Gary Gilligan

At .. is Gary Gilligan's theory - a new page added to his updated web site. We have a celestial equator as well as the plane of the ecliptic. His theory is that planetary chaos dominated the ancient world and the solar system was awash with water,dust, gasses and debris that assembled at the plane of the ecliptic (the zodiacal plane that includes the zodiacal pyramid). Clube and Napier, in their books and articles, envisaged the plane of the ecliptic awash with debris - but from the passage of comets.

Hill of Chert

At .... a hill, 118m high, on the coast of Aghios Prokopios on the island of Naxos (in the Cyclades) has outcroppings of chert that have attracted humans for thousands of years - from deep in the Palaeolithic into relatively modern times. Today the hill is situated on a promontory that juts into the Aegean Sea. During the Ice Age and early Holocene Naxos was part of a much larger land mass, a big island comprising several of the Cyclades plus low lying areas that are now on the sea floor.

Early Farmers

This one is a bit of a surprise. Just as we were about to accept that early farming evolved in the Fertile Crescent and the descendants outbred hunter gatherers and gradually replaced them - or hybridised (and then went on to colonise large areas of the world from Europe to the Indian subcontinent) genetic research appears to have come up with something unexpected. The Fertile Crescent has been regarded as the cradle of agriculture for a long time - but is that view justified?

Human Origins Again

At ... fossil finds in China challenge the Out of Africa theory of the evolution of modern humans.    The Chinese have wondered if Peking Man (dated 780,000 years ago( and Homo erectus in general, evolved into more modern humans and contributed to the gene pool of people in East Asia. This is a bit like Europeans and Neanderthals - how much of the latter is inside the former (diluted over time).


At ... excavations in Aberlady have unearthed the foundations of a large building that has been dated by animal bone to between the 7th and 9th centuries AD. The site is defined as Anglo Saxon as metal objects were recovered at the site but was it a monastery rather than a timber hall. Aberlady was on a pilgrimage route between Iona in the Western Isles and Holy Island in Northumbria - see also

Burning Oil, Fire on Earth

This is almost sheer Velikovsky. At ... the headline is, did a burning oil spill wipe out the dinosaurs. It seemed to me at first the author of the study had read Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision in another life (when he was a student perhaps) and it had got lodged in a a deep recess inside his head, only later re-emerging with the author unaware of W in C.

Unstable sun spot

   An unstable sun spot has emerged on the face of the Sun after a few weeks of almost zero activity. We might be in for a solar flare. Currently the sun spots are directly facing the Earth but as the Sun rotates they will be aiming at another point in the solar system. See (July 17th 2016).

South Downs LIDAR

BBC News also had a report of the discovery of an extensive field system on the South Downs, including beneath woodland. The LIDAR images are ground penetrating radar that are taken from overhead in light aircraft. They are often used by the Water Board for example, or the environmental agencies. In this instance the new South Downs National Park arranged for them to be made. There is also an extensive LIDAR set running along the length of the HS2 route (the high speed rail link between London and Manchester) but this is not yet at the public's disposal.

Must Farm

As the Must Farm excavations in the Cambridgeshire fens draw to a close we get a more balanced idea of the findings - go to ... the Bronze Age settlement has been opened up over a 10 month period and has yielded lots of finely woven textiles as well as beads from the Mediterranean and everyday domestic artefacts. It is being called the Pompei of the Fens as the preservation is so good. The homes on wooden stilts were burnt down and fell into the river below.

Double Halo

At (July 15th 2016) ... it seems the big sun spot is not acive. It has a stable magnetic field and there is no chance of a flare over the next few days. Noctilucent clouds are the highest clouds in the atmosphere, forming at the edge of space some 80km above the surface of the earth. They are caused by wisps of water vapour that wrap themselves around the smoke of incoming meteors. There are therefore lots of meteors interacting with the upper atmosphere - especially at this time of year. The resulting ice crystals glow electric blue in the night sky.