Laugh a minute

I'm not particularly into politics, apart from the fact I don't like any one of them - but here we have a classic (for anyone who did not tune in) - go to Http://'03/beagle-two-dogsby-heads-m/ ... and can you still remember Dan Dare and the Eagle comic (sorry youngsters - this is old boys stuff).

David Rohl Chronology

At ... people at blogs such as this seem to have a need to inform Christians to be aware of various ideas the authors of them perceive as non-factual and not in sync with 'real' Biblical history (or their perceived version of it). The link cropped up on Eric Aitchison's 'email thread' on chronology - and not too much was made of it.

Bones in Egypt, bones in London

At ... a tomb at Abydos has yielded up a vaulted burial chamber, a sandstone sarcophagus painted red and a small pyramid near the entrance that is 23 feet high. It belonged to a scribe, Horemhab - but the body was missing as the grave had been ransacked on at least two occasions in the past.

The Tempest Stela

At ... the so called Tempest Stela is causing a bit of a stir. It was originally found at the Temple of Karnak in Thebes by French archaeologists 60 + years ago, and it dated to the reign of Ahmose, first pharaoh of dynasty 18 (credited with driving out the Hyksos foreigners). A new translation of part of the text is at the centre of a new theory.

What do you make of this?

At ... space telescopes have shown up a swirl of stars with a central emission with two jets - seeming to be coming out of what is regarded as a black hole. The star clusters are normally not observed due to clouds of dust but infrared radiation is able to penetrate that dust. The black hole is represented by a dot on the image - it cannot actually be seen. However, in spite of this the black hole is said to be a hundred times the size of the Milky Way black hole (which has also not been seen) and the latter is four million times the size of our Sun.

Aromatic hydrocarbons from Space

At ... researchers are looking at aromatic hydrocarbons (dimenthylnepthalene) which they hope will identify violent events in the history of the universe. Aromatic hydrocarbons can  be found in meteorites, for example, and appear to have experienced great heat and pressure.

magnetic crochet

At (scroll down to March 30th, 2014) we have a solar flare causing a 'rare magnetic crochet' (on March 29th). Radiation in the flare caused a surge in the ionisation of Earth's upper atmosphere - and this led to the magnetic crochet. This is a ripple in Earth's magnetic field caused by electrical currents flowing in air 60 to 100km above our heads. Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is still in progress.

A carbon 14 dilemma

At ... Doug Keenan claims he has found a mathematical error in how C14 dating is calibrated. The gist of the error is a mathematical deviation - in the calibration technique (much as many people have expected).

Expanding Universe updatre

Thunderbolts have made their response to the claim that evidence has been found of an expanding universe - B mode polarisation (thought to be evidence of gravitational waves) - see

At the Thunderbolts forum there is a general discussion and it is suggested that what has been seen is a slight shimmering of polarised light from a plasma discharge. Another poster said they might have been looking at light from magnetic fields.