27 Mar 2011

It seems Discovery News is catching up with the rest of the world as they have an article, 'God's Wife edited out of the Bible - almost' at This is really an old story dressed up as something new by a young TV presenter but it seems the Old Testament editors have omitted any mention of Asherah, as such - but residual traces remain. Books have been written on this subject so why the author of the story is unaware of that I do not know - perhaps they only read internet options and ignore the library. The idea of monotheism, they argue, came about as a result of the Exile, when Judaism as we might understand it today was given birth. Not in Jerusalem - or the Temple. The latter lay in ruins during the Exile. Did the Exiles return with a revamped religion is a question on the lips of scholars for many years. If so the deletion of Asherah, and worship of a Bull god, occurred at that time - considered quaint perhaps after the Exiles experience in the cultural hotbed of Babylonia and the Persian Empire. The idea of One God was later adopted by Islam - and pre-Islamic female deities were also purged. All well known facts and theories - so why is Discovery dredging it all up again?