solar research

At ... IRIS and Hinode telescopes and satellites - looking at the Sun. Why is the Sun so hot? Ideas being explored, filaments, Alfven etc.


lonesome high spot

NASAs Dawn spacecraft spotted a tall conical mountain on Ceres

It stands 4 miles high and the perimeter is sharply defined - no rubble or debris at the base. . See

the title says it all ...

At ... it seems CAGW science actively connived and went out of its way to actually ban mention of natural cycles of warming and cooling as they contradicted the idea modern global warming was something special and unique. The link has a youtube video and the accompanying comments are almost as good as the article itself.

Permian theory

At ... geologists working in Siberia (Russian and American) are blaming volcanics for the extinction event at the Permian boundary, a somewhat obvious discovery as they were looking at the Siberian Traps (a huge outpouring of basalt lava). What caused the volcanics is another matter.

Philistines and sycamores

I don't know what the fruit of sycamore trees might be - I only know the ones with seeds that we used to spin like helicopter blades when kids. Fruit was absent. However, sycamores introduced into the Levant did bear fruit of some kind and they were introduced by the Philistines - or that is the claim of a team of Israeili researchers and archaeologists - go to

Homo habilis

This is a piece of tweaking the nose of the Leakey's - those avid finders of fossil humans in the African Rift Valley - see

cave lion

At ... accelerator mass spectrometry has been used by Russian biologists to date the remains of a cave lion that had been preserved in permafrost conditions. The remains included fossilised bone, claw and hair. The bones weighed in at 61,000 years ago but carbon extracted from animal hair was dated only 28,700 years ago. It is suggested the different dates arise because of contaminants in the fur of the animal. Obviously, they don't like the lower date - but why?

lots of noise

Lots of noise this week as apparently Stephen Hawking has spoken on the subject of black holes - see ... He claims he has come up with a solution to 'information loss' ... whatever that means. Other scientists were not so confident about Hawking's proposal - and the full write up has not even been published as on yet.

Andrew Hall

Thunderbolts this month also has a piece by one Andrew Hall, described as an engineer and writer. He is clearly somebody with his feet on the ground.

C14 dating oddity

Bob Porter over at the New Chronology Yahoo group has written that C14 dates from Thebes differ from those of the same period taken from Tell ed-Dab'a - by as much as a century. One theory being advanced is that delta water contains more older carbon than the Nile near Thebes (but plants are supposed to absorb C14 from the atmosphere). We seem to have something that might be explained by C14 samples being analysed at different laboratories - which would have to be explained in more detail.