Chronology & Catastrophism: Velikovsky's Legacy

15 September 2012
  • Barry Curnock: two major tests of the Chronology
  • Trevor Palmer: the predictions made by Velikovsky
  • Daphne Chappell: the assumptions and methodology use by revisionists

SIS Autumn Lecture Meeting - Saturday September the 15th   at Wigmore Church & Community Centre, 'Wigmore Park',gmore Church & Community Centre, 'Wigmore Park',  Crawley Green Lane, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9TE.  

Barry Curnock describes two major tests of the Chronology;
one using Hittite history and the other based on Palestinian stratigraphy.

See: Testing the Velikovsky Chronology (online video)




Trevor Palmer gives a talk concerning the predictions made by Velikovsky,
plus examples of suggested modifications to his original model.

See: Developments in Post-Velikovskian Catastrophism (online video)





Daphne Chappell addresses the assumptions and methodology that revisionists use.

See: Going Freestyle: The Length and Breadth of Post-Velikovskian Chronologies (online video)