Ancient World Chronology and the Bible

5 Aug 2010

Ancient World Chronology and the Bible is an article you can find at and the author has clearly been reading Donovan Courville's book, The Exodus Problem and Its Ramifications Loma Linda:1971. I can remember reading this back in the 1980s and various comments on it at 'Study Group' meetings at that time. It probably had greater influence in the States than it did in the UK but nevertheless it was neccessary reading material for anyone interested in a revision of chronology at that time - but see the 'Catastrophism CD' index of authors (or references to Courville in the text, which is searchable). The author begins on the premise of many other revisionists, and that is that Biblical chronology is right - and the conventional chronology must therefore be in error. However, this is not necessarily the best way to approach a revision as the author states early on that Velikovsky was 'an unbeliever' that nevertheless decided Biblical events 'had happened' - but for some reason then goes on to distance himself from his revised scheme. However, he is well versed in the various revisions, including subjects and people well known to the SIS (indeed former members). For example, Cecil Torr (presumably he got hold of the copy of Memphis and Mycenae published by ISIS) as he appears to favour Torr over Petrie. He quotes Peter James Centuries of Darkness and David Rohl's Test of Time but the author himself is not mentioned in the download. I include this for interested parties as it is clearly based on some of the material published by SIS and former members such as James and Rohl, using their arguments somewhat liberally.