The Age of the Universe has changed - and the Big Bang might have been a squib

12 Jun 2010

At June 11th .... we have 'You couldn't make this up dept; our universe is 150 billion years old' - it seems a group of international astronomers say the universe is much older than previously thought as modern telescopes and attachments reveal more and more 'rivers of galaxies' forming bands out there in deep space, some of which are 600 million light years apart, and stretch across a large section of what is an expanding universe that threatens to get even bigger while we are reading this and they are looking up into the sky. The discovery upsets the consensus view of the universe - and the notion galactic matter should be uniformly distributed. If the Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago the awesome size of this new material is baffling because there is insufficient time for them to have formed.

On the same website and on the same day, June 11th, an old post is repeated, 'There was no Big Bang say leading cosmologists' - several astrophysicists are now saying there was no Big Bang, the consensus theory in respect of the beginning of the universe. It does not involve Fred Hoyle sitting up in his grave but concerns a rather exciting idea that we are trapped in a thin membrane of space-time embedded in a much larger cosmos - but see the post. I've probably done this one before.