Anatolia and Historical Concepts (another paper on Mitanni, the Hittites, and the Hurrians)

5 Aug 2010

A document by Robert Hewson (which seems to have been written roughly 40 years ago but is still available online and quite close in nature to what Barry Curnock theorised concerning Mitanni, the Hurrians (and the redating of Nuzi) (see post a few days ago). For the identity of Robert Hewson see the 'Catastrophism CD' (available from the Book Page) as he was once well known in revisionist circles. The paper has the title Anatolia and Historical Concepts and can be downloaded or read online at and basically, Hewson explores if the timeline of Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos series was feasible - from the perspective of Anatolia, the Transcaucasus, and the Zagros mountain chain to the north and east of Assyria. He makes a direct connection between Urartu and the Hurrians and determines that the dynasty of Mitanni could have existed in the 9th and 8th centuries. In addition, he suggests Hittite records of the Kaska may refer to the Qulha (mentioned by the Assyrians in 880BC) and they in turn may be linked to Colchis, an element in the population of Georgia. He also has some interesting points in respect of the Subarians - a reference perhaps to Hurrians.