Archaeo-astronomy in Britain has been a place where most archaeologists have been fearful to tread since the campaign to marginalise Alexander Thom took place many years ago.

Rosetta Video

At ... there is a video of Rosetta's journey around Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko - starting in July of 2014. Meanwhile, at ... which just goes to show there are a lot of astronomers keen to look for Planet X as they seem to be regularly beamed on the outer solar system.

oceanic crust

Most oceanic crust is thought to be no more than 200 million years of age. This is necessary if Plate Tectonics is a reality, the idea being that oceanic crust is continually being subducted under newly created sea floors. The idea of course assumes the planet has always been the same size as it is now in spite of the universe expanding and gas planets expanding and all kinds of other things in the universe expanding.

Space Lightning

At (August 16th) (see menu on LH side of web page) ...      space lightning over China, August 13th, photographed by Phebe Pan. He was hoping to get a shot of a Perseid meteor - but got this instead, a spectacular bolt of lightning in space. It was ejected from the top of a thunder cloud, from a position on top of a mountain. Phebe Pan said  it looked lie a tree with branches and grew up very fast.

Valentina Zharkova

I think I did this story last week when it was doing the round of the blogs but here we go again courtesy of a link from William again. It seems the original story was at Investors Business Daily - and was taken up by Benny Peiser at the Global Warming Policy Forum in the UK. Benny is a former member of SIS and I like to keep up with his new role in life, knocking some sense into climate science.

inverted snobs

Not so much inside science I suppose but inside the heads of journalists and some scientists. At ... sent in by William Thompson this one is a nice insight to how some people view themselves as ripe red top fruit rather then the too green apple lower down on the tree. The headline to the post is 'Perhaps Ancients Weren't So Dumb' ...

Yellowstone Biggy

Jovan Kesic has come up trumps again. He provides the link to ... simmering beneath the hot springs and geysers it is claimed lurks a dormant volcano.

New Cosmic Body

At ... Pan STARRS survey of the solar system  has found a cosmic body on a strange orbit - it is way above the ecliptic. Pluto is around 17 degrees above the ecliptic but Niku is 115 degrees above. How did it get there?

The link was provided by Jovan Kesic.

Hawaii Petroglyphs

   Looks like the squatting man image has turned up on a beach in Hawaii. At ... the figure was etched into sandstone rock. The comments to the article are interesting in that one of them hastens to point out the connection with Anthony Perrat's plasmoids (as in his talk to SIS, recently re-aired at the 2016 spring AGM meeting).

Venus is hot, very hot, and very very hot

At ... we are back on the Venus was once habitable computer simulation exclamation. At ... we have Wal Thornhill's take on Venus (from way back in 2006 but very relevant in the current hype). Twelve very good pages. Please have a read.