Electric Comets

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/06/19/history-of-electric-comet-theory-an-... ... by Hannes Tager, is an enlightening piece of research as it lists a number of scientists that in the 17th and 18th centuries were theorising about electricity in the solar system and its bodies. These include William Gilbert (1544-1603), Otto von Guericke (1602-1686), Thomas Gray (who died in 1736) and Hugh Hamilton (1727-1805). The latter was a mathematician, natural philosopher, and at the same time a Church of Ireland Bishop of Ossory in Dublin.


All beefs come back to climate change - even when they don't at first appear to have a connection. At www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/Articles_2011/Fall-2011/Carbonate_Solutio... ... the issue, or the big beef, is how dangerous is radiation. In a nutshell, levels of radiation differ. What level is tolerable and what level is intolerable. This is an interesting debate as at www.spaceweather.com students in the US have been conducting experiments with baloons that rise into the upper atmosphere to measure radiation levels.

El Khawy

      A newly discovered panel of rock art is thought to contribute to an understanding on how heiroglyphic signs developed. A modicum of scepticism is in order - although one might think old ideas contributed to the new idea of sign language (or writing in the Egyptian style) - see https://phys.org/print417674434.html. In this instance, a bull's head on a pole and a back to back saddleback stork and a bald iris are depicted.

Human Origins

There is an interesting post upp at www.everythingselectric.com/multiregional/ ... which concerns the recent discovery of what looks very much like modern humans at a new site in Morocco - but they date 300,000 years ago. This is way earlier than the Out of Africa theory as it currently stands would have it and comes on the heels of a recent discovery in southern Europe and the Levant of similar bones at a similar date.

Yes Prime Minister

Yes, Prime Minister ... upgraded ... go to https://vimeo.com/124391891... and https://vimeo.com/124392955 ...

California 8200 years ago

At 8200 years ago there were massive changes in sea levels around the world, submerging huge parts of Sunda Land (leaving behind the islands of Indonesia, as well as the drowning of the North Sea basin, widening of the English Channel and the creation of the Solent, and conversely, lower sea levels in South America. The effects of all this is somewhat muted in California - but the study of speleotherms in caves has revealed a 150 year period of wet and stormy weather. The balmy climate of modern California was absent in the wake of an event dated at 6200BC (in old money).

Jerusalem Tower

At www.timesofisrael.com/carbon-dating-undermines-biblical-narrative-for-an... ...  (June 19th 2017) we have a story, 'carbon dating undermines biblical narrative for ancient Jerusalem tower ...' ... which concerns a defensive tower that was previously dated around 1700BC but has now been re-dated to the 9th century BC. This will concern revisionist chronologists - and SIS has many members interested in that subject.

Renewable Energy

In a week that has seen President Trump take the mickey out of his detractors by saying he was going to array the Mexican border wall with solar panels and then had a blast against wind turbines in a speech in Iowa, claiming they kill over 500,000 birds a year in the US (including raptors such as Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles) we have a couple of critiques of renewable energy from another angle.

Asteroid Day

At www.asteroidday.org/live/ .... we have live streaming from a conference in Luxembourg on Friday the 30th June (2017). Experts will be there to answer questions via social media etc. Supporting events will take place in 70 other countries and the idea is to bring to the public's attention the threat from asteroids and meteors impacting with the Earth and its inhabitants. Why they want to publicise this issue at this point in time is perhaps a mystery - or are they seeking to dispel some of the alarmist web sites regarding asteroid horror stories.


Interesting read at https://phys.org/print417366043.html ... modelling the Sun's surface has been difficult. Wild jets of solar material burst forth from the Sun's surface all the time, erupting as fas as 60 miles a second. They can reach 6000 miles high prior to collapsing back down to the surface/ These are known as spicules - and solar scientists have found difficulty in replicating them on their super computers. However, it seems they have now succeeded - see the phenomenon below.