Big Solar Activity

16 Feb 2019

At (February 14th 2019) - big activity on the Sun in the form of a filament of plasma dancing along one of the edges, raining more than 150,000km above the solar surface. See a video of it at the link above. It is what has been called a hedgerow prominence. Hot glowing plasma is held aloft by unstable magnetic fields. When the magnetic support collapses the plasma will fall back - exploding into a Hyder-flare (a type of solar flare that can occur without a sun spot).


At ... what exactly is a black hole? It seems that physicists use different definitions of the concept - depending on their own fields of expertise.

On the subject of black holes you might like to view this video of an Imperial College lecture - ... If the link comes up video unavailable key in the same link in the search box above and the video will come up.