Chicxulub Tsunami

20 Jul 2021

At ... it seems a megatsunami wave did occur as a result of the Chicxulub asteroid strike at the K/Pg boundary [formerly K/T]. Two geophysicists, and other co-workers, from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have found what they think is strong evidence for a tsunami, gouging out the sea floor in a massive ripple formation. The wave would have made its way across the Gulf of Mexico to the southern States - a wave that is estimated as being a mile high, as it struck land. Modern tsunamis leave a characteristic signature on the sea bed. A distinct geological formation - ripples. Seismic data allowed them to look at soils to depths of 1500m below the surface. Megaripples were found. Huge fossilised ripples were created by a massive influx of water in Louisiana. The ripples pointed directly at the Yucatan - and Chicxulub. What about the other direction? The so called North American Inland Seaway. Is that on the same trajectory?

The full paper is at

At ... last year PNAS published a research paper that claimed material ejected from Chicxulub caused an impact winter - plunging temperatures as a result of an obscured sun. Prolonged darkness. See also