of water - with lesser amounts of stuff. This progresses towards, how much of it is oxygen and how much hydrogen - and ends up with Pollack. He was a speaker at last years EU conference - not sure about this year (go to

Big Coup

Guess who is speaking at the Electric Universe conference - Piers Corbyn. That should make it a bit exciting - I wonder what he will make of it all. Mind you, he must have researched EU before agreeing to speak, and some of his ideas do appear to correspond - but an electric Sun?

Many Moons Ago, Big Chill

This is not a reference to the Big Chill in the winter of 2013/4 but to a period of very cold weather that is recorded in the myths of different people around the world. Whether the big chill occurred contemporary in all those different places is another question, or whether it was cold in one place at one time and in another place at another time is an unknown. Anyway, Rens Van Der Sluijs can be read at ... looks at different accounts by people from around the world.

Language evolution and American migrants

Here, the idea of language evolution is said to perhaps be a means to plotting prehistoric migrations of people. In this instance, the theory is applied to migrations between Siberia and Alaska - and finds the traffic has been two ways (or on a number of occasions). Go to

Rhinoceros way back

At .... fossil rhinoceros found in Vietnam, and dating way back, seem to bear similarities to rhinos once extent in Europe. This suggests SE Asia played an important role in the evolution of mammals - in the Eocene. Does it also mean that SE Asia at that time had a climate somewhat different than nowadays? Also, how large was SE Asia - was the Indonesian continental shelf dry land?

Dinosaur molecules

At ... focuses on the research of Mary Schweitzer who came out with the idea organic molecules can be preserved for millions of years, entombed within rocks. She looked at dinosaurs - out of preference. Her team claim to have extracted  structures resembling blood vessels and the residue of proteins. These fossils open a new window on the past.

Cosmic Microwave background radiation

At ... we all know what the consensus view is on cosmic background radiation in the afterglow of Big Bang - but here we have it described by a professor of physics and astronomy at UCLA, Ned Wright. No mention of Arp of course but useful to have it straight from the horses mouth. It is the strongest evidence, if not mostly the only evidence, of Big Bang - so it is important to mainstream in many ways.

Oceans in the Earth

The key word here is 'in' the Earth - or underground. At ... which came about after the discovery of a water rich gem stone. The rough brown diamond has been naturally sculptured to its unusual shape by corrosive mantle fluids during transport to the surface - or that is what is envisaged. The mineral is known as ringwoodite and was found in Brazil.