Climate change news

Slating the Plait

The 'Bad Astronomer' Phil Plait, critical of Velikovsky and the people that take him either seriously or with a grain of salt, seems to have a habit of upsetting people. Matt Ridley is the latest victim - see ... and his response to Plait was refused publication at Slate (which says a lot about them) and has instead been published by Anthony Watts. In effect, it has now been viewed by far more people than Slate could dream of.

Sea Level Change ... in the consensus opinion

One of the abiding images of the early CAGW doomsaying was the chilling prospect of rapidly rising sea levels. Al Gore made a mint out of that film, with drowned cities and icebergs in places far from the Arctic. CAGW appears to be a money machine for some people - that preach to those that can't get at the trough, or are kicked aside in the rush. Green economics seems to be about making some people rich at the expense of the rest rather than a true moral crusade - not that such a thing would be any more appealing.

How to get a model to work?

Everyone makes fun of climate models - what are they missing? Why are they always running too hot? Why don't they comply with reality? ... and so forth. One man thinks he knows why - they fiddle around too much. He made his own model up, just for fun. Trouble is it is more realistic than all those expensive models produced by professionals. Why is that? ... see

Splitting the sides and tickling the ribs

At ... this one is a real classic. Satellite data has only been around for a limited time so what have this group of well known climate manipulators done - they have simulated satellite data back to 1860 and what pops up on the computer screens is the honest truth, guv. Then they write a paper which is published by PNAS saying that their simulation is proof humans are causing global warming - and they get a fat grant for doing this kind of stuff.

John Lilburne

The liberal elite like to claim that Mrs Thatcher (and Ronald Reagan) won the battle - but they won the war. This is of course quite true as liberals are ensconced in all the centres of learning, mainstream media, government agencies and departments, and almost every nook and cranny of modern Western society. You can't escape it - the mindset is endemic everywhere, from the police to political and social studies, from social workers to judges, form the upper echelons of the Church to the comments you might read on the Internet in response to CAGW - and other hot potatoes.

End of Summer

Steve McIntyre has a new post up at Climate Audit - see ... following a long spell without posting. He has been busy working for the IPCC as a reviewer. What he says is extremely interesting. I won't repeat it verbatim but suffice to say the caucus of climate scientists responsible for most of the CAGW hype and caught out nobbling proxy data are still at the same old tricks -as we await publication of the 2013 AR5.

And windy blow the robber barons Oh

Your average medieval robber baron has generally earned a bit of a poor reputation amongst the liberal elite, the trade unions, the politcal left and the centre in general, and not without reason as it is supposed they were your nasty right wing types, reactionaries to the core. They made the pips squeak in the hovels of the peasants. The latter feasted on bowls of gruel - and the former on plates burdened with various meats and nibbles of all kind of pleasantry, and all at the expense of others.

Making Waves

Lots of fuss surrounding the new paper concerning the role of the ocean in the recent cooling of global temperatures - all blamed on La Nina in the Pacific. Never mind the missing heat has flown off into space or the role of the Sun in regular warm and cool cycles, making waves is much more exciting. Mind you, if La Nina is responsible for the current trend downwards why are they not saying El Nino had a heavy hand to play in the warming in the 1990s? It seems there are two different ways of looking at this paper.

Solar radiation and global warming in the 20th century

This story is at ... research shows solar radiation peaked in the 1930s. This is not surprising as the highest temperatures of the 20th century occurred in that decade. Global temperatures plunged in the 1940s and remained low until the 1970s. All very well known and part of a solar cycle also equally well known. However, the study then claims solar radiation changed little after the 1970s - but there was a rise in temperature. The paper is published in PNAS and after a few paragraphs one gets the impression the idea is to support the CAGW song sheet.

The heat and the cold

The UK heatwave dissipated a few weeks ago but for a while Alasaka and the Canadian Arctic enjoyed some lovely summer weather, reaching 29C (84F)./ Central Europe, after a cold and snowy winter, are continuing to enjoy a heatwave well into Augst (but it is summer I suppose, some 40C in Austria and Slovenia, or 104F in old fashioned coinage. Even northern East Asia has felt the blast of a heatwave, Japan has had temperatures of 41C (106F) which is nothing to sniff about, and South Korea 32C (102F), and records are being broken all the time.