Meltwater Graves

At ... research from the University of Adelaide has found that the bones of Ice Age megafaunal animals across Eurasia and the Americas died as a result of meltwater flooding. However, it doesn't quite say that as that would have upset their uniformitarian peers - but that is the inference we might take. In other words, it doesn't really validate Velikovsky or any other catastrophist, but it goes some way along the line.

Intcal 13

Go to ... which takes you to Radiocarbon journal volume 55 Number 4, and scroll down to page 1869-1887 and the article, "Intcal 13 and Marine 13 radiocarbon age calibration curves 0-50,000 years calendar BP" - by Paula Reimer et al.  This outlines why Intcal was upgraded in 2013.


At ... we have a nice piece on nice smooth planetary migrations. We learn that Neptune moved from 20AU to its current location at 30AU in a very slow and calm movement. The heavily populated mean-motion resonances in the Kuiper Belt strongly suggests that the orbits of the planets have migrated. This is the so called Nice Model. It proposes the migration of planets from an initial configuration long after the dissipation of the proto planetary gas disk.

Cornish Caymans

Another piece from The Times (full of almost useless bits of information) in April and concerns the inhabitants of the Cayman Islands. They were devoid of humans until a 17th century Cornishman decided to set up his stall on what is now a haven for the mega rich, bods with gold plated pensions, and tax evaders of all kinds from the wider western world. His surname was Bodden (or Bawden) and he participated in the Anglo Spanish war of the 17th century. He was one of Cromwell's marines, we are told.

Jesus of Edessa

In The Times we have a small piece on an ancient coin that depicts Jesus as a warrior king - or that is what we are told. This is entirely different to the meek and humble Jesus of the Bible - so what is the thinking behind this? British historian Ralph Ellis has written a book and the piece is a plug (I suppose) - 'Jesus, King of Edessa' (published in April 2017). Ellis claims Jesus was Izas Manu who lived 30 years after the death of Jesus (via current chronology).

Ice Age Melt Waters

William sent in the link ... which allows you to read a number of articles in this first of 2017 issue. The article of interest is by Paul A LaViolette, 'The Generation of Mega Glacial Meltwater Floods and Their Geologic Transport' (13 pages if you want to download and print out). In 1989, Shaw, Kvil and Revin claimed the drumlin fields of N America were caused by meltwaters (sub glacial flooding) in an article in Sedimentary Geology.

Hydrogen on Enceladus

The BBC was highly excitable on Thursday evening - hours of debate on the prospect of life on Enceladus, a moon of the planet Saturn. The presenters had seemingly read little or anything about the subject prior to their auto cue reader being set in front of their noses, but hey, they were out to educate the public. Analysis of data from NASAs Cassini Mission spacecraft indicates hydrogen gas in the plume of material erupting from Enceladus. Hydrogen, it says, is best explained by chemical reactions between the moon's rocky core and warm water from its sub-surface ocean.

Teleocrater Rhadinus

Teleocrater rhadinus is the name of a critical animal that lived during an important transition - from reptile to dinosaur (and eventually birds). It is a cousin of the dinosaurs, yet has many reptilian traits. Therefore it has been positioned on the tree of evolutionary development at an early stage - prior to the dinosaurs proper. There is of course one reason for this - it lived in the Triassic (before the dinosaur age took off). In positioning in late Triassic it provides a mechanism for evolutionary development. This is particularly relevant in neo-catastrophist evolution.

Swiss Shepherds

Shepherds, or goatherds come to that, go back a very long way, even in the heart of Europe. At ... we learn that Swiss shepherds, around 5000BC, shifted their animals to high pastures, into mountain valleys (some of which have been covered by glaciers until recently). Pasture was sought out at 2750m above sea level in the SW region of the Alps. Glaciers have come and gone on a number of occasions. For instance, during the Roman period glaciers had retreated much further than today.


At (April 12th 2017) Comet PanSTARRS has become highly active. Last week the comet brightened six fold- now amateur astronomers are photographing an incredible tail (see below) ...12th 2017) Comet PanSTARRS has become highly active. Last week the comet brightened six fold- now amateur astronomers are photographing an incredible tail (see below) ...