sprites on steroids

At http://spaceweather.com/ (August 14th, 2015) ... sprites on steroids were seen above hurricane Hilda, gigantic lets of lightning leaping into space. Go to the site where there is a video - it is quite short but was made privately and although it is up at Space Weather that is at the discretion of the video maker. You will enjoy watching it.

our models tell us ...

At http://phys.org/print358679794.html ... we have one of those classic model studies that claim they have produced a 'cutting edge statistical analysis' which shows humans were responsible for the mass die-offs of animals over the last 70,000 years - which includes sabre toothed tigers as well as mammoths and woolly rhinoceros, giant sloths and giant armadilloes etc. Quite apart from having giant appetites, why would humans kill off all the prey species - out of devilment?

mantle plume blues

At http://phys.org/print358674638.html ... German scientists are questioning another consensus theory, and another important piece of geological thinking. It seems the break up of the continents began around 130 million years ago. Africa and South America began to divide from each other and the mechanism is thought to have involved enormous masses of magma ascending from the deep mantle, rising to a high level of the mantle before the hot mantle plumereached the continental lithosphere, eventually leading to the split.

stagnant Arctic waters

A study, just published in the journal Science (August, 2015) has been looking at the circulation of water in the Arctic Ocean and Nordic seas - and how it compares between today and the last Ice Age. See http://phys.org/print358682877.html


Enoshima is an island at the mouth of a river on Japan's coast about 40 miles SE of the capital, Tokyo. Kokei, a Buddhist monk living in the 11th century AD, became interested in the river, as he had noticed similarities between catastrophic events associated with the ancient Sarasvati River in India (the Indus Valley) and catastrophic events that occurred on the Japanese river dating from some time between 537 and 552AD. Kokei considered the Japanese events to be a miniature version of the Sarasvati tale of destruction that goes back to the late 3rd millennium BC.

Killarney (3)

In the latest issue of Down to Earth magazine (issue 92, August 2015, ISSN 0969-3408) we have part 3 on the Irish chalk formation near Killarney in Co Kerry. In this final episode of the story Peter Walsh discusses hypotheses to explain the formation and suggests the geological community is still nowhere near forming an adequate explanation.

Melanesian walk abouts

An interesting piece popped up at http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/summer-2015/article/australo-melane... ... which seems to take a swing out of the Out of Africa theory (but then it turns out to be another variation on the same old). Modelling has been used - as in most everything scientific nowadays. Therefore the end result comes from the assumptions used by the modellers. For example, they know that Australo Melanesians were migrating into New Guinea and Australia a very long time ago (and that fact has always been a bit of a problem).

Rosetta in August

  the comet is now at perihelion and is releasing permanent outflows and jets of material - see http://phys.org/print358492091.html ... and the general appearance of the comet is brighter. 

Lincolnshire trackway

At http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/bronze-age-trackway... .... and the beach in question was near Cleethorpes, a seaside resort (highly popular before the package holidays to Spain and Portugal).

A wooden trackway built in order to cross boggy ground has been dated to the Early Bronze Age (which covers a multitude of sins). It was preserved in peat. More information will emerge later.

Mark Steyn

The controversial Toronto political commentator Mark Steyn has written part one of a new book, 'A Disgrace to the Profession' - and if you like your science and your politics strident this is the book to read as it is mostly a collection of quotes from scientists about a certain other scientist and his cohorts (in the CAGW business). Apparently it is shooting up the best seller lists and it is not due out until the first week in September.