Catastrophism a Long Time Ago

1 Apr 2021

Sent in by William who makes the point, mainstream have no problem with catastrophism nowadays - as long as it happened a very long time ago. See ... continent sized remnants of an alien world may have left behind the evidence of worlds in collision. In this bit of speculation, after the hypothetical collision with the earth of a planet sized cosmic body, that is presumed to have created the moon by gouging out a rather big hole, some bits of the alien space body may have become lodged in the innards of the earth, awaiting discovery. That might take the invention of a machine to tunnel into the centre of the earth. The point is that this episode of worlds in collision occurred in Earth's infancy but is regarded as a plausible possibility. However, the red top Sun newspaper is more succinct - it is those blobs in the Mantle that gave the scientists the idea - see

At ... sent in by Gary. Earth's 'Great Oxidation Event' saw oxygen levels surge - 2.3 billion years ago.