Australian Rock Art

9 Feb 2020

Big news this last week - mud wasp nests have been used to establish a date for certains types of Aboriginal rock art out in the Kimberleys. The Gwion Gwion art period has been  set at around 12,000 years ago - roughly at the time of the Younger Dryas event. Some of it has a date of 16,000 years ago (which is the Oldest Dryas event) and the 12,000 year date is an average - via Bayesian methodology. See for example ...

   ... the rock art style is said to feature gracile humans with a wide range of decoration - head dresses, arm bands, necklets etc. See also ... ( ). The Kimberleys, in western Australia, contains some of the world's most visually spectacular and geographically extensive record of indigenous rock art - at tens of thousands of sites. It is important as it may help scientists better understand what was happening in the ancient environment.




    ... which provides an overview of the dates obtained.

See also a spectacular  video at