'Censorinus, the Sothic Cycle, and Calendar Year One in Ancient Egypt: the epistemological problem'

14 Aug 2010

This was sent in by member Eric Aitchison after he had received the link from Bergen, one of the Chronology members. Bergen posted it in response to a post by Ian Onvlee who maintained that Sothic dates are based on the risings of the star Sirius - without any doubt. He did experiment with a location of Sothis in Orion's Girdle, for an undisclosed reason, but found this could not be sustained. However, we may note that neither argument would contradict the idea that Sothis may originally have been an object that on occasion appeared on the southern horizon in the vicinity of the star Sirius.

This is an 11 page pdf download that is recommended for all revisionists as reading material, written by Patrick O'Mara of Los Angeles City College and originally published in Journal of Near Eastern Studies 62 (2003) but go to http://www.wwuheiser.com/Censorinus%20and%20sothic%20Cycle.pdf and is actually a critique of the sothic system as accepted by Egyptologists. That is why Bergen posted the link, and Bergen goes on to say that Sothic dating is far from being a crotch for C14 dating in antiquity, it actually hints at the fragile nature of C14 dating in spite of testing appearing to be reproducible between laboratories. All that conveys, he adds, is that the method error and testing biases are reproducible likewise. Strong stuff that requires a C14 scientist to refute as he is actually attacking the methodology itself.